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Darkness: What Is The Dark Path?

The Dark Path Defined

To being with, let me state that I do not follow or practice the Dark path, but have encountered it and been associated with those that do practice the Dark path. One must keep in mind that there are balances to be kept, which does allow for the Dark path. Also, the Dark path is not all about evil and doing wrong as suggested by our ever so popular media. This article is an attempt to answer the question that people have asked me, "What is the Dark Path?"
The definition of a Dark path has always been a little cloudy and hard to put down. One reason for this is because the Dark path is an individual one that each person defines how they operate and what actions they will partake of in accordance to his or her own views. However this doesn't help the curious or the potential initiates looking into what this path actually consists of. It doesn't give them the answers in a clear format from which to base their start or exit from. I hope that I can help give a very basic view of what Darkness truly means.
The definition that I like to give my view of the path is simply this; It is a path that teaches and works through self empowerment in to accomplish self realized and or individual goals. Seems simple enough right?
No, alright then in Guardspeak: You gain power to do what you want.
Breaking this down we can see that the goals we make are for ourselves to accomplish using the power and means that we have acquired to see them through. Power is gained for the benefit of the self to secure our needs and wants. It is used as the individual sees fit. This power is not gifted from others but gained and owned once again by the self.
Darkness is about living life on your own rules and in your own ways to accomplish whatever it is you want in life. Accomplishments can range from caring being gave to the sick, to yes, ruling the world. Two completely different paradigms it would seem but yet the Dark path allows for both. It is this broad based thinking in regards to Dark pathed spirituality that confuses many people. However once again in breaking it down, the common theme in it is that it is an empowered conscious movement of the self to fulfill its own unique goals.
Embedded in this theme of self empowerment is the aspect of being the individual. Not necessarily standing out of the crowd but not maintaining a sheep herded mentality. Those of the Dark must be able to break out of herded restraints and moralities in order to fulfill what they wish at times. They seek not to unify themselves completely with any organization but to stand apart when needs be to fulfill any greater objective they might have.
Below are some of the personal meanings of practicing the Dark path shared with me by some followers of the Dark path:
The ends will always justify the means so long as at the end your position is one of advantage and not of liability.
Power is what keeps those at the top in charge.
Might is the arm that will crush those that are not strong enough to defend against it.
If you cannot be unpredictable then you cannot win for any real length of time.
I might protect myself and others that I cherish with pre-emptive attacks.
I might disguise my movements and slide behind another who will then take the brunt of an enemies attack for me.
I seek those that will advance my position, and court those that will sustain it.
Friends are allies, but allies will not always be friends.
I understand that sometimes gains cannot come before a loss.
I understand that sometimes gains might end up meaning a decline before the end hits.
Life is a gamble, you play the cards as luck is most often made by those with greatness rather than greatness coming from luck.
I use what works be it spellcraft, be it direct energy manipulation, or even rites of invocation.
I understand that limiting yourself on any level especially in terms of energy most often means an inability to act when a new situation appears.
I am both a fist and a treaty, yet each one acting as a sword which slices through my opposition.
I am of the Dark and it is that alone in which I follow.
In conclusion, it is my hope that this article has presented a good understanding about what the Dark path is and what is associated with it.

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