Saturday, August 4, 2018

The Boom Cars: Why Do You Inflict Noise Pollution Upon Us Damaging Our Health?

Health Concerns And Rights Violated By Boom Cars

Here I sit, reflecting on a topic to write about and presto, the topic comes to mind! Not by my choice or thinking, but by someone outside in the parking lot sitting with their Boom Car rocking and thumping. You know the type of car, the one that pulls up next to you at a traffic light and your whole car starts vibrating and thumping along with the other car. You can no longer carry on a conversation or hear your own music. Or that car that sits outside your home deeming that you have to listen to and feel its music because you have no other choice.

At first I used to think it was just me being narrow-minded, not fully understanding why I found it so upsetting to be disturbed by such loud, bass beats shaking my whole residence rattling things on my walls and shelves. I placed it on me being "older" and such. I did know that I could not even hear my TV, concentrate to write, read or even think while being subjected to such.

I started doing some research on this some time back and came to realize there are some valid reasons and alarming reasons that this noise pollution is so stressful for me as well as others.

Any person has the basic right to not have to listen to such noise pollution, especially in their home environment. When you are subjected to this type of noise pollution, your rights are being violated. 

The thing about this type of noise, is that even at a lower overall volume, the deep bass beat continues to be amplified, vibrating the very essence of your being, along with your home, pets and such.

Another thing that comes to mind is that our military and other agencies around the world have used such aggressive noise to actually fight crime, such as with General Manuel Noriega, and the Branch Davidian incident to just name a couple. These agencies understand how it is a weapon that can be used against others.

I label it as a form of terrorism as well. This is a device that can be used to influence and disrupt the lives of a vast number of people as some of these Boom Cars can be heard up to a 1/4 of a mile away. According to the latest census figures, the number one reason people move is due to excessive noise.

When you think even further, is there anything positive that comes out of such repetitious thumping noises? Nothing!

In the city I reside, it is against the law to have such Boom Cars doing as I have described, yet by the time you report it and the arrival of the police, well the car is gone. Rarely do the police ever manage to stop the noise pollution. But, from my experience when I am out and about, the police do not even think about enforcing it. I have felt a boom car next to me, with a police car within a few feet, and the officer just drives on.

A new concept that has come into to mind that was recently pointed out to me, when all else fails, you can sue the individual. Sure, that is what you want. You want that person to know it is YOU reporting the offense, so they can retaliate on you and your family.

What is left for one to do? Well there are various local and national organizations trying to get some grass root movements going in an attempt to stem this. Their suggestions are contacting local, state and federal authorities, complaining to businesses when you are disturbed by such noise pollution during your visit to them, and contacting the manufacturers of such noise pollution devices.

Health issues that arise from exposure to Boom Car Noise Pollution

1. Damages are caused at the cellular level.
2. Human organs can be damaged.
3. Hearing loss can be encountered.
4. Stimulates hypertension.
5. Can lead to aggressive responses and behavior.
6. Causes stress and sleep deprivation.
7. Brings on depression.
 My thoughts about these boom cars are that they are good for ONE thing... salvage! Recycle them for the auto parts, excluding the stereo!

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