Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The First Church of Capitalism and Consumerism

Religious Consumerism

In the beginning, there was nothing. Everyone was dirt poor. Then one day the Goddess Barbie and Her Consort Ken were fed up with the filth and poverty, so they worked together and invented riches and capitalism. Long story short, they got the world to a state of wealth, and anyone who can't partake of the benefits must just be cursed, otherwise they would have riches too!!!


  • Barbie = Our Lady of Perpetual Consumption, Haughty Wealth, and Charity.
  • Ken = Our Lord of BuyBuyBuy, SellSellSell, and hoarding Wealth; consort of Barbie.
  • Kelly = The Child, She for whom Barbie and Ken buy Christmas gifts.
  • The Commie = Evil God of Communism.


  • William T. Gates, the third = CEO of the largest computer software company in the universe. Became a martyr at the hands of the US government's attempt to shut down his monopoly.
  • Andrew Carnegie = Charitable soul who helped fund public libraries. Also the CEO of a very large train company.


  • CEO = Chief Executive Officer, Keeper of the Gates of Wealth.
  • Administrator = Handles the sacred functions of managing the company.
  • Supervisor = Makes sure the Consumers do their work.

The Flock:

  • Consumers = Those who work to get money so they can buy things.

The Ten Commandments:

  1. Thou shalt not "steal." Thou shalt call it making a profit.
  2. Thou shalt buy buy buy!
  3. Thou shalt work hard for crappy wages, unless thou art a CEO or other such privileged high clergy.
  4. Thou shalt worship Barbie, Ken, and Kelly by buying idols of them, and by honoring their hallowed names.
  5. Thou shalt defile the name of The Commie, for He is evil and would take Christmas presents away from children.
  6. Thou shalt make every holiday an excuse to buy more than thou can afford.
  7. Thou shalt have cable television, or a satellite dish.
  8. Thou shalt buy things that are of little or no value to you, and keep them.
  9. Thou shalt keep thine sacred tools of worship with you at all times: thine cash, thine checkbook, and thine credit cards.
  10. Thou shalt not have a cheap funeral. Buy a gold-plated coffin.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Getting Answers Using Magic With An Omen Search

Using Magic to Get Answers

My work as a High Priest and pagan author can sometimes be tiring. When dealing so much with other's problems, I often find myself needing a few answers too. Here is a wonderful magical way to get answers. When I need a little boost, I perform an Omen Search, and let the dead speak!

What is an omen search?

An omen search is a process of looking for signs, either in nature or in the man-made world, to give one direction. The Celtic tradition is to seek the help of an ancestor of loved one who has crossed over.

The Preparation

You should prepare by honoring the dead. Light a candle and burn some incense. Gather photos, jewelry or other memorabilia of theirs that you might have. Hold the items in you hand and recall happy times. If you had a bad experience with a deceased party or if you have no one who has passed, ask Spirit to bring a loving ancestor to you. If you feel an affinity to animal spirits, or a closeness to a particular spirit guide, you may ask their assistance.  I prefer to invite the dead at Samhain, as this is the ideal time to connect with them.. Once your mind has centered on a particular individual, concentrate on that memory. Example: Your mother passed away over 4 years ago and you like to bring her energy and spirit to life. Once you have that person's face and spirit embedded in your mind, its time for betwixt and between.

Betwixt and Between

The Celts believe that when a mortal is betwixt and between he can reach the spirit realm. Samhain is a betwixt and between day. Twelve midnight is a betwixt and between because it is between one day and the next. When you stand in doorway, you are in a betwixt and between place. To stand in a shadow is to place yourself betwixt and between, for you are neither in the light, nor in the dark, but rather betwixt the two. To properly do the omen search you must be betwixt and between.

This will work in-doors and out. It doesn't matter where as long as you are betwixt and between. If you do it in the house, stand in between two rooms, in a doorway, etc. Even one foot on the carpet and one foot off will work. If you are in the park, try putting one foot on the trail and one foot off, or one foot in the clearing, one foot in the woods. Outside your home, you might stand inside your front doorway; between the sidewalk and your front porch; or straddle the sidewalk one foot on both sides. Conjure up the image of the ancestor you have chosen and ask them to help you. Get paper and pen, you will be traveling clockwise --facing all four directions and asking an appropriate question each time. You will want to record your answers.

The Questions

Begin in the East and be sure that you are standing in your betwixt and between place. Close your eyes and picture your ancestor in your mind. When their energy seems the strongest ask them the appropriate question three times. Contemplate the true meaning of the questions. Think about what you are asking. DO NOT open your eyes until you feel it is right. When it is time to open them be aware. Record on the paper the very first thing you see, hear, or physically notice. It doesn't matter how mundane or silly it seems - just write it down. Repeat the process with the other directions. Here is a list of the questions:

EAST: Where have I come from?
SOUTH: What is my power?
WEST: Where am I going?
NORTH: Who am I?


After you are finished and have compiled your answers, sit down and contemplate their meaning. Here's an example of what you could see. If you are outside when you face the east, you might see one lone leaf hanging from a tree limb being blown by the wind - this has meaning. If you are inside facing your kitchen, you might see a cluttered counter. Both these things speak volumes if you read the symbolism. The four questions can be adapted to any question in life. For example, if you want to know if you should stay in your current job, simply apply the same questions. The answers can really help and sometimes be quite startling.

I hope you enjoy your Omen Search. Performing one monthly just before the full moon is a good practice and can provide real direction!  Contemplate how wonderful it is that we can still enjoy the company of those who have crossed over, and thank Spirit for what you have!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

How The Drum Came To Be A Part Of Native American Life, Tradition And Celebration

Native American Drum History

Long ago it is said that two neighboring Native American tribes fought each other and continued for so long that no one knew what they were fighting for any more, yet still continued. 

