Sunday, August 5, 2018

What Is Space Clearing? - Using Feng Shui To Space Clear

Many have asked how to incorporate Feng Shui into a routine practice

  Space clearing is a cleansing, and purifying of the energy in a home or business by working with feng shui energy. Everything that has taking place in a home, or business is energetically recorded in the walls, ceilings, floors, furnishings, and even the air. Take a look at your home or business and imagine if the place has never been cleaned from the day it was built. The buildup of dirt, dust,
cobwebs, and trash would be overwhelming. You wouldn't feel welcome, and relaxed. It's probable that you and anyone who entered the home would feel irritable, depressed, nervous, exhausted, and wanting to leave as soon as possible. Since many homes or businesses have never been space cleared there may be quite a buildup of psychic residue. Jane Alexander said, "most of us are living in the psychic equivalent of a rubbish dump."

Space clearing is somewhat different than the clearing of clutter in harmony with feng shui, as well as focusing on specific areas such as your front door and doormat with feng shui in mind.

Most homes and businesses can be easily space cleared. I will give you ideas and tips about space clearing your home or business below that will help guide you with space clearing your own space using feng shui.

When Is Space Clearing Recommended?

While anytime we can clear the energies of our homes or businesses there are certain times when space clearing is highly recommended using feng shui.

  • If everyone in the home is bickering or fighting. The irritability level is very high.
  • After an illness-especially major surgery or caring for a loved one who has been ill for a while.
  • When a job has been lost, a divorced finalized, or major changes in one's life.
  • When you feel professionally, or personally stuck in your life.
  • Feeling tired, and drained of energy, and you notice when you leave the home your energy level rises.
  •  If you purchase a foreclosed home, or business.
  • Items you bought from an estate sale, pawn shop, and garage sale items especially if the items come from a home going into foreclosure.
  • When there has been a robbery, or worse in the home or business. (Please note there are truly some places that the fear is so extreme the bad energy just can't be cleansed)

Space Clearing Preparation and Tools

Before you space clear your home you want to do some preparation first. Take time to think about how you would like the overall energy to be in your home or business. If things have been very slow and stagnant you would want the energy to be flowing again. If things have been so hectic, and chaotic you would probably want your home to be calmer, and slower paced. You might want the energy to be more uplifting, or more relaxed. Remember energy goes where intention flows so just take some time to think about how you would like your home to feel.

The day before space clearing you want to clean your home. If you have so much clutter and it's hard to clean please know that space clearing will break up the stagnant energy and get things moving again.

Be sure to get the trash out of the home by emptying all garbage cans.

You will want to make sure the day of space clearing you have fans off (ceiling fans, or stationary fans), TV and radio off, no machinery (dishwasher, washer, dryer) going. You want to take any jewelry off. If your wedding ring can't, or you won't remove it that's perfectly fine. You just don't want to be decked out in head to toe with jewelry.


The most important tools you will need is your intention, and your hands. These are the best tools for feng shui. There are other tools that you can use, but they are not necessary. Do what feels best for you.

  • Anything that breaks up the energy; it can be your hands, drum, or using two sticks banging them together.
  • Candle(s) you can light a candle when you begin your space clearing ceremony. If you like a lot of candles by all means light up those candles!
  • Salt - you can use sea salt, or honestly you can use regular table salt. Salt is best used for homes where there has been a lot of weeping, or sadness. The salt will be very grounding.
  • Smudge stick (if using a smudge stick you will want to disconnect your smoke detector, as nothing will cause you to lose your concentration faster as a smoke detector going off). There are all kinds of smudge sticks out there and finding one you feel comfortable with is the best one for you to use.
  • Bell - A bell that has a beautiful tone can be used. There are some "experts" who swear you must use "their" bells. This is not the case. Find a bell that makes you feel good and you'll be ringing in the freshly cleared space.

When to NOT Space Clear

While Space Clearing can be done anytime there are a few exceptions when NOT to space clear.

Don't space clear when you are pregnant. It's not that anything bad will affect the baby. It's just the energy level may be low, and it would be best if you have a friend you are close to that could space clear your energy if it's needed.

