Friday, July 2, 2021

Rite / Ritual of Mid summer ( Litha )

Rites and rituals are used by Pagans of all paths and honor the height of summer.  The pagan name for this celebrations is Litha.  Please enjoy using the below rite/ritual to celebrate Litha!

The longest day
The sun holds sway
The fires burn to emulate Day

Like the flowers we turn towards the light
Of power and grace
Our soul takes flight

One with the waters that flow to the sea

One with the beasts of the field and forest

One with the fields of grain and wild flowers

One with the very bones of the Earth before us

Round we go now
let the fires be lit

To the circle we go
May the air give us breath

Spin and play with fires
dancing grace

Flow into my arms
Like waters embrace

Feel the Earth's heart beating beneath your feet

South the blaze of summer's embrace
Warm with thy grace this sacred place

West the Cooling waters of ease
I swim down your lanes of crystal planes
to seek refuge in your flowing arms

North the land of midnight sun
hold high the torch of the lands life
and lighten away the shadows

East the playfulness of Airs dance
the leaves rustle at my feet
Blow clean this space of healing grace

Dance we now around the flames...
in the land of midnight in our hair...
dance till the human form falls away...
and we become one with the spirits within

Raven... messenger of the Gods...
bring us the signs we need to know
to heal the Earth and all mankind

Wolf...graceful wise one...
bring us the way of the pack that we may be strong
To do the Great work...of peace

Tiger ..whose eyes burn in the the night..
bring us the power to make things right
To bring back the balance
to what has fallen in the darkest night

Snake...the ever new..
bring us the way of self restoration
that we may ever be fresh for the task ahead

Whale..singer of the deep
Sing us a song of life that we may keep the faith
Rise up my soul to Know the leviathans peace

Spider.. spinner of fates...
show to us the cord that binds us
The web woven fine...
glorious and divine.....that unites us

Coyote...singer of nights song..
teach us to laugh even when things go wrong
Even when life is not as we hope..
to laugh to sing and bring joy ...the coyotes smile

Owl.. night flyer.. keeper of secrets...
Help us to learn your silent ways When to speak,
when to be still.. let us learn the wisdom of the will

Bee keeper of honeys secret...
remind us to savor the sweetness of life
Tireless worker of the light...
whose sweetness is ever bright...
show us the way through the night

Freedom for the all the forms of life..
four footed, flyers and swimmers in the light

Dance we now all... in Moonlights embrace..

Dance we the dance of life
we seek the wisdom of the fates
Raven feathers fly on through the night
Black on black .. yet we see the light

Dance we for crystal clarity
for the minds sake we ask it
Swimmers in the lake of understanding
We seek to flow with the current of thought

Dance we for the insight
to walk all paths with grace
Light footed Tiger in the grass
Seeking wisdom in the hidden places

Dance we to shed the old
like the snake.. to become new and whole
with each step we take we are new and given
freedom to take any road as a new being

Free flows the wine of wisdom
Sweet Flowers heady perfume
Around my head the sunlight blooms
While the bee self gathers the nectar of knowledge

A Time to love, A time to grow
time to become all that we can know

Blessed are the walkers of the sunlight's grace

Blessed are the seekers after wisdom's embrace

Hail the fire that warms the night
we thank you for thy bright light of freedom

Hail the waters flow
we thank you for thy swift embrace of healing

Hail the Earths steady heartbeat
we thank you for thy solid protection and wisdom

Hail the Winds refreshing embrace
we thank you for thy cleansing touch and inspiration

Hail to thee Great Mother
whose bloom is on my face
Hail to thee Great Father
whose cool thought fills this space

Hail to all creatures great and small..
My teachers in other skins
I thank you all

Fly we now from this place
Fired by the thoughts of grace
Swimming thur the waters of peace
Treading the path we call life On Earths embrace

Hail and Blessed be one and all

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