As the years went by a woman picking cattails to make pillows with, heard the sound of yelling and loud screams coming from her band that was camped out by a lake’s edge. She hid in the cattails so long, she could not help herself to stay up any longer and fell asleep. Suddenly she was given a dream on how to make the circle strong as it once was long ago by both neighboring tribes. 

In this dream the trees spoke to her, saying, “Take what you need from us to use and bend.A hollowed out tree trunk and three trees tied over the water and a small branch for each hand to strike will help keep alive the heartbeat of all peoples.” 

Then came a deer and spoke to her and said, “I give of myself to you that you’re people and all people may live. Use my hide in a respectful way and all people’s spirit will remember their first heartbeat and come alive together once more.” 

Then an eagle came and said, "I give of myself a plume that you must tie unto this which will help heal the peoples. At the sound of your strike I will come and carry the needed prayers of all peoples."

Then a turtle came and spoke to her saying, “Your peoples will use the northern river that divides you. A nation of two will be as one nation once more." 

Then a bear came and spoke, "I carry the medicine in which to use and will show you of two medicines so your people will live". Then the bear showed her of two plants, sweet grass and sage. "With these two medicines, nations will form this hoop and heal together if respected and used in a good way." A beaver next came to her and said, "I am a builder of land and in water and with the knowledge I carry is for you to use." Then the beaver showed her three trees tied together like an arch. "With the left over material, which will be used for the tying, let it hang with the hoop tied unto it not touching the water."

As quickly as the beaver left a thunder cloud appeared and said, "I am that which destroys and gives back new life."  Then the cloud showed her two life sized male warrior figures all in their finest wear standing one on each side of a river. These warriors ran towards the hoop she was shown to make, and they hit it once only with these two branches. Each warrior holding a branch of their own to hit this hoop only once both fell to a lifeless body and a sound thunder was all around. In the nest of the thunderbeing, water was given to both and they no longer were lifeless. Then she was shown a little round stone in which was to be tied to this hoop.

In her dream she was instructed to shared these given teachings by these spirits on how to use what she was shown.

When she woke up from laying in the cattails marsh all was quiet and four days had passed. She went quickly back to her peoples and told of this dream to a holy man and others that were present. The holy man said, "It is of a good dream that must be acted out soon as possible." An announcer was sent in good terms with gifts to give, in hopes that the conflicting tribe would come as invited.

As the days passed, the holy man sent out those picking herbs and assorted medicines needed. When the tribe arrived they were once more given gifts as a welcoming gesture. Now the leaders of both bands seated themselves inside the council teepee that was erected for this occasion. Then the holy men of this band sent a messenger calling out for this women that dreamed of this strange and mysterious hoop. When she came in they purified her with sage and sweet grass and sat her their in front of all to speak of her dream.

After describing her dream a holy man stated, "This is what the dream means, the spirits you saw teaches us all that we need compassion and understanding. The trees that spoke to you, tell you of a hoop that must be made, and with it two branches carved in away that will be held in the hand and used to strike. The three trees they speak of will hold this hoop."

"A deer you saw shows that it is both beautiful and graceful, at the same time gives of itself to make a sounding heartbeat. It tells of itself, that its hide is to be stretched over this hoop by the use of a trunk that comes from the trees. Therefore holding and keeping the circle strong as was and should be." 

"The eagle shows of itself to you that with its plume feather comes a great responsibility. This responsibility is to act out this given dream or all will lose greatly by years of more conflict if not enacted out as shown. Tie this eagle plume to this hoop so all life will awaken from within and be of good spirit. As a gift in carrying out this task, it gives permission to be worn by the dreamer as well and all women, for it is the women that has been and shared this dream to us men so we can all live as one nation as once more."

"The turtle shows himself and is noted for having much wisdom. It comes to tell of which place has been chosen. A very wise choice, for the north is of the healing direction in which we must all be strong with courage and face our fears of humility. Only then will we be as humble enough to carry out this dream."

"This bear who not only is strong, is knowledgeable and respectful. The spirit of the bear guides us all in using such plants that will help us if we work with them in a good way only, or all will come back to us in way we would not like for miss using these gifts shown. Use the sweet grass to help purify and cleanse the mind, body, spirit and heart of the peoples. Then we are to use sage to give strength back to the peoples in order to continue on in the hard days ahead." 

"A lonely beaver then came and showed of how to put this all together by tying the three trees together, where one was in the middle of the river while the other two rested one each on a separate river bank. With these three trees tied at the center, it represents the cradle of which the thunderbeings rest upon. From here hangs down, not touching the water, the hoop of which will be hit only once."

"The thunderbeings that destroy and give life back appear and show that which will be, when the hoop is hit. Those two warriors represent that of a warrior that we as a people must choose from each of our own side to hit the hoop to end all conflicts between us so the people may live."

"This means that when they hit the hoop, they will pass on hopes that we as a people can revive back to be with us a nation once more. The dream teaches us that when it is completed the warriors fall and pass on. They should be then carried to a mystery purification lodge where they will live once more."

"The mystery purification lodge represents that cradle, and in it is a bedding of cedar upon the ground floor to lay on. In here at the center are grandfathers whose heated steam will breathe back into these warriors, its life force so they may live." "That round stone shown represents that of a grandfather in the lodge whose wisdom goes as far back as time can tell. So it is a spirit made by that of all the tools that which gave life and now carries with it generations upon generations of many long ago stories. These stories, are the teachings of yesterday for today, that they may live in tomorrows generation still to come."

With this the holy man finished interpreting the dream saying, "that all this is to take place in seven days time due to the number of spirits that showed." 

When concluded both the tribes then went seeking out to choose a brave warrior to represent each of their own tribe and start the building of this hoop. When the day came for this to all take place, each tribes brave warrior stood on each their separate river bank waiting for the signal to go and strike this hoop so the people may live.

