Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Opossum with babies (joeys) - A Very Tight Squeeze!

Opossum with joeys. (Best viewed using large player or in full screen mode).

This was taken after I heard a noise in a storage area.  Please note that no noise was made in an attempt to not alarm this mother opossum with all of her babies (joeys). Please also note that what you see falling as this opossum is climbing, is NOT the joeys, but some fiberglass insulation.

We are not sure if this mom is a naturally wild opossum or if it is a pet that has been turned loose due to the coloring.  We have seen one other opossum in this area but never with the joeys on it.  I am thinking we have possibly been observing the dad possum.

What is amazing about opossums are that they are marsupial, the same as kangaroos and sugar gliders.  They carry their babies (joeys) in a pouch.

This would be considered a rare video simply to get this close, during daylight hours, to film such a fantastic scene!

Note: For those quick to point out that a possum and opossum are not entirely the same, this is true. "Possum" normally refers to marsupials that are indigenous to Australia and the surrounding islands. "Opossum" references those marsupials found in the Western Hemisphere.

With that in mind, what you are viewing in this video would be an opossum. The video is tagged with both opossum and possum simply for those searching will be able to find it.

Video captured using a Sprint LG Optimus G cell phone.

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