Sunday, January 15, 2012

HubPages Versus Blogs

Making money on HubPages

Hello everyone! Sorry for being slack here to my 132,000,381 followers! haha! Actually, I have been working on publishing on HubPages.

HubPages offers  revenue based on Google Adsense, Ebay and Amazon, to name a few. WordPress however does not offer any such thing unless you move your blog to your own server.

To see my recent articles, you can visit me on HubPages.  I will post more here as time allows, but I did want to share that I was not like in retirement and have continued to write away.  Also, you have the option of clicking the link there on the right, for my Other Online Articles to view where else I may be writing from time to time.  Links are easy to click on. :)

My experience on HubPages has been awesome so far. I have met a lot of other authors, and learned a great deal while in the process.

Any authors out there that want to share "unique" content should check out the HubPages link above.

How to Hub - A HubPages Guide for Noobs

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