With a sign of the eagle high above where the clouds were darkening and thundering they received their signal with a loud thunder clap and sound of the eagle. Both these brave warriors ran as fast as they both could knowing what was going to happen. Upon reaching the hoop, they jumped and hit the hoop at the same time and now were both lying still in the river under the hoop.

The tribes people then went and picked both these lifeless bodies up respectfully, and carried these now two brave warriors into the mystery purification lodge as instructed.

Once inside the holy men of both the tribes sang their songs and voiced their prayers to all that which created life. As they continued with their songs and prayers, they poured water upon the heated grandfathers and hit this new hoop now known and called a drum as instructed to do. They continued for four days and nights with their songs and prayers, fasting all this time.

On the fourth day soon to give up hope, the holy men could now hear the voices once more coming from the brave warriors. They came in a soft sounding voice that eventually turned louder and louder, for the brave men were now singing along inside with these holy men these songs. When all was complete, they emerged there in front of all the people to show that they can be as one nation once more. 

It is in this short story we learn, that due to a women’s strong heart to stand up and carry this message of rebuilding two conflicting nations through a dream, to both her tribe and of the neighboring tribe, peace can become a reality.

Author's Note: This history of the drum in regards to Native Americans was shared many years ago. The source requested to remain anonymous as well as the tribe.  The story comes from remembering a verbal sharing from many years ago, and it shared as accurately as the mind can recall.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Use What Works For You: Faith or Experimentation Involving Manifestation Of Prayers, Petitions and Requests To The Universe

Patience And The Manifestation Delay

You're probably intimately familiar with that little concept called the "manifestation delay." The manifestation delay is the gap in time that occurs between asking the Universe for something and the Universe delivering. That delay is also when most people panic and decide that the Universe isn't going to deliver.

So what can you do if you find yourself mashing that panic button repeatedly because you think the Universe isn't going to deliver what you really, really want? The first step is to take your finger off the panic button and take a deep breath. Next, have a little faith. "A little what?" you say. Faith.

Herein lays the problem. A lot of people have difficulty with the word faith. Faith seems to imply sitting around, twiddling your thumbs, doing nothing, and hoping that the Universe is in a good mood and will deliver today. Faith makes some people feel powerless and at the mercy of some unknown higher force. Faith can even seem foolish because it asks you to believe in something that you can't see and hasn't yet happened.

If you have difficulty having faith in the Universe's ability to deliver, try a different approach. Instead of leaving it all up to faith, what if you treated the whole process as an experiment? When you treat a situation as an experiment rather than a life-or-death affair, you give yourself permission to welcome any outcome. No matter what happens you win. But what do you win? You win valuable information.

If you remain peaceful and calm during the whole process and the Universe fails to deliver, then you know that simply sitting back and letting the Universe work isn't a good approach for you. You can go right back to mashing that panic button as hard and fast as you want. On the other hand, if the Universe does deliver (and it will!) then you've learned something valuable about the manifestation process.

The good news is that you can't get a bad outcome from this experiment. If treating your situation as an experiment allows you to relax and breathe, then you automatically give the Universe the room it needs to deliver what you want. You simply can't lose but you have to discover that for yourself. Most of all, enjoy, enjoy!

Feng Shui and Summer

Summer = Yang Energy

It's wonderful to enjoy the yang energy of the summer, after the yin energy of winter. The sun stays out later, you can get outside and enjoy mother nature, and people seem to be more social in the summer due to barbecues and other outside social gatherings. However, when the yang energy becomes excessive it can cause many problems.

This summer seems extremely yang. Yang energy is light, moving, hot, white, expanding, male, and sun energy. Excessive yang energy can cause tempers to flare. Disagreements can surface on a moment's notice. Irritability, headaches, and drained of energy are also symptoms of too much yang.

Here are some tips to decrease the yang energy in your home. Keep the blinds, or drapes closed on the west side of your home, or at least in the late afternoon when the sun is extremely hot, and bright. Use your ceiling fans to help keep the temperature down in your home. However, be careful of having the fans on high for too long of time, as it can stir up energy and cause some people to become dizzy, or feel nauseous. Use cool colors to help mentally cool you down, such as blue, or purple. Blue throw pillows on the couch, and even blue candles in a room can make a difference. If there is one area the family hangs out in try to keep it as clutter free as possible. Sometimes a less is more approach can go a long way when people are feeling irritable. Think about your couch that you many want to sit on in the family room. Can you just grab a good book and sit down, or do you have to remove boxes of puzzles, laundry basket, and other toys before you sit down? Too much yang energy will make a person become over stimulated, so reduction of clutter at least in one area where the whole family hangs out is really essential for everyone's health.

Keep the lights down, and try to keep the home quiet if only for a short while can also help reduce excessive yang energy.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Blessings Be Upon The Dead

Blessings Are A Two-Way Street

Throughout history and during current times many paths and religions have various forms of blessing the dead, those who have passed from this plane of existence.  Some of these blessings are strict rituals that follow certain protocols and steps.  Various items will be deemed to be absolutely necessary. Some of the blessings are just verbal and can be very broad, not following any special guidelines.

From the perspective that I see it, it should not matter what one does if they choose to bless the dead.  This is a personal type of thing and any blessing is based upon intent and heart condition.  Should one petition a God(s) or Goddess(es), these deities will know your intent and heart condition and will act accordingly.

Many shun such talk of blessing the dead as it deals with death.  Death is a certainty that we all must accept.  Death is always moving closer and closer to each of us with every passing moment.  It is reality.  Talking about or focusing on death, such as in blessing for one who is deceased, actually will make the acceptance of death easier for those doing the blessing.  It opens doors to the mind, heart and soul.

The below blessing is very general and not focused on any specific path, tradition or religion.  It is designed to bless all of the dead that may lay at rest in a specific location.  As you read the blessing you will see how it can be used. Feel free to use this blessing as it is written, or use it as a guideline and create your own.

