Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Update: Possible Solution for July 29, 2015 Windows 10 Upgrade Disaster! Do NOT Upgrade Yet!

Here I have been waiting on this wonderful new upgrade, supposedly, from Microsoft, with the Windows 10 Upgrade.

Today was the day.  On my first P/C that I opted in on, I got the pop up that my download was ready.  I had the option to do the upgrade to Windows 10 now, or postpone until later.  My decision was that I would do this one first and the others at later times so that I had at least one or two computers up and online.

All went well.  It took about 90 minutes to get my system upgraded from Windows 8.1 Home Premium to the new Windows 10.  Then off to log in and check it out.

Log in kept asking me to configure my internet connection.  It showed I was connected.  I disconnected and reconnected my internet (WiFi), and still kept getting the message that I needed to configure my connection.

I finally clicked on the "skip" button down at the lower right of the screen and went on to open up my desktop and all looked like it was in place.  I had to go through about 20 minutes of additional wait time before I did get to the desktop however.  I was getting the messages that "We are setting things up" as well as, "We are doing some tweaking," etc.

Once the desk top was up I noticed that my internet icon in the task bar showed full bars and I figured I was connected.  I went to open up my browser and got the "no proxy connection" error message. I opened up Network Settings and all showed to be connected.  Again, a disconnect and reconnect.  To no avail, still no internet connection.

I then floated my cursor down over the icon on the task bar that was showing full bars and got the pop up message "no internet connection."  This was while everything else was showing to be connected.

I went to my laptop and did a Google search to see if this was happening to others and saw a few instances of it, but no "fix" out there yet.

So, here I was with this new Windows 10 Upgrade and could not even get online to enjoy it.  I opened up my network settings again and saw the option where I could revert back to Windows 8.1.  At this time, until they tweak things better, I will stick with my Windows 8.1.

I was able to revert back with no problems.

My advice to anyone who has not done the Windows 10 Upgrade, is to NOT do it at this time.  Wait until later.  You have up to a year I do believe to do the upgrade.  At least give the Windows 10 Upgrade a 30 day wait and see period before upgrading.

Good luck!  Any questions, feel free to ask in comment.

Update: July 30, 2015:

I have had a few reach out and offer the below possible solution to the problem when Windows 10 upgrade is applied and you have no internet connection.

A solution that has worked for some:

If you go to the Advanced Network settings to get the Network and Sharing Center and go to the Change Adapter Settings then select Properties for the Wifi Adapter you should see displayed the Protocols. Make sure the IPv4 and IPv6 protocols are selected. It appears that that Windows 10 disconnects these for whatever reason.

Update: August 18, 2015:

I have still hesitated to upgrade.  I am hoping that others who have experienced this issue will post here and give some results of solutions in comments below so that others can find them.  This article is coming up heavy in searches for Windows 10 problems and solutions.  So, please share so those viewing this article can attempt any solutions you have found for this issue or similar issues.

Update: August 24, 2019:  

Have been using Windows 10 for several years now because there came a point you simply had to get used to the factor that Windows 10 was the OS on any new computer.  Overall, and to keep it short, I do not like Windows 10.  I can actually think of no "pros" to give about a OS that is huge on your drive, and I mean really huge, that slows the whole computer down.

There are numerous preinstalled apps that keep starting every time you fire up your computer, even if you had used the task manager in the past to close those apps.  These apps can not be deleted.  You have to learn to live with them.  Well, attempt to learn to live with them.

Windows 10 updates are often and also very huge.  Should you happen to be in the middle of something, unless you have a certain time scheduled, your computer will go "poof" and start the update.  No warning.  Many times the updates seemingly effect some other aspect of your computer, rearranging your desktop for example, reverting settings back to default that you may have changed, etc.