  • It is not recommended to space clear at night. It is much better to clear the space during the daylight.
  • Never space clear the energy of another person’s home or business without their permission. Many people have had great success space clearing their own home and may decide to do a relative a favor while the relative is at a doctor's appointment or visiting with friends. The change which may really be needed will not be welcome when the person comes back home. They will not feel comfortable in their own home. It could be as traumatic as a person out of their home while shopping and come home with all their furniture changed without their permission. If you are living with someone in their home who is against space clearing for fear that you are welcoming unwelcome spirits, or whatever reason they may have you have to honor them by not doing a space clearing ceremony. The best thing you can do is help them clear their clutter which is a form of space clearing. If they are also afraid to let things go you can just keep your area clutter free, and as clean as possible.

Space Clearing Technique Using Feng Shui

The technique I am writing about is a technique I've used many times working in harmony with feng shui energy and found to be very effective. However, nothing is written in stone and feel free while space clearing to go with what you feel your home or business needs. After you have space cleared your home a few times you will know exactly what is most effective for your environment.

  • Find a table near your front door where you can put down your tools; candles, smudge stick, salt, bell. You will begin at your front door, so it will be easy as you go on to the next step.
  • Open a window even if it's just a crack for a 'visual' of the stagnant energy leaving the home. Don't worry that you're going to send bad vibes, or energy into the neighborhood. All the negative energy will be transmuted into the light. You will also not be removing any love, or great memories from your home. Space clearing will remove just the bad or sad energy from the home. And remember there is nothing to fear as you will not invite any negative spirits into your home while space clearing.
  • If you have candles, feel free to light them now.
  • Begin at the front door. Mentally let your home know your intentions for space clearing. You may ask your guides, angels, gods, goddesses and any unseen helpers to be with you at this time.
  • Begin to clap using your hands, drum, or two sticks together that will break up the energy. Walk around the perimeter of each room clapping. You can go clockwise, or counterclockwise. Whatever feels the best for you. You may notice in some areas the clapping has a muddled sound. This is stagnant energy which seems to build up the most in corners (and most likely where you will find cobwebs as they seem to be strongest where there is stagnant energy) Some rooms you may clap in and the sound is the same. The rooms that tend to have the most muddled sound go clap the perimeter again until the sound changes. Walk around clapping until you return to the front door. If you have two levels, you will want to clap on both levels. If you have a basement, be sure and walk around as best you can and clap the perimeter.
  • **When finished clapping wash your hands very well. This is very important before you begin the next step.
  • If you are using a smudge stick now is the time to light it. You may want to have a bowl underneath to catch any embers that come off the stick. Smudge yourself first. Begin at the front door and follow the same pattern you did as clapping with the smudge stick. You may notice some areas the stick will smoke very strongly, and other areas there will be just a small stream of smoke. The stick seems to know what areas need the strongest smudging. When you are finished smudging you may want to place the stick in a bowl and let it burn out on it's own near a window, or you can extinguish the stick in a bowl with some sand.
  • If you are using salt you can place some in a bowl. Begin at the front door and toss a little at the door so only great energy will come into your home. There are many ways you can work with salt. Some people just take a small amount and twirl it around in a vortex pattern in the middle of each room. Some people will want to line each room with some salt, and some people just take salt and toss is in each room letting it land anywhere. Do whatever feels best for you and have fun tossing the salt around.
  • Again, at the front door take your bell and begin to ring the bell. You will follow the same pattern that you did with the clapping, smudging, and salt. You will find you may want to just ring once and wait until the tone is gone before ringing it again. You may just walk around ringing the bell to what feels best for you. Some homes need just a little ringing here and there. Other homes need a lot of ringing. When you are finished ringing the bell and back at the front door make a figure eight (infinity sign) with the bell. You can then say, "all is well" "thank you", or whatever statement you will feel is best to thank your home and your cleared space.

Congratulations you have just space cleared your home! You may notice changes instantly, or it may take a few days for the energy to settle. Space clearing is very powerful, and yet very soothing at the same time.

Keeping Your Home In Feng Shui Harmony Using Space Clearing Maintenance

Once you have space cleared your home you can do some space clearing maintenance. It's very simple and can be done anytime you want to refresh the energy of your home.

  • when you vacuum, or anytime you clean your home
  • play uplifting music
  • bring in fresh flowers
  • open windows or doors in your home

The more in tune you are with your home, the more it will open to you and let you know exactly what it needs. Continue to use these steps and your home or business will be brought into feng shui harmony.

