Sunday, January 26, 2014

Getting Rid Of Unwanted Spam Email!

Using Your Email Provider Spam Filter For Spam Email

Do you find yourself getting unwanted spam email? It is so easy for your email address to get out there online, and then it is shared to a vast amount of spammers. The end result is an inbox full of spam.
Using your spam filter is the best way to control unwanted spam. It is an ongoing task that needs to be done daily for the majority of people. Failure to "spam" those unwanted emails only results in you receiving more of them.
Occasionally we will click on the link at the bottom of the spam email to "unsubscribe" which rarely works. The reason this rarely works is that click gets you the spammer's web site and you will find several things. Rarely, a quick unsubscribe link, but most commonly, you will find you will have to surf the site to attempt to find where you can actually unsubscribe. 
Other times you will be required to give additional information "so that we may unsubscribe you" and "for security purposes." This is something you should never participate in as any additional information will be used against you in your inbox, guaranteed! Also, it could affect other areas of your life as well.
I have actually ran across one that asked me to "log in" with my Facebook account in order to unsubscribe. That is definitely something you do not want to do, as then it gives the spammer access to your timeline and data that you have on Facebook.

Solutions for stopping spam email                             

The simplest solution that works is simply to view your inbox and those emails that you don't recognize "check" and then click spam. Occasionally you will "spam" an email by mistake, so one has to be careful of doing that. If you spam an email that is not spam, then you will no longer received any emails from that email address.
How this creates a problem is that you may open your inbox and find 20 emails out of which 10 are spam. You click the spam emails all at once and then click the spam button. Presto, they are removed from your inbox. However, if you accidentally included an email from your bank or similar, you suddenly will no longer receive any emails from your bank. 
It pays to view your spam folder at times to see if you have "wanted" or "not spam" emails in there. If you find any, then you can click a link that would say, "not spam" which will then move the email back into your inbox. This will also remove that address from your spam filter and you will continue to receive emails from that email address.
Good luck in this ongoing battle! Thankfully we do have at least the spam filters on most email providers that are almost completely effective. At times they will slip up, but overall the performance is great.
There are various free email providers out there. The top recommendations based on the ability of their spam filters would be Yahoo!MailGmail and Hotmail. The spam filters on these three are easy to operate and fine tune to cut down on those unwanted spam emails.

Email Spam & What You Can Do

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Sunday, January 19, 2014

How To Use Candle Magic To Ease Pain and Suffering (Full Moon and New Moon)

Magical Spell To Ease Pain, Suffering and Generate Hope

Over recent months there has been a large influx of requests sent to me via various means asking for something magical to give one new hope and/or ease painful circumstances that persons have encountered.
A time proven spell that I have tweaked is listed below. As with any spell or magical work, what is offered can be altered to fit a person's various needs, thoughts and ideas. The main focus in any spellwork or magical work is your "intent" at the time you perform the work. Many witches will look at a spell or ritual text, then make adjustments to what resonates with them
This spell helps one deal with such things as the pain suffered from the death of a loved one, divorce, breaking up with your mate and any other type of circumstance that creates pain for you.
What is needed:
  • (1) Black Candle (size or shape does not matter)
  • (3) Pieces of Amethyst (any size will work)
  • (1) Vetivert Oil
  • (1) White Candle (size or shape does not matter)
  • (3) Pieces of Rose Quartz (any size will work)
  • (1) Lotus Oil
You want to pick the night of the Full Moon at sunset to start this work. You take the black candle and using your athame or other device that is sacred to you, write, by inscribing upon the candle what specific area you are working on...what has created the pain, ie., death, divorce, etc. Use the Vetiver oil to anoint the candle and then using your intent charge the candle. Place the candle upon your altar. Next place the three pieces of amethyst in your hand and visualize your pain pouring into the stones. When done with your visualization, take the stones and place them in a circular manner around the base of your black candle and light the candle. At this point you focus and visualize the pain leaving your entirely. As this process is going on allow the candle to burn down one third of the way and then extinguish the candle.
Take an individual amethyst outside, holding it tightly in your hand and visualize your pain being transferred into the stone once again. Draw back and throw the stone as far as you can and never pick up this stone again.
During the course of the next two nights, you repeat the above spell until the candle has completely burned up and you have tossed all the stones. Gather up any part of the remaining wax from the candle and walk off your property (or drive) and bury the remains.
You want to pick the morning of the New Moon at dawn to start this work. You take the white candle and using your athame or other device that is sacred to you, write, by inscribing upon the candle the word "hope" Use the Lotus oil to anoint the candle and then using your intent charge the candle. Place the candle upon your altar. Next place the three pieces of rose quartz in your hand and visualize a positive future for you pouring into the stones. Picture yourself as happy, smiling and enjoying life. When done with your visualization, take the stones and place them in a circular manner around the base of your white candle and light the candle. At this point you focus and visualize a very strong sense of hope and what you expect coming to you. As this process is going on allow the candle to burn down one third of the way and then extinguish the candle.
During the course of the next two nights, you repeat the above spell until the candle has completely burned up. Then you take all one piece of the rose quartz and place it close to you such as in a amulet, medicine bag, purse or pocket to be carried with you. Take a second piece and place it upon a window sill in a sunny room. with the remaining piece, find a tree on your property and bury it near this tree as an offering. If you do not have a yard/property, bury it in a house plant pot or outside the entrance to your home.
Again, take any wax remains from the candle and bury off your property.
As with any spellwork and magical workings that witches and others that practice witchcraft as well as those of other various Pagan paths, remember to be patient. It will take some time for these pains and sufferings to drain away, but this spell is a starting point and will continue to work for you.

