Sunday, September 29, 2013

Video Sharing Of Our Wiccan Altar For The Sabbats Of Imbolc, Yule, and Samhain

Our Imbolc, Yule and Samhain Altar

This video will share our recent altar themes used by us for the Sabbats of Imbolc 2012, Yule 2011 and Samhain 2011. To accompany the video, I shall embark on a short description of each of the Sabbats (Wiccan celebrations) so that those not familiar will have a better concept.
We celebrate the Wheel of the Year which encompasses Samhain (31 October - 1 November), Yule(20-23 December), Imbolc (February 2), Ostara (19 - 22 March), Beltane (1 May), Midsummer (19 -23 June), Lughnasadh (1 August), and Mabon (21-24 September).
Imbolc: This is the time of year for rededications, promises, pledges and a time of setting goals. It is considered a "fire" Sabbat. Some traditions will do initiations at this time. The Goddess associated with Imbolc is usually Brighid.
Yule (Midwinter): Many celebrate the rebirth of the God during this Sabbat. He is portrayed by the newborn solstice sun. Depending upon the the person, coven or group, this is celebrated differently. Some celebrate is alone and others will hold a coven or group celebration.
Samhain: This is considered by most to be the most important Sabbat of the four main Sabbats by most Wiccans. Samhain is a celebration of our ancestors who have passed on. A time of communication with them as well as the offering of gifts to them. It is a time when the veil between both worlds is at its thinnest. At times the spirits of those who have passed are invited to attend the celebrations. Samhain is also considered our New Year... a time for new beginnings and all associated with such.
These are very short descriptions of the Sabbats identified in the video. Each Sabbat is a hub in itself and as time allows, I will work out a hub for all Sabbats mentioned within this hub.
I refer to these as Wiccan Sabbats, however, they are shared by many of the various Pagan Paths.

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