Sunday, October 20, 2013

Bubblews Versus HubPages - A Review

I am an author on both sites. On HubPages, I have been there well over one and a half years and on Bubblews I have been there right at at 3 months.

Both sites will pay you for your content with no problems.  The pay rate short-term is higher on Bubblews and long-term, higher on HubPages, with a couple of "hot" seasonal articles.  Now that is from my experience so far. You have to remember I am a short-termer here on Bubblews. :)

The content that is allowed is completely different.  The first thing is on Bubblews you just need 400+ characters to submit an article.  On HubPages, they would like a minimum of 500 WORDS, not characters.

On HubPages you have to be very careful that you do not use certain words. Words that are acceptable on other family friendly sites are not necessarily acceptable on HubPages.  You must remain on topic with your title and sub-titles. If your views fall too low, they will block your article from being seen by Goggle search or any other search engine as well by placing a "noindex" tag on the article.

The payout here on Bubblews is 50/50 from ad revenue generated.  On HubPages, the forumula is completely different.  Somehow, they come up with that they pay 60/40 percent.  But the way money is generated there seemingly is not the same as here. It appears to be a combination of factors including ad impressions and ad click throughs.

Per view Bubblews pays tops. In less than one month I  had four redemptions with a total of 50 posts at the time. Of course the first payouts were with less than with 50 posts.  So, figure a minimum of $100.00 within in the first 30 days. As of the time that this updated article will be published I will have earned right at $500.00 in 3 months on Bubblews.

On HubPages, with 80 LONG articles, as described above, I have made approximately $25.00 for the same month.

Overall, HubPages claims passive revenue for years to come from material there.  I guess in the years to come I will be able to rate that claim, but not at this time.

I am not talking badly about one site over the other, but for this past month, Bubblews has my attention!

I know that there are numerous other authors around from HubPages, so I hope they pop in and give a few words of wisdom for all of us. :)

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