Monday, May 31, 2021

During an Eclipse Rite / Ritual

This is an awesome rite/ritual for Pagans of all Paths to perform to celebrate and honor an eclipse.

During the Eclipse Rite

Hail to the Father
who is the sunshine and the shade

Hail to the maker of all things of the mind
to whom we give thanks that we have intellect

The Sun darkened this day..yet we fear not
For our Father is with us yet

The Moon darkened this day..yet we fear not
For our Mother is with us yet

This day of darkness that can cover the mind
We seek wisdom from the path of old

Gather round children of light
and may the candles burn bright
on this the dark day

The Chaos of times....
needs guidance to untangle the knotted cord of care....
We seek wisdom...from the path of old

Before me... Raphael
keeper of the gates of new ideas
Hail and Welcome

At My Right Hand ....Michael
Keeper of intellects flame
Hail and Welcome

Behind me.. Gabriel
Keeper of the cleaning waters of life
Hail and Welcome

At my Left hand.. Uriel
Keeper the Earth and its protector
Hail and Welcome

In the name of Adonai
May we be protected from ill approaching from the
East, South, West or North

The Pentagrams flame about us..
the six ray star shines behind us
and above our heads is the Glory of the God

Call now for the Wisdom of ages...

Wodin...All Father...who gave up half his sight
so that man might share the wisdom of the Gods
Share with us now
that we may see clearly the path we must take
Thank you My Lord

Freya..Great Mother..
who stole the wisdom of her fathers hall
that man might share the wisdom of the Gods
Share with us now that we may know
the right actions to take on the path we choose
Thank you My Lady

Aubis.. Dark headed one...who stole the secret of death
so that man might never fear it again
Share with us now
that we may live fully without fear
and Live in full measure
Thank you My Lord

Kali.. Great Mother of the shaded places...
Whose dance defeated the demons of old
Share with us now to defeat the enemy of fear within..
so that not even we
....can interfere with what should be
Thank You my Lady

Cernunnos.. Great Stag Lord...
who gathered the magic of life
So that man need ever do without
the means to sustain him
Share with us now...
that we may obtain our needs to continue our work
Thank You my Lord

Rise up your lights unto the world
So that all men may know this darkness shall pass

Rise up your brightness to shine in darkness
So that others may find this place of peace

Rise up your love to ease all pain
So that others may know a moment joy

Rise up your mind to resolve the chaos
So that others will understand the Great Work

We are the students...
ever seeking to know

We are the teachers..
ever sharing the wealth of knowledge

We are the children.
.ever at the point of the discovery of wisdom

We are the elders...
ever willing to pass on the Way of knowing

We are the Women...
who are the Doorway to the temple

We are the Men..
Who are the temples pillars

We are the Priest
who Lights the fire of eternity

We are the Priestess
who brings the Cup of life to all who enter

We are all one....

Warders of the East...Thank you for thy protection
Blessings and Fairwell

Warders of the South.. Thank you for thy protection
Blessings and Fairwell

Warders of the West.. Thank you for thy protection
Blessings and Fairwell

Warders of the North.. Thank you for thy protection
Blessings and Fairwell

Sunday, May 30, 2021

Blessings For Those In Need

Many times we get requests for healings, prayers, rituals and rites for those in need.  The below is here to support that need for all pagans, no matter the faith and, of course, Wiccans.

Blessings For Those In Need

Hail Great Mother
We gather to seek thy care
For the sake of those in need

Blessings on the waters that flow
May there be clean water for all

Blessings on Earth that is in need
May there be life again to cover plains

Blessings on the Air that blows
May the winds carry the promise of tomorrow

Blessings on the Fire of life
That there is the spirit to carry on

Hail Mighty Mother
Your children gather to ask for aid for our brothers in need
The Storms raged, the waters rose, lives disrupted
 and lost by Natures land fall
We seek your loving hand to comfort those who grieve

Hail Wisdom's Father
Bless the hands who work to repair the land
Bless the hands who work to provide the means
Bless the hearts that weep for the fallen
Bless the hearts that open their arms to help

Great Mother of us all
We cry to see our brothers pain
Our hearts bleed to see the needs of our fellows
We ask for your guidance and strength
To show us the way to soothe their suffering

Hail Dark Mother
Whose loving hand will guide the fallen
We send with them our promise
To care for what they had to leave undone

