Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Always Use Extreme Caution Upon Approaching A Jackalope

Beware of Jackalopes!

File:Lepus cornutus.jpg
 Jackalopes are known to be fierce according to various stories that have been shared by many over the centuries here in North America.

There are stories of them being vicious and also of them being quite friendly and helpful at times.

The chances of viewing this pygmy-deer type of killer-rabbit is pretty slim as far as this author can tell.  It appears that the jackalope is mainly noted in the myths spun in North American folklore, but rarely actually observed. Their breeding only takes place during electrical storms, so that is one of the main reasons they are so rare!

I have included some photos so you folks can get a better idea of what we "may" have to deal with one day here in North America!

Oh!  I almost forgot, it is said that the jackalopes can imitate any sound including a human voice.  So you know that they could simply create havoc wherever they may choose with various verbal sounds.

Should you manage to go hunting and get you a jackalope, it is said that the meat has a taste that is similar to lobster.

Am I concerned about jackalopes?  Not anymore because I always have the new jackalope scanner running here in the background to alert me to any jackalope threat that may develop!

A Common Misconception About Those Of Us That Are Witches

The Myth of Witches

Over the years of being classified a "witch" due to my Pagan beliefs and being a High Priest in a coven, I have gotten a ton of requests about myself performing magic and/or spells for other people.

First of all, we witches don't run around advertising to do spells and magic for others.  Those that you see that do so, well, in this author's opinion, they are hustlers and con artists, that are out to play with people's emotions and money.

Upon some seekers who may reach out to me, if they are sincere and realize what all is encompassed in helping them reach a goal through magic or spell work, then I may consider their request. Not for a set fee, or any fee.  All such requests are open for donations only if one feels obliged to offer such.

Now to the misconeption.  Many people, thanks to the media, think that we witches live by magic, spellwork and ritual first in all that we do.  That is incorrect.  As a last resort, I turn to magic, spells or ritual to help in aiding the results of something I may dealing with. 

We do not lived "Charmed" lives as the television show of that name professes we may.  Nor, for those of you who remember, do we live the lives of Samantha in the series "Bewitched."  Basically, we live normal lives. We certainly don't get up in the morning, planning our whole day, based upon the art of witchcraft. (No, we DO NOT look like the person in the image I am including!).

There is a second misconception as well. I know, I only have "A" in the title, however, the other is just as important from my perspective. Witches can be female or male.  A "warlock" is NOT a male witch.  Any who may be curious can do a Google search and find a reputable source to find what a warlock really is.