Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Beware! RT (Russia Today) – Propaganda website brought to you by Russia - Review

Investigative Review of RT Website - Formerly Russia Today

The date of this publishing is the date I have concluded my investigation of the RT "news site", also known as Russia Today.  The website I investigated can be found at www.rt.com/ should one want to visit.  My investigation lasted over five months of daily activity on Russia Today.   Below are my conclusions. (Note, updates and follow ups are at the bottom.)
I went in as a new member, reading the various articles and commenting.  The responses to my comments were very surprising, abusive, and full of ethnic and racial hatred. RT has folks that live in the conspiracy fantasy worlds.  I have included some screen shots from various stories and their comment threads at the end of this article.

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The whole concept of RT is that they will censor your comments if they don’t fall in line of United States and Israel hatred.  They will not allow truth, supported by documentation and facts, to remain in comments.  Just today, I had my whole profile dumped, and over 1,000 comments systematically deleted, one by one, by one of their supposed moderators.    This is the second time this has happened to me, with the last time about six to eight weeks ago.   They do this slyly, so they think.   They will allow you to see the comments you leave, but no one else can see them.   You get no notification that they have “shadowed” you (their term).  They do possess your email as that is required, however, you will never get any notification from them when they alter your account or profile.

Back to the story here.  I was asked to go there and give my thoughts in an article, which you are reading.  The whole Russia Today, RT, website is nothing but a branch of the Russian propaganda machine that many of us have been aware of for decades.   Shoot, the idea of propaganda has Russian origins, so that does not surprise one.  

The main people that comment on the site seemingly are paid personnel based on how consistent they are in the overall message that they repeat, over and over, in various comment threads.  Of course, the wording will change up some, but the same message.   Hatred, blame and ant-this and that always prevail.  Mostly the hatred and blame, no matter what it may be, is always the fault of the United States of American or “Jews”, the Israel state.   Arab nations, European nations and of course President Putin, can do no wrong in the eyes of the website, the moderators, the articles as well as the ones commenting on the various articles there.
The articles one finds on RT, Russia Today, are many times redundant, day after day.  The same info from the day before with two more sentences added and a new headline.  This allows for double the amount of comments, on the same news, by the same people who will type the same comments on a “new” story. 

If you type in “Russia”, many times your comment will show, but not be published.  One can check that by going to their profile and observing their “Activity”.  You will not see your recent comment there.  This is RT’s censorship at work.  The same will happen for other various words, attempting to fool you.  What you end up doing, to get by the censorship, is break words up to get them published, such as “Rus sia”, “Isr ael”, “cra zy”, etc.

Every other news site and organization in the world is all propaganda according to the Russia Today membership.  RT is the “only” news source that is accurate and the only news source one should believe in.   Now, for those of us who lived through the Cold War … right!  Whose chain are they pulling? 

Further in depth.  As the days, weeks and months went by, I could see the blatant biased stories, always negative of anything “West”, pile up day after day.   It becomes monotonous when you are there daily.  The also will use the same photos repeatedly, that are not even relevant to the story.  They like flashy photos which they use as “clickbait” to get people to click in. 
Headlines are a joke.  At least 50 percent of the time the headlines have absolutely nothing to do with the actual story information.   Again, clickbait, and apparently it works, as I have certainly clicked in to read something that simply was not there. 

The “official” response in email that I received from RT this morning, as for my profile being trashed, was simply the below:

You were blacklisted because you have violated our rules.

We have some rules for posting comments on our web site (http://rt.com/comment-posting-rules/), you should read them before you post your comment.

Best regards,
RT team

Now, to clarify things, when this happened the first time, I inquired if I had violated any “rules” and was told “no,” in an email response.  No explanation was given.

The only comment I left this morning, when blacklisted, was in relation to an article that was talking about President Trump wanting to create a Space Force.   The comments were all anti-American, over 50 plus of them.  I left the comment below which violates no rules:

Russia has had a Space Force for some time now, actually, the only country that does. It was renamed to: Russian Aerospace Forces in 2015.”

The first sentence on the link the “RT team” shared with me above states the following:

The spirit of our 'Question more' motto should guide your stance towards online etiquette, posting, and people protocols. We encourage you to share views, express opinions, agree and disagree with others, discuss and debate.

I would think that my above comment certainly falls in line with that on all levels. What the comment did do was deviate from the main flow of comments there.   It also showed that the author of the article was not very well educated, or he/she would have included this in their storyline, instead of making it look the America was the culprit by being the first to do this.

*edit 6/20/2018: This morning I was blacklisted for a third time and over 1k more comments systematically deleted.  This proves out a point that I was singled out simply for not agreeing with the hatred there...the anti-American and anti-Jew bias that RT shows in stories and with their "company" commenters.   I dropped from close to 2k comments to 38 comments as of this morning.  Upon seeing that, I did delete my account on that propaganda site and sent them an email to check out this article. 

