Sunday, January 26, 2014

Getting Rid Of Unwanted Spam Email!

Using Your Email Provider Spam Filter For Spam Email

Do you find yourself getting unwanted spam email? It is so easy for your email address to get out there online, and then it is shared to a vast amount of spammers. The end result is an inbox full of spam.
Using your spam filter is the best way to control unwanted spam. It is an ongoing task that needs to be done daily for the majority of people. Failure to "spam" those unwanted emails only results in you receiving more of them.
Occasionally we will click on the link at the bottom of the spam email to "unsubscribe" which rarely works. The reason this rarely works is that click gets you the spammer's web site and you will find several things. Rarely, a quick unsubscribe link, but most commonly, you will find you will have to surf the site to attempt to find where you can actually unsubscribe. 
Other times you will be required to give additional information "so that we may unsubscribe you" and "for security purposes." This is something you should never participate in as any additional information will be used against you in your inbox, guaranteed! Also, it could affect other areas of your life as well.
I have actually ran across one that asked me to "log in" with my Facebook account in order to unsubscribe. That is definitely something you do not want to do, as then it gives the spammer access to your timeline and data that you have on Facebook.

Solutions for stopping spam email                             

The simplest solution that works is simply to view your inbox and those emails that you don't recognize "check" and then click spam. Occasionally you will "spam" an email by mistake, so one has to be careful of doing that. If you spam an email that is not spam, then you will no longer received any emails from that email address.
How this creates a problem is that you may open your inbox and find 20 emails out of which 10 are spam. You click the spam emails all at once and then click the spam button. Presto, they are removed from your inbox. However, if you accidentally included an email from your bank or similar, you suddenly will no longer receive any emails from your bank. 
It pays to view your spam folder at times to see if you have "wanted" or "not spam" emails in there. If you find any, then you can click a link that would say, "not spam" which will then move the email back into your inbox. This will also remove that address from your spam filter and you will continue to receive emails from that email address.
Good luck in this ongoing battle! Thankfully we do have at least the spam filters on most email providers that are almost completely effective. At times they will slip up, but overall the performance is great.
There are various free email providers out there. The top recommendations based on the ability of their spam filters would be Yahoo!MailGmail and Hotmail. The spam filters on these three are easy to operate and fine tune to cut down on those unwanted spam emails.

Email Spam & What You Can Do

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