Sunday, October 6, 2013

What Are Otherkin?

Be Careful Of The Creation Of A Monster

There is something very destructive in the occult community for which I call a biased authentication. Commonly this aspect is put into place in the Otherkin community. Before I get started let me state that I have nothing against that community on the whole. Are there such beings that in the depths of their soul they are not human? I believe so, I also believe that the human soul can adapt and evolve or devolve in conjunction with it's experiences. If we are to get technical the only pure humans that are in existence are the newly born who by all means are without the taint that they will soon be exposed to.
It is good to get second opinions in regards to some spiritual matters that you have called into question. Those that are otherkin usually do so however simply because an individual agrees with something you have said or want to have said about you doesn't necessarily make it true. I have witnessed in communities an aspect of which I frown upon. Many times you get those that have in numbers proclaimed otherkin who by virtue of the group they are in all agree with each other that they are indeed what they say they are. That because they hold common traits with each other, dream the same types of dreams, hold the same kinds of lifestyles, think the same way, that they are indeed created of the same stock.
At first glance this doesn't seem so bad. However some groups gather numbers by allowing each other to be accepted for what they want to be accepted for. Rules are put in place because those at the top who make the rules see a need to order the structure by which others are eagerly wanting to participate in. We must see that some leaders use this as a form of control. The aspect of otherkin is allowed for in reference to people being able to be influenced by some level of manipulation towards an objective of the head figures.
Let me give an example. An individual who knows a few folks feel more than human tells them that through some means that first individual has gleamed their secret and is in fact one of the creatures that these others want to be. Thereby through his authentication they are otherkin. They have received acknowledgement for who and what they are. Some of these folks that want to be something more so much they need only the flimsy say so of someone else to confirm it for them. Also because they are afraid of being seen as crazy they will not want to discuss this aspect with very many. So they are locked into a social circle with a very small group in order to learn more about themselves. This gives the figure head quite a lot of influence. If they are knowledgeable enough and have a certain means of showing that off their rule will more or less be law.
This is the start of something very dangerous to those that are starting out. We see the verge a small cult like status being accomplished. The initial members will be very loyal because without the group consensus of what they are they will no longer have a place within that community towards the mindset that they have received and now fear being without. As the membership grows you gain more and more people acquiring the mindset that they too are special that they too have more power than the woefully pathetic humans that are below them. As more individuals amass more voices are heard towards the story line that the initial individual made. If someone disagrees they can simply be cast out fast enough so long as they are denounced properly to give everyone else an idea of the wrath at going against "home."
Do you see the monster that is made?
Biased authentication for aspects such as this are too easily manipulated and abused for other's self gains. They are not accurate on any level besides perhaps directing you towards more understanding for your own aims. Self authentication on something like this I feel is much more important. Who cares what someone else says you are? Particularly those of the various Pagan Paths, you needn't the permission of anyone to pursue who you are and how you want to work.

*What are "otherkin"?

These are non-human souls that are born into human bodies. Some of those would be faeries, werewolves, angels, demons, vampires, etc., that fall within the defines of the otherkin communities. Some believe that actual fairy tales were just otherkin in their natural form. This is but a short definition and one can browse the net to find out much more.

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