Sunday, March 23, 2014

Bubblews Continues To Prove To Be a Legitimate Site And Not A Scam Site

My User Experience Proving Bubblews Is Not A Scam

On July 22, 2013, while in the reading forum threads on HubPages, where I am an author, I ran across some information about

I did some research and found that I could make money on this social media blog site. Along with my research I ran across numerous online posts about folks who were claiming that Bubblews was a scam and did not pay folks the money they earned, called "redemptions" on the Bubblews site.

As of today there can still be many such "scam" posts and accusations found out there on the internet.  This does cause a person to doubt if Bubblews is legit.

I have researched this particular topic over the months that I have been there and have found that the majority of these unpaid redemption requests have been made by authors who could not follow the simple guidelines and rules on the site.

When folks violate the guidelines and rules, they do not get paid.  Pretty simple concept actually.  But instead of folks admitting they have made mistakes and not followed the rules, they spend hours, days and weeks complaining about how they were "scammed."

My experience continues to be positive on Bubblews.  My earnings continue to get paid.  I have absolutely no problems collecting my redemptions.  All redemption requests have been paid within the time period mentioned on the site.

My earnings since July 22, 2013 to date are $896.12.  Not bad earnings at all and certainly not a scam!  The whole amount has timely been deposited into my PayPal account.

The future of Bubblews is looking good.  The below quote is from a recent article from Bubblews C.E.O. Arvind:

"We have taken a great deal of time researching the things that our members don’t like, the things they wish could be done better and also incorporated our own imagination as to what the future needs to look like. The business model will never change, but the experience you have with us is going to be something phenomenal and not yet seen by many social sites. Some of the new fixes, patches and features that we will be releasing leading up to the new launch, will be announced and some released quietly. The best surprises are the ones that you did not know were coming. "

If you like to write and share short blog posts that are original content, do hop over to and reap the benefits of cash payouts to blog, or write Bubbles, as it is called on the site.

Any links contained within this post do not net me any revenue.  I am not an affiliate of Bubblews, just an ordinary writer who writes on the site.  You can vist me here at my Dale on Bubblews profile.

I can always be found at the various other sites, listed up there at the top of this blog, as well.  Included you will see various sites I write for like HubPages.  Stop by and visit any and all links!

All this being said and done, you will see that I do earn money writing on various platforms on the internet.  This blog displays Google Ads, and if a person clicks through on them, I make revenue.  Bubblews pays by various social interactions on the site including, views, likes, shares and comments.

I do hope to see you around, and when possible, do stop and take time to comment.

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