Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Rite / Ritual of Healing By the Full Moons Light

Healing rituals and rites are always needed for various situations.  Here, I am sharing one for use by Pagans, including Wiccans and all Paths.

Earth Rises
Air Blows
Fire Burns
Water Flows

Earth Mighty Mother
Your Blessings we seek
Show to us the Herbs we need
When the body is weak

Air Breath of Life
Your Favor we seek
Let each breath we draw
Bring the Healing we seek

Fire Great Purifier
Your comfort we would know
Let thy Mighty flames
Burn away any ill that shows

Water Flowing sweet and pure
Your blessings we seek
Let the healing Waters flow
Over the Mighty and the Meek

Greetings Merciful Mother
In your arms do we fold
To become hail and hardy in thy embrace
To walk the Earth so bold

Greetings Blessed Father
Your consul we seek
Tell to us the tale we need to hear
That will make us strong . not weak

Your servants are we
Ready we stand
Come blessed spirits and take our hand
To heal the heart, the mind the soul of man
Rise up your heart
Let your feelings soar
Fill this place With healing,
Make it a place of earthly succor

One by One think on they that need
Life by Life let the power roar
From your heart and soul
For your bothers and sisters
Who need you so

Like the Panther in the Night
Can misfortune steal
Bring light to this place
That the wound may heal

Like a wolf we stand
To guard the pack
Bring up your light heart
And send the ill back

Ravens wings flying high
Messenger from above
Speak softly in our ears
Like the gentle coo of a peaceful dove
Of times of joy and goodness
while our lives course does run

We are born
We live
And to dust to we will return
Let the time between dawn and dusk
Be long and full of life we yearn

Not for ourselves alone we seek
But for all who live in sorrows bane
Rise up the power in your soul
Let the healing fall down like rain

Earth grows sweet herbs
To make the living worthwhile

Airs kiss each breath we breathe
To make each moment count

Fire to remind us
That tomorrow is promised to none
Sweet water flows our life's blood knows
What is to be done

Sweet loving hands
Do reach down
To soothe the troubled brow
From life to sweet reunion
The only time we have is now

Let the Power flow to all who have need
Rise up and Hear the call
To comfort and succeed
In healing all who have need

Earth Rises
Air Blows
Fire Burns
Water Flows

The dust beneath our feet
Our Mighty Mothers breast
Blessed by thy hearing
Of this rite at our behest

Blessed Be

The night wind that whispers
It's loving song of hope
Blessed be thy speaking
To this rite our ears are blessed

Blessed Be

Crackling fire that warms the night
Restoring colors to our sight
Blessed be thy comfort
At this rite we savor thy might

Blessed Be

The lowest of the low the Water flows
Seeking anyway it can go
To cleanse the wound so deep
Blessed be thy healing
On this night so we may no more weep

Blessed Be

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