Blessings Be Upon The Dead

Blessings be
Upon the silent houses
Upon this city
As I enter the graveyard
To commune with the dead.

The city is too alive tonight
I need the silence
Of the unthinking dead
I need the peace
Only death offers.

I wander among the tombstones
Sit to brush my fingers
Over worn inscriptions
Memories of lives I've never known.

What stories could they tell me?
What wisdom can they offer?
Here, in this meeting house
Of those who've gone before us?

So much has been lost
To the future generations
I watch teenagers this day
And stand appalled.

Surely I was never that way
But I was, I know that
My youth, my childhood
Was as wild and undisciplined
Yet they seem, somehow
More formless than I ever was

Less connected to the world
Less connected to each other

I cannot speak to the living tonight
I must speak to the dead
And offer blessings on lives
Perhaps badly lived
But given love in marble monuments
A place for the living to come
And remember times that have gone before.

Blessings be upon you, gentle dead
Pour out your blessings upon me
Give me a reason
To see the dawn
If only because
You will never see another.

The dead stay dead
The living only wait to join them.
But the spiral, great and sacred
Will spin me back again.

I wander through the graveyard
Seeking my former selves
Wondering how many of my bodies lie here
Silent and all unknowing.

And how many of my selves
Lie in foreign lands
Sacred ancestors to those
I will never know again.

Lives lived and lost
But I give blessings
To see the dawn

When I leave the silent dead
To join the living once again.
Prepared by their silence and peace
Given strength by the dead
Knowing I too one day
Will walk amongst the tombstones
Seeking out the secret runes
That tell me I too lay here.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Satellite Predictions Passes for KMS 3-2 2012-072A NORAD 39026

Satellite Predictions Passes for KMS 3-2 2012-072A NORAD 39026, a North Korean Orbiting Device

KWANGMYONGSONG 3 is a North Korean Earth observation satellite, which according to the DPRK is designed for weather forecast purposes, and whose launch is widely portrayed in the West to be a veiled ballistic missile test. This object was put into orbit on December 12, 2012 by North Korea.

It should be noted that there have been no transmissions emitting from this device as a weather satellite would have.  It has remained silent as it continues several times a day to orbit over the Continental United States.  It also makes periodic passes over Hawaii and Alaska.

Using the above link you can view the times and dates as well as location of when this object passes over the United States.

Could this object contain a nuclear device to be used for an EMP attack on the United States?  It is very possible now that the Pentagon has admitted that North Korea may very well have miniaturized a nuclear device.

Making the World Change

Love, Happiness and Peace

We begin at a very young age to look into the world for what we need. But the world does not provide us with our love, peace and happiness. It can be a reflection of the love, peace and happiness. It can also be a reflection of our pain.

As babies we learn that our parents are there to provide us with what is required. We cry and we are fed or changed or picked up. This is a lesson that we carry into all aspects of our lives – to look outside ourselves for what we need.

We start to look for our love, happiness, and peace in the world around us. This is how our parents did it and this is what we learn from them. So we follow in their footsteps, looking for the things that will make us happy “out there”.

When we don’t get what we want from the world outside us, we try to change the world so that we can get what we want and need. Eventually we see that this person or this house or this car is not giving us the happiness that we want. So we get another person, house or car. We want our parents, partner or children to love or approve of us and when they don’t we try harder to gain the love and approval. On and on it goes until we realize that there must be a better way.

This better was is to look within ourselves and know the love and peace that is already in us and always has been. We've just never had anyone to teach us this.

What we don’t always realize is that all the love, happiness and peace we need or want is right here inside us all the time. Why can’t we feel it? Because we are constantly looking elsewhere for it. When we don’t get it in the way we expect, it brings us feelings of anger, disappointment, hurt and fear. From this we take on beliefs like “I’m not good enough”, “I’m not lovable”, “I need approval”, “I am not worthy”.

Beliefs such as these are the blocks that keep us from feeling the love inside ourselves. If we believe we are not worthy of being loved, how can we feel our own love?

If we are not feeling loved by another person, that is the time to look within and see if we are feeling the love inside. If we are looking for someone else’s respect or approval, we must look within and see if we are respecting and approving of ourselves. Whatever we are looking for outside of ourselves is a good indication of what we need to look for within. It isn't another person’s responsibility to make us feel loved or respected. That is our responsibility. By looking at the beliefs that fuel these feelings of lack, we can shift them and begin to feel it within ourselves.

We cannot change the world to what we think it should be so that we can be happy. We can change our own beliefs and recognize the love, happiness and peace that lies within us. We can live our lives from this place of peace and as we shift within ourselves we will see the world shift with us. This is where true peace will come from on a global level.

This week, take a look at any time when you might be looking to someone or something else to provide you with love, respect or happiness. As you become aware of it, look within yourself and recognize where you might not be loving, respecting or feeling happy in you. Connect the feelings to the belief and see how the belief is untrue. Shift the belief and feel the peace and love within as you let go of the need for others to give you what you already have.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

What Resistance Means To Our Well-being

Resistance (Letting Go)

There are many ways in our lives in which we go to resistance. We resist what is happening if we don’t like it or think that something else will make us happier. We resist the emotions or thoughts that are coming up for us that we don’t want to look at. We resist the way others treat us and want to control them so that we will be happy.

Resistance is usually connected to a belief we have that needs to be looked at. If we are feeling resistance to something then it means that the belief that is connected to it is not working for us. Are we happy? Will resisting what is happening make us happy? Probably not.

If we are in a place of resistance, then we are not accepting all that is. If we are not in a state of acceptance, we are resisting and as a result we are suffering. Resistance and suffering work together to create a world of pain for ourselves. But when we let go of the resistance and allow what is happening to be whatever it is we can feel the peace of acceptance.

Acceptance brings the peace we desire. Resistance brings suffering. Which do we want in our lives? Which feels better?

