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Skype Error Troubleshooting Guide

How To Resolve Skype Issues

A most popular online communication webcam and audio software application, Skype, continues to have a few problems. However, the solutions to the problems, as well as questions, are easily resolved.
Skype is a wonderful avenue of communication that is used by individuals, corporations and even news networks for interviews. Overall, Skype is reliable unless there is an exceptional overload on the servers due to a holiday, emergency or natural disaster that generates the usage of Skype in a large manner.
Below you will find some of the common Skype problems you may encounter as well as the solution to the problems.
  • Problem: You are not able to sort through the Contacts easily to find people that you want to communicate with.
  • Solution: Using the option to sort your listing by the Country or Region should help you on this. Try entering a more precise and accurate search term. You will find that the more info you provide, the better the search results will be.
  • Problem: No one can find your Skype name or you on Skype.
  • Solution: Focus on adding more information to your Skype profile. Be sure to not overlook adding your country and language.
  • Problem: Security! You want a secure password.
  • Solution: The best form of a password is a combination of this example, 57aEd38-81. You will notice various attributes here. Pick your password then work with it to include some of what you see in this example. This is a very secure password.
  • Problem: Not able to connect your audio to your Macintosh system.
  • Solution: You will need to purchase a USB microphone or headset as this is what Macintosh accepts.
  • Problem: You find that you have a bunch of contacts but only want to converse with a certain amount of them.
  • Solution: Go to your contacts list and work on separating them into categories such as relations, friends, co-workers and such. Then you can click on your contact group and select the ones you wish to converse with.
  • Problem: You would like to share a file with various contacts, simultaneously.
  • Solution: Use your cursor and highlight the groups of contacts that you have previously created. Use the right-click on your mouse and select the group that you wish to transfer the file to and then select the option of "Send File". Of course you will need to locate the file you desire to send. The quickest way to transfer the file is to simply drag the file into the chat window of the group.
  • Problem: Upon playing around with Skype you have changed the font style, size and such in the chat window, but now would like it to revert back to the default.
  • Solution: The default setting that you can manually select is: Tahoma, 8 points, Western Script.
  • Problem: You find that you have an overabundance of devices attached to your computer to use Skype.
  • Solution: Go to Ebay or Amazon and buy a webcam that has a built in microphone that includes noise cancellation. You will find that this works wonders!
  • Problem: In an attempt to use the video option on Skype, you encounter that the video is not working correctly after installing a video driver.
  • Solution: Try installing the driver "after" turning off your anti-virus, anti-malware, and anti-adware that you may be running.
  • Problem: Your new webcam is not operating properly with Skype.
  • Solution: First of all, follow the webcam instructions. Plug this device in when prompted and not before. Most of the time such devices will then install the needed video drivers automatically, prior to plugging in your device.
  • Problem: I have done the above, but the video device still is not working.
  • Solution: Go online and look for the latest updates for your video device.
  • Problem: You have chosen to use a Skype phone number for your business and you find that you are getting calls around the clock.
  • Solution: Make sure you set your local time zone when giving out your Skype number in ads or your business card.
  • Problem: My USB headset is not working. I can hear nothing!
  • Solution: Make sure that prior to starting Skype that you have plugged in your headset. If you are already in Skype, simply quit Skype and restart Skype.
These are some problems and solutions that work with Skype. There are many more, and to find out the solutions, one should do a Google or Yahoo search for the very "specific" issue that they may be encountering.
Skype is a wonderful social networking tool that is sure to be around for a very long time. Getting familiar with Skype and learning how to use Skype will work to your advantage.
Many families use Skype simply for staying in touch with distant family members. Nothing like the old land line method of just hearing a voice. Now, using Skype, you can not only hear those family members, but also see them. The cost? Nothing...Free... It does not get any better than that!

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