An example of a Full Moon Ritual

Modern Medicine Is Guilty Of Manufacturing Illnesses

Downhill Health Cycle

Modern medicine is making you sick! How you feel doesn't make any difference. The modern medical profession simply “declares” that you are ill and proceeds to give you something to take care of you illness and truly makes you sick. Everyone has to fit into a “norm”.
“Modern Medicine” refers to the practices of conventional physicians and medical authority recommendations. For example John Doe, a 60-year old man has no appreciable diseases and feels pretty good. However, he has a 220-cholesterol level, a blood pressure of 140/90 and he is 10 to 15 pounds overweight. However, he eats a fairly decent diet. He takes some daily vitamins and minerals. He gets a little exercise by walking whenever he can. He plays tennis or golf once or twice a week. He feels pretty good and enjoys life. He doesn't realize how sick he really is.
Several years ago cholesterol “normal” high levels were reduced. So now John and 36-million others are a candidate for a cholesterol lowering drug like Lipitor or Zocor. Never mind that most people stop taking these drugs because of their serious side effects, affecting their muscles, liver and nervous systems.
A year or so ago blood pressure “norms” were lowered. So now John’s high normal is now pre-hypertension and according to “modern medicine” it needs to be lowered. John is now a candidate for a host of prescription drugs and a variety of side effects – but since his blood pressure is lowered these side effects are worth it – aren't they?
But this is not all. He hears a radio ad talking about the virtues of a test to check the calcium build–up in his heart and arteries. Naturally he wants to take this test to be sure he is okay. With persuasion from his wife, he takes the test. He gets the results and back and his doctor declares that he is a walking time bomb. He needs angioplasty. Two years after having the angioplasty, this artery closes. He must now have an emergency bypass surgery. Now John is really sick.
But heck, John’s problems have only started. He has a physical exam and finds out his PSA has risen to 4.5 from 3 of a few years ago. He goes in for a biopsy of his prostate. The find some cancer and pull out his prostate. Now his sex life is shot. For what!? To gain a sexless life, gain of a few months?
By now John is not feeling good. A once outgoing fun loving man he has been reduced to a shell of himself. He has given up his tennis game and only rarely golfs, with the aid of a golf cart. He has gained 20 to 30 pounds. His immune system is shot. He catches nearly every “bug” that comes along. He has taken up drinking. His liver and kidneys are to taxed to keep up with the toxins in his body. But his cholesterolblood pressure and PSA numbers are in “Norm”. It’s to bad he can no longer enjoy life. But the doctors were right. John Doe is a “sick” man.
On top of all this his marriage is pretty shaky. He used to take care of his wife. Now she has to tend to him. His dream of retiring and enjoying life has now gone up in smoke (or has it gone up in drugs?).
Most modern medical doctors are good at finding things wrong with you. Thanks to medical guidelines this is getting easier and easier for them to do.
A far better approach is to use natural methods, such as herbs, to reduce cholesterol, blood pressure and PSA levels. These methods don’t cause unwanted side effects.
Remember most diseases are degenerative. This means they can be prevented with lifestyle changes. If your immune system is running at 100% - you will not get diseases. Most prescription drugs affect you immune system negatively.
Don’t be a John Doe. Take Doctor’s advice with a grain of salt, better yet, find yourself an alternative doctor. Read up on what your doctor advises.
Remember, it’s your body – you should know what’s wrong better than any doctor.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

What Is An Eclectic Pagan?