Resisting what is occurring doesn't change it. Wanting to change or control it doesn't change things either.

Perhaps someone has cut you off in traffic and you feel angry and say, “He should not have done that!” It doesn't change the fact that the person did it. What it does is keep us in a place of pain. We can look at the pain, in this case in the form of anger, that comes up for us and use the experience as a lesson rather than resist what happened. As we allow ourselves to look at the thought or feeling that doesn't feel good to us, can let go of the need to resist or control and be accepting of what has happened and grateful for the lesson it may have brought to us.

If we resist looking at our thoughts or feelings, which is really all resistance is in most situations, we are keeping ourselves in suffering. We can let go of the suffering once we allow the emotions to be felt, see that the thought is not the truth and know from the place deep within that any belief connected to this pain is also false.

At first it may be difficult to be aware of our resistance. We can look back at previous experiences and see the resistance and how we could have shifted it. But as we become more aware, with practice we can recognize our resistance in the moment that it is happening and change how we think and feel as it is happening.

As you go through your week, be aware of the situations in which you feel you are experiencing resistance. Allow yourself to be aware of the thoughts and feelings that you are having and what the belief is that is connected to them. See if you can shift from resistance to acceptance and notice the change in how you think and feel.

Have a wonderful week of acceptance of all that is and the peace that comes with it.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Why The Moon Waxes and Wanes

The Moon, Ariel and The Goddess of Dreams

Long, long ago, before there was light in the night sky, there was a lovely young maiden who lived in the Land of Wishes. Her name was Ariel.

Ariel was very happy in the land, but she had one wish which did not come true. She had long wished for music and the ability to dance. She could run; and she could play; but, try as she might, she could not find music in this land. And, as time passed, it made her very sad.

One day she heard a strange sound that she had never heard before. It was coming from beyond the meadow...beyond the forest...beyond the mountains. It drifted on the wind like the soft scent of spring flowers and touched Ariel's ears ever-so-lightly. She followed the sound, but couldn't get near it. The closer she got, the farther away it seemed to retreat.

Day after day, Ariel sought the strange sound. The greater her quest, the sweeter the sound. Finally, one evening, after fording streams and climbing hills, in complete exhaustion, Ariel spoke to the Goddess of Dreams.
"Goddess", she said, "what is that sound, and why does it elude me so?"
"Ah, my child", said the Goddess, "that is the sound of music. You wished for music, and I have given it to you."
"But it is so far away. Why can't I reach it?", cried Ariel.
"You lust for it too strongly", replied the Goddess evenly. "It obsesses you. You must let it go, in order to have it."
"But how can I do that, Great Lady? I have wanted to hear music, and to dance, for so very long. It has become my passion~my raison d'etre!"
"Go home, my child", instructed the Goddess. "Chop wood and carry water. And when the time is right, I will give you music and you will dance into eternity."

Sadly, Ariel did as the Goddess said. In a Land of Wishes, Ariel certainly thought she was being deprived of her one greatest wish. She focused, instead, on her menial daily tasks, all the time remembering the music in the back of her mind.  Ariel chopped wood and carried water for the next seven years.

Then, one day, as Ariel was tending to her tasks, the Goddess of Dreams appeared before her.
"Ariel", she said, "You have done well. And what have you learned?"
"I have learned that there is pure joy in every moment, no matter what the task, if we would but see it", replied Ariel.
"Then", replied the Goddess, "I have one final task for you. And then I will let you dance into eternity."
"And what is that task?", queried Ariel.
"You shall weave the web of life, weave into it the understanding of the precious nature of life, so all will understand."

Once again, Ariel did as the Goddess instructed, weaving light and dark strands into the unending web of life.

The Goddess was pleased with Ariel's work and proclaimed, "Now you shall have your greatest wish, my wise and beautiful child. I shall set you in the heavens, where the birds and angels will serenade you and provide music for your feet. I give you this cloak, made of the very strands of dark and light that you have woven into the web of life. And you may dance in the heavens for all eternity."

On that day, so very long ago, the lovely Ariel became the Moon Maiden, dancing and swaying, wrapping and unwrapping her cloak around her as she moves to the song of the Universe. And that, my dear, is why the moon waxes and wanes. Ariel the Moon Maiden is swaying in the night sky, to and fro ~ light to dark...dark to light...light to dark...dark to light.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Interview With One Who Practices The Dark Path Of Spirituality

Dark Spirituality Is Rarely Openly Discussed

The following is a summary, from notes, of a conversation with an acquaintance of mine, from years ago, that is a Dark Pather...one who follows the dark side of spirituality. This is a "recall" of his description of why he does not openly discuss the Dark Path with others, and not a direct quote. No name is given for obvious reasons.


I was asked one night about a topic that I don't readily discuss with anyone. What is the purpose of revealing the Dark to the masses? It took me back because there wasn't just one purpose to it but many which interweave together into a jumbled answer.

The Presence of the Dark on this level of existence that we live in is very small. Naturally however The Dark tend to be the minority as we and the energy that we use isn't normally bound up in mass groupings in the effect that the Lights are.

A few of us have been charged to bring forth the Dark in greater numbers to give a better position and ratio of Dark pathers to Lights. Charged to balance back the dwindling numbers of those who would actually seek to choose such a path.

So there yes is the charge, however that is not my only reason. Any of the Dark that seek to do some work without gain are truly not of this path. There are perks that I seek to gain with this work that I do. I seek strong allies in my future that one day I might profit with from their help. I seek to be advantaged by knowing those with similar goals and we may find a mutual advantage in walking towards similar destinations.

With this being said I would choose to show myself as a good ally. That my logic is sound and pragmatic and that my techniques are effective. I know that nothing comes from nothing, and I am not afraid of the work that must be done in order to appropriate my goals.

