Sunday, November 19, 2017

Negative Review of "Same Day Flower Delivery Houston"

Negative Review of "Same Day Flower Delivery Houston"

Beware of the fraudulent website and company in Houston,Texas by the name of "Same Day Flower Delivery Houston".  Their website is the same as the name above with the (dot)com after it.  I refuse to put the actual link here as it will only have a positive effect on search engine results if I share that.

They advertise with their number in the header as well. 832-648-3845.
This company's website is not working properly and when you pull up live chat, you get an instant response with a most helpful you think...eager to guarantee your order will be delivered on time, takes order details including credit card information and they even sent me a confirmation email.

Delivery time came and went. Calls went to voice mail, live support chat is not answered. They show hours from be 7 days a week, but again, no responses from them.

I visited my credit card account and see the charge sitting there. The charge is from a company called "BP Florist".  If you Google that you will find that it is a company located in Malaysia and not in Houston, Texas. A Google search will give you: 91, Jalan Chengal, Taman Makmur, Batu Pahat, 83000, Batu Pahat, Johor, 83000, Malaysia.

The address for the company "Same Day Flower Delivery Houston" that comes up on Google Maps is: 11175 Windfern Rd. Houston, TX 77064.  When you click in on Google Maps, nothing comes up for that address however.  So a fraudulent address is pinned onto Google Maps by these same scammers.

No response from "Same Day Flower Delivery Houston" Facebook page as well.  Again, ignored.  A search on Facebook of their only positive review will give you a scammer's page that was only registered to give that review and nothing else.

They do have a Twitter account and a Pinetrest account also along with their Facebook account, so beware when you search for a company to deliver your flower arrangements in Houston.  They also have their scammer and fraudulent videos all over YouTube under their account there.

Again, this is a 100 percent Negative Review of Same Day Flower Delivery Houston. Scammers such as this can really become an issue as their floral arrangements are not cheap at all so I am sure they have burned quite a few people and simply pocketed the money.

An indepth Google search will show variations of this company operating all over the State of Texas.  So, again, beware of companies that appear to be similar.  That phone number, 832-648-3845 is linked to most of those companies. You can view the results at this Google search page results:

Again, beware..... This company "Same Day Flower Delivery Houston" is a scam, scammer and fraudulent company.

Feel free to ask questions in comments on this article and I will try to get back to you asap.