Hail Thor defender of Midgard
We need your protection above our heads
While we pick up the lives of the living

Now is the hour to send the power
Raise up your heart and let it flower
With the energy of life and giving

Now is the hour to light the fires
A beacon of hope for the living

Now is the hour to send healing
To all whom the Storm has broken

Now is the hour to lift up the spirits
To give strength for all their tomorrow's

Now is the hour to pray for us all
To weather the hard times to come

Blessings on the waters that flowed
There will be clean water for all

Blessings on Earth that is in need
There will be life again to cover plains

Blessings on the Air that blows
There will be the promise of tomorrow

Blessings on the Fire of life
There will be the spirit to carry on 

Saturday, May 29, 2021

The Magical & Ritual Use of Herbs - Lobelia



A sacrament used in smoking rituals.

·   Family: Lobeliaceae (or Campanulaceae family).

·   Botanical Name: Lobelia inflata.

·   Synonyms: Indian tobacco, gagroot, vomit root, and bladderpod

·   Geographical Location: All parts of the United States.

·   Habitat: Fields, woods, and meadows.

·        Botanical Description: Lobelia is an annual, indigenous to North America, found in pastures and cultivated fields. The erect, angular stem grows from 6 inches to 3 feet tall and is hairy with a milky sap. The leaves are thin and light green in an ovoid shape, hairy with blunt saw like teeth on the edge. Numerous small blue flowers growing in spine like pods are arranged in succession at the top of the stem. The fruit is a two celled oval capsule containing numerous small brown seeds.


In North America, lobelia found its way into medicine in 1785. Cutler, in his account of herbs, states that when the leaves were chewed, they "produced giddiness and pain of the head, with trembling agitation." The Penobscot of eastern North America used it as a tobacco in the early nineteenth century. A similar  species was smoked by the Mapuche of Chile for the narcotic effect. They called the weed tuba or tobaca del diablo.


Active alkaloidsare lobeline, lobelanidine, and norlobelanidine.

Although these constituents are not known to have hallucinogenic effects, d-lobeline is a carotid body stimulant.


When very small quantities are added to a cigarette and smoked, the effect is a mild marijuana-like euphoria. It acts simultaneously as a stimulant and relaxant. Lesser amounts tend to act as a stimulant, larger amounts as a depressant. It alters the mental state.


Only a pinch should be added to steeping tea, preferably peppermint and chamomile. By itself, it is very harsh.


The social practice of setting a pipe for guests is fairly common, even today. The purpose is a sort of security where everyone sits and centers as a group. The sacrament has varied from generation to generation. Within the Native American tradition, the pipe bowl is always nearest the center of the circle, being passed from right to left. The host always loads the first bowl.

Note of Caution: Even normal amounts of lobelia may cause nausea, vomiting, and circulatory disturbances.

Lobelia is considered to be one of the best herbal expectorants as well as a powerful emetic.

Monday, May 24, 2021

Rite / Ritual of Lammas

Lammas is a wonderful time of the year.   This is for use on August 1st of every year as pagans celebrate Lammas / Lughnasad.  This is one of the eight pagan sabbats.  This holiday celebrates the harvest of the grain.  In many past cultures it was unwise and unheard of to harvest any grain prior to Lammas.  It is a time to be thankful for the bounties that Mother Earth has provided for us in conjunction with the Gods and Goddesses.

Hail  Great Mother and Blessed be
All Earths Children Gather round to thee

Great Father Lugh.
giver of sacred rites of Marriage
to the Maiden of Earth

Bright shines your light on Maiden Earth
to bring the harvest time
we celebrate your gift of life

Hail Mother Earth
creator of bounty
Ward now this rite
with thy solid grace

Hail Brother Air
creator of wind and unseen things
Ward now this rite
with thy airy grace

Hail Brother Fire
creator of the flame that purifies
Ward now this rite
with thy flame that heals

Hail Sister Water
creator of flowing river
Ward now this rite
with thy water that cools

Gracious Father Lugh...
we gather to do you honor
in thanksgiving we sing
of the bounty we have received

Here my Lord are the tools of our trades
Bless them with thy loving hand
that we may reap bounty from our toil
in the year to come

Help me to see with your shining eyes
my faults.. my places unwise
shine your the deepest wells
of the dark places where ignorance dwells