I recognize there are many charlatans out there. That there are those that seek to dupe the few that travel towards the Dark Paths. There are those that would train weaklings in order to gain dominance over them. Though those of the weak that would be tricked into such a thing possibly are not strong enough to be walking the path at all, I see no advantage in weakening those that could be strong enough to do so and loose them from being of any use at all.

This path isn't for everyone. Those that are not strong enough shall surely turn away from it or burn like the moth to the flame in trying. The Dark many times is not gentle I feel however for those born to it it is worth the price.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

The Domestic Greek Goddess Hestia

A Sketch of Hestia

Like many figures in mythology Hestia wears various faces. As Greek goddess of the hearth, family and household she is described as a  peaceful, mild and charitable. She is said to portray domestic joy and the contented life. In our modern view she seems almost too perfect.

One might assume her to be meek and subservient, those very traits the feminist movement has fought to overcome. But with deeper examination we find a calm strength for she is secure in herself. She does not give of her time and energy because of other's demands but because she truly wants to. As she carries out her tasks she reflects a quiet sense of celebration. Hestia lives in the present, each moment is precious to her.

Having fleshed her out and given her life and breath in the former paragraph I must tell you that Hestia is the one goddess who was never depicted as a physical woman. Perhaps this is just as well, she would be so hard to emulate. How much more uplifting to envision her as the flame of life or a spirit of warmth and safety.

I offer you a Hestia poem.

"Goddess of the Morning"

I wake in darkness, the house
is cold. Warmth from the
furnace will soon enfold.

My hunger pangs
won't last long. Breakfast
is being prepared with a song.

School clothes hang
over my chair, ironed
and ready for me to wear.

Though I can't see her
from my room, I know she's there
in the morning gloom.

Mother carries out
these chores, but she's sustained
by something more.

For Hestia tends the fire.

Hestia was considered the protector of orphans and lost children and who among us has not felt lost or orphaned at some time. See her as a comfort when your life seems too hectic and scattered. In a world that honors only outward achievements we so need her example of a tranquil inner life.

Unexpected Hestia Moments

Hestia reminds us of those beautiful moments that somehow draw us from our everyday busyness into a timeless experience of total awareness and appreciation. It might be found watching a child on a swing or while listening to music. Even a glance at the cat sleeping in a sunny window as we rush about getting ready for work can pull us out of the ordinary into quiet reverie. These occurrences cannot be forced. They are a gift; to accept requires only that we allow them in.


distant mountains
soft dun profile
barely noticed
mind on the ordinary

cleaning, reading
chatting on the phone
running errands

until evening sun
begins it's descent
launching a transformation

unexpected brilliance
of gold, bronze, amber
draws me to those
once drab hills

I am compelled
to sit, to watch
ever shifting forms

shadows amidst
swathes of sunshine
once hidden ridges
outlined by jet ravines
stark beauty

now the light softens
mahogany, amethyst, mauve
with charcoal depths
a prayer to dusk

I close my eyes
futile attempt
to hold on to the moment

for when I glance again
only a fading profile remains

I reenter the mundane

Saturday, April 6, 2013

The Hearth and Fireplace - A Magical Place In Your Home

The Hearth Encompasses Very Much Power!

Before the days of central heating, the hearth was the center of the home. It was the protectant of life during cold months, the heat for cooking all meals and the gathering place of the household.

Today fireplaces are rarities in new homes and apartments. The necessity of the past is fast becoming a present-day luxury. Fireplaces often increase house prices and are seldom used. In old homes, fireplaces are often in such poor shape they're nothing more than fire hazards.

Fire holds a special attraction for many pagans. Fire was once supernatural, a divine substance stolen from the deities. It can be traced to early religious and magical rites around the world and flames are still found on altars of many modern world religions.

Magically, fire is the element of transformation. Through fire, true magic occurs. Many pagans view it as an extension of the spark of life existing within all created things. It has both a destructive and a creative nature but change can only occur with the destruction of old and creation of new.

The house fire was never allowed to die, except on ritual occasions. At night the coals were banked up so that new flames would spring from them in the morning. It was considered bad luck if the household fire extinguished itself and none of the neighbors would dare lend theirs. To do so was to give away your own household's luck and become unlucky yourself.  A variation of this custom stated that if coals were lent and the coals went out while being transported that the families involved would experience hardship in the future.

At night, the household would gather around the hearth. Stories, songs and genealogies would be exchanged. Clothing and tack mending were done by firelight while the workers listened to an elder telling stories of times past, preserving the family history and educating the young.

The fireplace could be viewed as the heart of the house and an altar to the forces of nature that have shaped our world and with which we transform our lives. Upon moving to a new house, the conscientious pagan will often restore the fireplace to perfection. Bricks are scrubbed and all traces of smoke, soot, and wood chips are removed. If it is a wood stove, blacking is often applied to make it shine. The fireplace tools, considered guardians of fire, are polished and cleaned. Ashes are swept up and safely deposited. Never simply throw away ashes, as they are things of incredible power.

Special attention is paid to the chimney as a magical entrance to the house. It is often magically guarded with plants Olive branches hung on the chimney keep it secure and deflect lightning strikes. Pine needles will work similar magic. A lady's slipper orchid prevents others from casting spells against the home's inhabitants. Crossing the poker and tongs before the fireplace prevents sparks from popping onto the floor and cancels any negative energies that might float down through it. A jar of salt kept on the hearth can be used in times of danger or tension; throw a pinch on the flames and its cleansing powers, released by flames, will bless the house.

According to tradition, fires must have at least thirteen sticks to burn properly. Looking directly at the fire while lighting it will hinder the fire's burning and bring bad luck into the house. A blazing fire is useful for simple transformative spells such as those involving the burning of dragons' blood, rosemary, or rose petals. These bring love to the spell maker. Nettles thrown in the fire negate fears and vervain dispels unrequited love.

