Sunday, November 10, 2013

Teddy Redsun - Native American Hip Hop Artist Focusing On Tribal History And Children

Teddy Redsun Native American Hip-Hop Artist

Teddy Orii (Redsun) is a rare Cherokee Native American music artist. He performs hip hop music for a vast audience, focused on children interaction at his concerts and Native American tribal history. This is done without the use of profanity. Redsun also loves to incorporate motorcycles in his live performances.
Redsun is in the process of writing a series of children's books that will focus on bringing a better understanding of the Native American culture, present and past. The overall scope of the books will be to present an optimistic message and create focus on his music which is hip-hop and appropriately "clean" for young children to view and enjoy. You can view some samples here of the artwork and text to be incorporated in these books.
Redsun has performed at the Cherokee Heritage Center AmphitheatherCreek Nation Casino Native Fall Music Festival, and L.A. Music Awards (he was honored as the Best New Artist in Southern California.) He has further performed at CBS studios, maintains a live concert venue, does shows at elementary and junior high schools, as well as various festivals and churches in several states.
Delving into the featured video at the top of this page, Tribes....To me this is a top rate performance and message to the youth of a nation. The music video is attractive to the younger generations due to the presentation in hip-hop style. Tribal history is presented in a fashion that makes it very informative and most interesting, inspiring further research, perhaps, by our youth.
Redsun has a great library of music as well as several music videos and I have yet to find one that does not resonate with my heart.
The question was raised by several to me about is Redsun a member of the Cherokee National Historical Society. Yes, he certainly is a member.
The EPK video, which you can view HERE, is a great video in which you can hear Redsun give his thoughts and reasons for doing what he does and the style in how he does it. There is also some great "live" music concert footage included in this video as well.

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