Another instance that comes to mind is where I had a comment, full of new and uncovered information about a story, that was deleted by a moderator.  Within two hours, my original comment had been expanded upon, and a “new” article was on the front page making headlines.  So, RT will grab your comment info, delete it, and use it as an idea/source of information for a “new” story.

You have been warned, should you go there, to RT (Russia Today), and partake in the comments.  Be prepared to be hated on if you disagree with anything you read there.  It is the worse propaganda and conspiracy web site I have ever seen.  Now it is not just me that has made this judgement.  If you do an internet search on Russia Today (RT), you will find the same kind of reports about this huge propaganda web site machine.  

Keep in mind, that RT's posting rules only apply to those who do not follow the biased way of the website stories, moderators,  as well as the comments.   My screenshots will prove this out, so it is factual, and not a simple theory of mine. More screenshots will be added over time.

Continued follow-up on 6/22/2018:

On 6/20/2018, I created another account on RT and managed to survive a total of 36 hours before I was blacklisted once again with no explanation.  Well over 50 comments deleted.  This tells me that they trace IP addresses as I did not use a proxy IP address went I created the second account.

Once again, I was very careful to not violate their terms of posting comments. I checked each and every comment against the long "list" that they have.

So what I did this time was click the "report" button on comments that had curse words in them, name calling, hatred and racism based on nationality and color.  I had been warned if I did this that I would be blacklisted.  This proved to be correct.  In other words, if you comment positively on RT stories, you can say what ever, but if you don't agree, and especially report offensive comments, you are kicked off the site.

Again, my comments were in line and very, very passive.  The thing is, when they blacklist you they delete all previous comments, no matter what they were.

With this second account I have proven that this is truly a propaganda and conspiracy website slated with undermining the United States of America as it's number one priority.  The second priority is doing the same with Israel.

I am very surprised that the RT television station is allowed to broadcast in the USA. The US government has even labeled RT as being a propaganda machine.  Of course there is freedom of speech and freedom of press in the United States, however, much of what goes on at RT could be labeled terrorist activity due to the hatred they incite and encourage on their website.  I have never reviewed the television station and probably would not like to do so.

I will continue to add screenshots here of some of the abusive comments I have collected to verify what I have published here.

In a few days, I shall create a third account, coming in on a proxy IP address that will be untraceable, and see what happens again.  This time I think I will be one of those "other" who agrees with all the bull that RT publishes and comment, blatantly violating their terms of posting, and see where that gets me.  Being someone who simply disagrees and is open to debate has gotten two accounts kicked off the site.

Follow-up on 6/22/2018:
RT, Russia Today, has blocked my ISP address.  Can not access the site as of this morning.  I switched to a VPN and was able to access RT.  My third account is still there and active.  Nothing has been deleted on it yet.  I have posted a few comments from my VPN address.  I did have two people tell me that someone within RT had mentioned this article.  That could well be the reason for the ISP address block, or the fact they noted several accounts coming in from the same IP address. I will continue to update if anything new develops.  On a side note, this simply proves this article out in truth.  If you don't agree with them and their propaganda, and take a stance, you will be kicked, deleted and/or your IP address will be blocked.  Everyone has a heads up!

Follow-up on 7/01/2018:
I have beat RT (Russia Today) at their own game and their failed attempt to block me from their website.  Still there and kicking on third account.  Still having to use a proxy to get there, but doable. :)

Follow-up on 8/22/2018: 
I have continued to participate in comment threads on RT (Russia Today) with pretty much the same results.  I leave numerous comments a day, most in response to the hatred comments I get for simply disagreeing with the story line or what a fellow person has commented.  The insulting is horrible there and continues.  Today I went in to a response to one of my comments and a person asked why did I delete my previous comments.  I went and most on the thread were gone.  This is what RT censors do.  If you don't agree with the bullshit they publish, your comments will disappear without your knowledge.  I am including three screenshots at the bottom of the images here that reflect the most recent deletions of my comments.

Keep in mind I have never violated any TOS of the site, but have had two accounts banned/blocked and still get censored all the time.  Yet others blatantly violate the TOS for those commenting, and their comments remain, but they are hating against people like me and/or blindly agreeing to the bullshit propaganda that is being promoted in the story line.

I am also including in the last screenshot below, a copy of a comment that was allowed to stay up after RT staff/moderators deleted all of mine which were story related, not insulting, nor contained any slang or cursing.  

On a side note, it is interesting that a so called "Russian" news site has the comments managed by a company based in Tel Aviv and New York City.  These censors can be seen at https://www.spot.im/, which is the Spot IM website.

Below is a random sample of some comment threads from Russia Today (RT): (Click to enlarge the screenshots individually.)

As noted, see the deletions by RT moderators above and below.

The screenshot below shows, (yellow), what kind of comments are allowed there on RT.  Along with a deleted one (red).
The below was added after the above updates as the censorship continues.  This is a discussion about the above.