Take my hand.. dear guardian Father
and Lead me to the paths that wander
through my mind to reflect upon thy many gifts

Fires flame and the Wheel turns
The sunshine's grace on the harvest burns
The Dance of the Grain in the sunshine's light.
.like a harvest of goodness
for workers of the Light

Hail dancing Maiden to become a wife
to Our Lord Lughs sunshine
you bring the coolness of night
Sweet velvet night.. sweet lovers embrace
remind us all...of loves true place

From Summers Eve to Beltane rites
the count of a babe of 9 mts of delight
each month that goes let our lives grow
as we did neath our mothers breast

To arrive full grown
our purpose known
Faithful follower of the light

Hail and blessed be
Dear mother earth
we thank you for warding this place

Hail and blessed be brother air
Dear wind that blows
we thank you for warding this place

Hail and blessed be brother fire
Warm flame that caresses
we thank you for warding this place

Hail and blessed be Sister water
cooling draught of sweet drink
we thank you for warding this place

Sunday, May 23, 2021

New Moon Ritual / Rite of Beginnings

In this day and age we find ourselves in a very evolving and changing world.  New beginnings surround us daily and we need to keep alert for these awesome opportunities.  Using this ritual / rite under the New Moon will produce fantastic results.

Gather we now.. on a New moons night
Round and Round like a fairy ring
Circle of shining faces
The hope that it brings
For the work ahead

Hail Bright Mother
Who guides the dark moons light
Keeper of  that silent moment
Between one breath and the next
Where all things are possible

Cool blows the breeze
To soothe the troubled brow
Hail and Welcome Airs gift
Protect us now we ask it

Passions flame embers glow
New ideas grow like the salamanders flow
Hail and Welcome Fires Gift
Protect us now we ask it

Blue and Bright the Waters roll
Smoothing out the rough path on which we go
Hail and Welcome Waters Gift
Protect us now we ask it

Firm and steady the stone beneath our feet
A good foundation on which
To build what comes next
Hail and Welcome Earths Gift
Protect us now we ask it

Hail the  Crone time... the Dark Moon bright
A time for new beginnings and creations
May the work be pleasant
in the Mothers Sight

Lakshmi Goddess of the Golden hands
Bring with you prosperity
That our burdens be light
To free our toil for the Mothers grace

Minerva Mistress of Commerce
Bring with you  the wisdom
To do the work well
To free our toil from wasted effort

Hephaestus God of the forge
Bring with you your cunning in the Craft
To  make our toil a work of art

Tyche God of fortune
Bring with you your winning ways
That our toil be successful

Blessings on all the beginnings ..
Both great and small

Blessings on the Health
Of this company one and all

Blessings on the work of your hands
That it bring good fortune to your house

Blessings on the Servants of the Light ..
And all that live about them

Blessings on the Walkers of the Way ..
That our steps be guided
To the Bright Halls of Wisdom

Peace be upon your hearts ...
That all you do succeeds

Peace be upon your house ..
That all you do is righteous

Peace be upon thee and thine

Hail and Fairwell... playful Air
We thank you for your grace

Hail and Fairwell .. Fires blessing
We thank you for your grace

Hail and Fairwell... Waters sweet embrace
We thank you for your grace

Hail and Fairwell.. Earths solid Kiss
We thank you for your grace

Hail and Blessed be on one and all 

Blessed Be.

Saturday, May 22, 2021

Full Moons Rite / Ritual of Healing Grace

Please enjoy this full moon rite / ritual of healing grace.  Healing & Grace are an awesome combination and we are blessed to be able to have access to both at any given time from the Gods and Goddesses.