Eclectic Pagan Defined

Over the years that I have been an eclectic of the Pagan paths, I have seen confusion and lack of understanding when I use the term "Eclectic Pagan". From my experience and knowing very many Eclectic Pagans, I can safely say that many are witches.
Not so much confusion, mind you, of the word Pagan, but the word "eclectic". It appears that to most, it is not a word that is in their vocabulary or hanging around from being taught what it's meaning is. Not to put myself above anyone else, as I had no idea or concept of what it meant either, and had rarely heard of it until about 12 years ago. At that point, I saw that I had finally found the correct word to define my way of life (my spirituality).
I started out be a staunch Christian as a youth, but as time went by, my inquiring mind started reading, researching and studying various other Paths. I found many different things in many different paths that are out there. There were some things I liked, enjoyed, and applied to my life, while some of the teachings were just not clicking in my heart as feeling right for me, so I ignored these.
As the years went by I found it hard to describe my spirituality in terms. When asked, I would tell people that I was Wiccan. This is due to the fact that for years I have been the High Priest of a Wiccan coven. However, I was not comfortable with that, as I follow no set Tradition in Wicca, and again, pull from various Wiccan Traditions as well as witchcraft and use what works for me and resonates with me. Pagans that do this often do consider themselves to fall into the classification of witches.
Then I started using Wiccan/Pagan, and this alone started creating confusion, plus much of what I write includes Native American thoughts and traditions. So, then it went to Wiccan/Pagan/Native American. As you can see, now it was getting hard to even type!
Within our coven, most members do as I do, pull from various paths, pick and choose what resonates with their heart and put into practice such things. While discussing this confusion as to what actual path we could refer as "ours" the term eclectic came up, and this term, when researched, fit what we practiced perfectly. So then we started using the term Eclectic Pagan, as most of us pull from the Pagan Paths. Some members also pull from the Christian Path as well, and they will refer to themselves as simply "eclectic".
So there you have my perspective of what I refer to myself as being, and Eclectic Pagan, one who pulls from various paths what resonates with his heart, and incorporates this into his daily life and spirituality.

Some advice from an Eclectic Witch

If you are interested in a whole Free Pagan/Wiccan library, click below for a download.  The download is via Google Drive, PDF format.  The article lists what is include.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

What Is The Difference Between A Prayer And A Spell? Exploring Ancient Wisdom

Prayers and Spells Can Produce Magical and Positive Results!

What is the difference between a prayer and a spell? When I first started to explore spellwork, it seemed a spell was much like a prayer, in that both were ways to seek Divine assistance. What I found confusing was, those who prayed always ENCOURAGED others to do the same, (none were too young, too old or too inexperienced to pray)while many who practiced spellwork actually DISCOURAGED others (especially children and those new to the path) from this form of Divine communication. Wasn't that a bit like telling a Christian not to pray?
Then a wise person reminded me that a spell usually involves considerably more energy than a prayer. Knowing how powerful our thought energy can be, this difference made sense. Virtually all spiritual paths encourage individuals to PRAY to the Divine, but most, including Christianity, have always reserved the deeper teachings for the Elect, or those with a solid spiritual foundation.
Tapping in to the Universal Power of the Divine should not be taken lightly. Our ancestors believed that we should only have access to this information after years of spiritual training, to insure the power was not misused. Traditions varied from path to path, but many required a three to seven year period of initiation PRIOR to being accepted into the Inner Circle where these deeper "Mystery Teachings" were shared. There is no way for us to know where an individual is at on their spiritual journey. Instead, I encourage those new seekers to first gain a better understanding of the universal laws and spiritual principles that form the foundation of these advanced practices.
The effectiveness of a spell will depend greatly on the level of focus and energy put into it. Your ability to visualize or create inner images and feelings is an important part of raising the spiritual energy needed to manifest the desired results. In this respect, spells and prayers are alike. The most effective ones come from sincere feelings and intense thought.
It's been my experience that thoughts sent out in the form of prayers can lead to a life full of miracles and magic! However, if you truly want to try spells, I recommend you pick up a copy of "Before You Cast a Spell" by Carl McColman. This book does a wonderful job of explaining the universal laws and spiritual principles that form the foundation of all magical practice. It can help you find the confidence and skills essential to writing and casting your own spells, and assist you in applying magic to every area of your life. This book is also excellent reference material for those who have been following The Craft for sometime. Books are wonderful simply because each time you pick one up and read it entirely, or just browse, you will find new things, insight and wisdom that you previously missed.
Just remember, whether you send your thoughts out through prayers or spells, there is a life of miracles and magic awaiting you!