The type of wood used in the fire is also important.
  • Oak is burned for healing magic when someone in the house is ill. It draws off the illness, aids in recovery, and guards the rest of the household from contracting the illness. 
  • Apple wood is burned in connection with love spells. 
  • Ash logs promote energy and pine brings money into the home. 
  • Juniper offers protection. 
  • Elder, sacred to the Lady, brings curses and bad luck.
The importance of fire in the home cannot be emphasized enough. One sign of a contented home is a cat sitting on the hearth. Some say no luck will bless the household until the chimney has been blackened with smoke. Sitting in front of the fire sipping hot cider and gazing into its flames and embers provides a direct connection with our ancestors and aligns us with other peoples of the past who viewed fire and religion as one.

If you have a fireplace, use it for it is a tremendous boon.

Friday, April 5, 2013

The Upcoming War Brought To Us By North Korea

North Korea and War Soon

Having kept abreast with North Korea for many years I am becoming more concerned than most of the media and those in government will acknowledge.

So many reports keep saying that this is the "same old same old" for North Korea.  I disagree.  Listen to the tone, listen to the demands and watch their military. It is all in the news. The majority of this is NOT what the North has done in the past.

They are preparing for war. It is very straight forward and plain.  They are following protocol for war asking for embassies to withdraw their personnel as the North can not guarantee safety of the diplomats.   Missiles are being shifted to locations, loaded.

Come on folks, be real, be alert.

North Korea has no fear of retaliation.  They cannot be nuked without nuclear fallout hitting South Korea and/or China. So that retaliation is not even a real consideration even if the North uses nuclear weapons.

China will not support North Korea should they invade or attack another nation, however China and the North do have an agreement that if there is an attack on the North Korean mainland, China is obligated to support North Korea militarily.

So...what does North Korea have to lose? Nothing really. The odds are in their favor. They know it. The "rest" of the world is in denial.

We certainly cannot go against China.  The thought of that happening is simply not in the realm of possibilities   So what do we do?  We sit back and wait. We are caught between a rock and a hard spot and the North Koreans know this.

Hopefully I will be wrong in my reasoning.  This would make me very happy.  Any type of military conflict with the North Koreans will cause millions of deaths. It will be, by far, much more than what we have seen in Iraq and Afghanistan.  The whole area is very densely populated.  In a matter of hours 100,000's could die from conventional weapons, not considering the use of chemical and/or nuclear weapons.

Time will tell on this one.

Getting To Know Elves and How To Work With Them

Elves are fantastic beings!

In many European countries one will find some kind of elf. The most commonly known are the German and English. Some of the countries they can be found in, but not limited to, are Holland, Japan, India, and Switzerland. Probably the easiest way to find an elf now is in the astral Faery land.  While most don't wish ill will towards humans, like most fae they are distrustful of us.

Some elves are malicious and enjoy pulling pranks and doing harm to humans. Many like the English elves are benevolent and will not harm humans and will often do helpful deeds.

While their clothing changes from country to country one thing is usually the same. The clothing is simple and mostly earth colors to help them blend in with their woodland surroundings.

Elves are psychic and may tell humans their future. They are caretakers of the forests and woodlands they live in. They are also healers of the wild animals. With this knowledge in mind, remember to petition the elves when you wish to extend healing and protection for those animals you care about in the wild. The same would be for the protection and healing of the Mother Earth as a whole.

Again, we can petition the elves to help heal the woodlands of the world and to give aid in healing sick or wounded animals. They may even be willing to impart psychic knowledge. If you wish to work with the elves you must be patient and develop trust with them. They must know that your intentions are good.

Many times, the elves, like other spiritual beings, may seek you out.  Always keep an open mind and heart in regards to the elves and learn to discern when they are reaching out to you.  This can be done in medication as well as every day instances.  Circumstance may bring you and one or more elves into harmony.

It is my perception that elves, as well as other spiritual beings, "need" mortals to work with them to help create the energies needed for them to fulfill requests and petitions presented to them.

You may note that I mention elves as spiritual beings.  Many have visually seen elves, but many of us have not.  By not seeing them physically does not mean they do not exist  nor that we can not work with them on various levels.  Learning to "listen" is a key attribute in working with the elves.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Quarter Call For The Greek God Dionysus - Dionysian

Getting to know the God Dionysus

Recently I have had several requests for an example of a Quarter Call for magic workings and/or ritual.  Upon going though my notes from over the years, I found an example of the Dionysian Quarter Call.

For those not familiar with Dionysian, it is those who worship and are dedicated to the Greek God Dionysus.  He was the last god to be accepted into Mount Olympus as well as the only god to have a mortal mother.

Dionysus is the Greek god of the grape harvest and things associated with the grape harvest such as wine-making, as well as ritual madness and ecstasy in Greek mythology.

Dionysian Quarter Call

Hail to thee
oh powers of the brilliant East!
With joy I call upon
the tiny dancing feet
of the shy kid-goat who is born to be slain,
to join me here
and impart secrecy.

Hail to thee
oh powers of the passionate South!
With delight I call upon
the aromatic dappled pelt
of the roaring panther who is slayer and best companion,
to join me here
and impart power.

Hail to thee
oh powers of the tender West!
With love I call upon
the kaleidoscopic scales
of the twining serpent who ever sheds the old self to be reborn,
to join me here
and impart sacredness.

Hail to thee
oh powers of the ancient North!
With awe I call upon
the mighty horned head
of the mottled bull who is both god and sacrifice,
to join me here
and impart wisdom.

Hail to thee
oh Labyrinth of the Spirit!
With willingness I call upon
the manifold Shapeshifter whose gift of Life is indestructible,
God of a Thousand-Thousand names,
to join me here
and impart ecstasy!

Note: At the end of your rite/ritual and/or magical workings, always remember to release those whom you have summoned.