Predecessor Energy and Feng Shui

Predecessor energy is energy events that are recorded into ceilings, walls, floor, furniture, and even the air. If you've ever walked into a room after an argument took place you can 'feel' the tension in the air. That argument has left predecessor energy. Have you ever noticed a building that always has a new business only to fail a short while after opening? Have you noticed some of the same homes in your area the owners are getting divorced, gain weight, or get sick, and put the home up for sale only to have the new owners experience that same things previous families had experienced? If there was anything bad that took place like a robbery in the home, or worse the energy can feel very uncomfortable. This is predecessor energy. Even if you move into a new home there is predecessor energy left by the workers whether it's tension and arguments or feeling great about the pride they put into the home. Predecessor energy doesn't have to be bad, or negative. The Chinese believe predecessor energy is like wearing another person’s shoes. If they are successful, the new 'shoe' owners will be successful. If the previous 'shoe' owner was ill, lost their job, or filed for bankruptcy chances are very great that the new 'shoe' owners will experience the same future.

There are many ways to remove negative predecessor energy using feng shui and add your own energy by Space Clearing incorporating feng shui as mentioned above.

Saturday, August 4, 2018

The Boom Cars: Why Do You Inflict Noise Pollution Upon Us Damaging Our Health?

Health Concerns And Rights Violated By Boom Cars

Here I sit, reflecting on a topic to write about and presto, the topic comes to mind! Not by my choice or thinking, but by someone outside in the parking lot sitting with their Boom Car rocking and thumping. You know the type of car, the one that pulls up next to you at a traffic light and your whole car starts vibrating and thumping along with the other car. You can no longer carry on a conversation or hear your own music. Or that car that sits outside your home deeming that you have to listen to and feel its music because you have no other choice.

At first I used to think it was just me being narrow-minded, not fully understanding why I found it so upsetting to be disturbed by such loud, bass beats shaking my whole residence rattling things on my walls and shelves. I placed it on me being "older" and such. I did know that I could not even hear my TV, concentrate to write, read or even think while being subjected to such.

I started doing some research on this some time back and came to realize there are some valid reasons and alarming reasons that this noise pollution is so stressful for me as well as others.

Any person has the basic right to not have to listen to such noise pollution, especially in their home environment. When you are subjected to this type of noise pollution, your rights are being violated. 

The thing about this type of noise, is that even at a lower overall volume, the deep bass beat continues to be amplified, vibrating the very essence of your being, along with your home, pets and such.

Another thing that comes to mind is that our military and other agencies around the world have used such aggressive noise to actually fight crime, such as with General Manuel Noriega, and the Branch Davidian incident to just name a couple. These agencies understand how it is a weapon that can be used against others.

I label it as a form of terrorism as well. This is a device that can be used to influence and disrupt the lives of a vast number of people as some of these Boom Cars can be heard up to a 1/4 of a mile away. According to the latest census figures, the number one reason people move is due to excessive noise.

When you think even further, is there anything positive that comes out of such repetitious thumping noises? Nothing!

In the city I reside, it is against the law to have such Boom Cars doing as I have described, yet by the time you report it and the arrival of the police, well the car is gone. Rarely do the police ever manage to stop the noise pollution. But, from my experience when I am out and about, the police do not even think about enforcing it. I have felt a boom car next to me, with a police car within a few feet, and the officer just drives on.

A new concept that has come into to mind that was recently pointed out to me, when all else fails, you can sue the individual. Sure, that is what you want. You want that person to know it is YOU reporting the offense, so they can retaliate on you and your family.

What is left for one to do? Well there are various local and national organizations trying to get some grass root movements going in an attempt to stem this. Their suggestions are contacting local, state and federal authorities, complaining to businesses when you are disturbed by such noise pollution during your visit to them, and contacting the manufacturers of such noise pollution devices.

Health issues that arise from exposure to Boom Car Noise Pollution

1. Damages are caused at the cellular level.
2. Human organs can be damaged.
3. Hearing loss can be encountered.
4. Stimulates hypertension.
5. Can lead to aggressive responses and behavior.
6. Causes stress and sleep deprivation.
7. Brings on depression.
 My thoughts about these boom cars are that they are good for ONE thing... salvage! Recycle them for the auto parts, excluding the stereo!