Sunday, September 15, 2013

The Awesomeness That The Planet Earth Has To Offer - Earth Day Reflectionsm and Discussion

Earth Day History

Welcome to celebrate and honor the planet and home we call Earth. With that in mind let's turn to Earth Day that was first recognized on April 22,1970, founded by Gaylor Nelson. When is Earth Day now? It has remained on April 22, and every year, around the globe, Earth Day has been celebrated.

What is Earth Day?

Gaylor Nelson was inspired by the anti-war movement that was ongoing with the students of the time. Using the same type of energy, he was able to create focus by the masses on the environment. A staff was created and events were planned across the land.
With the organization of various events, about 20 million Americans were in the streets, auditoriums and parks to draw major attention to having a sustainable and healthy environment. With the current political stance in Washington, D.C., Earth Day would not have happened as it did. What took place in 1970 is that a very rare political alignment was made. The Earth Day movement had support from BOTH Democrats and Republicans.
Another very important fact about the Earth Day of 1970 is that it led to the creation of the EPA, the United States
Environmental Protection Agency. It also opened the doors for the passage of Clean Air, Clean Water, along with the Endangered Species Acts.
In 1990 Earth Day went global when Denis Hayes organized yet another big campaign. The result of this was that upwards of 200 million people from 141 various countries supported the message of Earth Day and brought it onto the world stage. With this big campaign, focus was additional brought to the worldwide recycling efforts that opened the doors for the Rio de Janeiro United Nations Earth Summit in 1992.
Through the years, there has been more and more organization and numerous events to bring continued awareness and a broader scope of issues under the umbrella of Earth Day. The main one that stands out is the message sent from around the globe in 2000 to world leaders that the people wanted steps taken quickly in reference to clean energy.
Through the history of Earth Day, the internet has become a major player in the organization of events around the world to continue the focus on our environment and all that can and needs to be done to improve it and save it for future generations.
Earth Day now encompasses the issue of climate change and awareness as it becomes more evident with each passing day.
The sending of positive energies channeled into a healthier, cleaner and diverse world will provide for those future generations. Participating in Earth Day events will also create the needed energies and messages to accomplish this.
You can go online to search for local events in your area that you can participate in and make a difference.


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