Note: For instructions on forming a pagan circle for rites & rituals visit my blog post:  https://www.dalehyde.org/2021/01/a-wiccan-ritual.html

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

An Introduction To The Archangel Gabriel

Getting To Know Gabriel

The Archangel Gabriel governs the 4th Ray, the white ray, which rules the base of the spine chakra, also known as the root chakra.  The qualities Gabriel can help us work through include purity, order, hope, joy, and discipline. He is recognized by at least three major religions...in Islam, he is said to be the angel to deliver to Koran to Mohamed. In the religious texts of Judaism he is mentioned. In Christianity, he is the angel who announced to Mary that she was to become the mother of the Christ.

Archangel Gabriel is often seen with a trumpet, heralding to each soul the good news of the path of the ascension and ultimate union with God.  He is often there when it is time for us to "go home", and he will assist us in balancing our karma and achieve that end - that is of course, if we as humans choose to listen.

Gabriel is the archangel of annunciation, humanity, resurrection, heavenly mercy, vengeance, revelation, and truth. He is the patron saint of communications. The name Gabriel literally means "Man of God". Gabriel showed himself to Daniel in the Old Testament, announcing the prophecy of 70 weeks. He's also said to be the angel who buried Moses, and announced the birth of St. John the Baptist.

Archangel Gabriel has been credited with selecting souls from heaven to be born into the material world, and spends nine months with those children in the womb, telling them what they need to know on Earth. (It is amazing how as soon as we are born into this world we so often forget all that we were taught from before.)

Gabriel governs the West and the element of Water. Depending on which source you use, Gabriel governs Monday or Friday, but most sources I have researched specify Monday. 

He also governs psychic gifts, visions, clairvoyance, magic, scrying, astral travel, herbal medicine, female cycles, and the moon cycles. 

The stone for Gabriel is Moonstone, and he rules the month of January.

Other elemental/metaphysical information about Archangel Gabriel is that he rules the sign of Cancer. His planetary color and metal is silver and his incense is Jasmine. Gabriel's flower is the Lily or the Convolvulus. The animals assigned to Gabriel include dog, crab, and the owl.

Gabriel is described as having 140 wings, and is the governor of Eden and ruler of the Cherubim.  He is said to sit on the left side of God, whose dwelling is believed to be residing in the 7th heaven, or sometimes the 10th heaven.

It is interesting that the Archangel Gabriel is seen as both male or female, depending who you listen to. In Doreen Virtue's book, Archangels and Ascended Masters, she refers to Gabriel as female.  I have seen pictures and artwork depicting Gabriel as both male and female. Doreen also credits Gabriel with being the angel to aid in adopting a child, fertility and conception.

Monday, April 1, 2013

General Guidelines For Spell Casting

Preparing for Spell Casting and Magic

For all of us practicing the various methods of spell casting and magic, there are some "basic" guidelines that most will use. These are examples of what will help a person remember vital areas in spell casting and magic.  These guidelines can be used by Pagans of all Paths, including witchcraft and Wicca.

1. Set aside a room for your magical work.

2. Decorate it with things that will put you in a magical mood.

3. Remember to use things that will stimulate all five of your senses.

  •  Colors for Sight 
  •  Incense for Smell 
  •  Music for Hearing 
  •  Wine for Taste 
  • Textures for Feel

4. Always work where you will not be disturbed by phone, TV, animals, kids, etc.

5. Clean your work area periodically with purification, I use sea salt and distilled water, and burn frankincense, myrrh, pine, and sage. This helps keep negative vibrations away from your work area.  While you are burning the herbs walk it through your house to clear negative energy.

6. Have an altar or a table: Size and shape should be something that appeals to you. (If possible don't use any metal on your altar for this will pull your energy). Altar candles and other items are good to have on your altar for concentration for the work at hand.

7. Always use the best you can afford for candles, oils, incense,  or make your own. For candles you can buy 4" high x 1/2" round candles in assorted colors that usually are fairly cheap.

8. Remember to use what you can afford, if you are in the middle of your spell and you start thinking about that, this can bring negative thoughts into your work, and affect your subconscious mind and your work on hand.

9. Try to use the right colors for what the spell calls for. Colors are important with magic.  Remember any thought or negativity that comes in will affect your work. You don't want to be thinking of that when you are focusing on your intent. Energy is very important part of working magic.

10. Never cast a spell until you have a clear and concise picture of what it is you wish to accomplish. "Visualize" your wish or intent.  Be sure no negative thoughts enter in, remember the saying,  "Be careful what you wish for, you may get it."

11. Always ground out any extra energy you raise for the spell, and bind the spell so that it expires within a predetermined amount of time.

12. Once you have cast the spell do not discuss it with anyone until after it has worked.  Discussing the spell will bring negativity into being, and telling others if they have any doubt whatsoever they can affect the spell also.

  • Most spells will "fade out" because the person who cast it, boast or brags about it to so many people, that will cause the spell to be robbed of it's power before it has had a chance to work. 
  • The Ancient Ones made a bond with magicians who cast spells to keep silent, so that the spells would have a chance to work.

13. Tapered candles can be used, it's best if you do use them, to put a plate, or something under it to catch the drippings so then they can be rid when done.

14. Anointing the candles or dressing should be done every time you cast a spell or  every time I light a candle.

  • Use scented oil, cooking oil, or olive oil. 
  • Start at the "middle to top" sending energy to the spiritual planes. 
  • Start at the "middle downward" sending energy to the physical.

Note: When spell casting:

  • The energy we project to others affects us even more strongly than the other person. This is because we have generated the energy, and we have become the object at which the energy is directed. 
  • If healing energy is sent out, then the health of the person casting the spell is enhanced.
  • By the same token, any hex or curse that is sent out always affects the person who sends it out no matter if it affects the person it was sent to or not. 
  • Magic is not to be used to gain power over others, that will affect the person's will. Gaining power over others weakens the power from within the person casting the spell.

Many Bright Blessings To All.