Monday, March 5, 2012

One Year Later: The Google Panda Update Effecting Many Websites, Small and Large

As most know, I write articles in various places such as my own website, A Rainbow of Spirituality, HubPages as well as my blog here.  I have been noticing an up and down cycle going on with page views and results of views coming in from Google.  It seems that every time that Google Panda gets a little update, my views weird out.  I have been researching more and more about Panda and to me, it is rather confusing.  I could see how it would have a positive impact weeding out "content farms", however I am concerned that it appears to be playing around with just us "normal" folks web sites and places we are posting original and unique articles as well.  Below is an Infographic that is used with permission.  Link is at the bottom of the Infographic.

You’re free to repost, as long as you link back to the original here in some way.