Tonight We Gather
Seeking Healing Grace

Great Mother of Mercy
Please show thy face

Grower of Herbs to heal our ills
Maker of the Moonlight
Our Passion it fills
To brimming with thy guiding light

Hail Kaltes...
Watery maiden of bright light
Bring thy healing arts with thee tonight

Hail Gaia...
Blessed Mother Earth
Bring forth thy healing plants
To bring back the mirth

Hail Skekhinah keeper of the ether
Sleeper at the foot of the world tree
Who walks beside me in Heavens grace
We seek thy wisdom

Hail Amaterasu Great Mother of sunlight
Bring thy healing warmth to fall upon this place
Thy shining face bring us grace

Feel the power of the Plants that grow
Feel the power of the Sunlight's flow
Feel the power of Waters cool depths
Feel the power of Airs clean breath

Heal the world of all its pains
Pollution's sickening bane be gone

Heal it's people of their Ills
That all of mankind is heir to

Heal the Children
Who are innocent of all things
Who are all our tomorrow's

Strong are the People
Who stand as One

Hand in Hand we Stand
Before the Mothers Grace

On my right hand the Sun
On my Left the Moon
And upon my brow the shining stars
The power of Starry universe
Is mine to command

Heal and be whole all those who suffer
In the name of the Most High
Whose light is the Wisdom to heal Ourselves

Heal and be whole the land on which we Stand
In the name of the Most High
Whose grace gives us leave to live upon Her

Heal and be whole.. the children from all Ills
In the Name of the Most High
Who is Mother to them All

In the name of Adoni... the Angel of Grace
We set our seal of healing on this Place

Hail and Blessed Be

Gracious Kaltes
Moon maid of Delight
We thank you for your attendance Tonight

Faithful Gaia
Sweet Mother to us All
We thank you for your Grace
On this night of moonlights Fall

Hail Skekhinah who stayed to keep man Company
Faithful Mother who walks with Me
We thank you for your compassionate Grace

Amaterasu Great Mother of Light
Whose eyes shine on man with the mornings Sight
Thank you for hearing our Obarae Tonight

Blessed be this Company
May healing grace follow Thee

Blessed Be.

Monday, May 10, 2021

Medicare "REAL" facts, costs and what to expect

You are in for some grand surprises regarding Medicare!

Do not "think" once you turn 65 after paying into Medicare your whole life that things will be covered with no additional costs. This is a large disillusionment!  Below is the summary I shared on Facebook.

I will be turning 65 in August. Mandatory is Medicare with a discontinuation of my Market Place insurance. No worries, right? After all, my whole life for every paycheck I have received, I paid into Medicare. WRONG! Medicare plan A can be up to $471.00 per month, and to include Plan B, you are hit with $148.50 per month with no opting out.  Boom, deducted from Social Security payments. Again, not too bad, right? Everything is covered! Nope, wrong again.


Lucky for me, I don't have to pay the Plan A premium, but am still stuck with the mandatory Plan B premium.

Plans A & B are very slim in nature as to what they may cover. Summary: When you qualify for Medicare, it's usually Medicare Part A and Part B that you're first enrolled in. ... Medicare Part A generally helps pay your costs as a hospital inpatient. Medicare Part B may help pay for doctor visits, preventive services, lab tests, medical equipment and supplies, and more. The big thing on Plan B is the "may." In order for that "may" to kick in one has to pay higher insurance premiums to an outside health insurance provider.  So now you have to find another health care insurance company to get enrolled in Plans C & D, of course for an additional fee and/or having to pay co-pays for all doctor appointments, labs and medications.  That is what I am trying to set up now.  Overall, my healthcare costs will increase from about 300% to 400% monthly starting this August.

Amazing, but that is the government's way at this time.  People crying out for Medicare For All have no idea what they are wanting.  People wanted Obamacare until they were faced with the slap in the face of higher healthcare premiums and such.

Some info: How Much Does Medicare Cost

Saturday, May 8, 2021

Ritual / Rite of Deliverance for Pagans, Witches & Wiccans

Many time we will find ourselves in need for deliverance from various things that come into our lives.  The below rite / ritual has worked for many such instances.  It has been used by our coven as well as those solitary practitioners.

Hail to the Winds
Who rearrange the stars
Guard well this rite of deliverance

Hail to the Flames
Whose warmth delights the heart
Guard well this rite of deliverance

Hail to the Waters
The drink of well springs knowledge
Guard well this rite of deliverance

Hail to the Earth
Our Mother and Home
Guard well this rite of deliverance

Hear me Great Mother
Your child is in need
Deliverance we ask
From woes baneful seeds

Hear me Great Father
Your child needs to know
Deliverance we ask
From the ignorance we show

Knowledge we seek
To heal our own space
Knowledge we seek
To walk in a state of Grace

Deliverance from Evil
Deliverance from Strife
Deliverance from all things
That make for life's blight

Open is the mind
To hear the words of grace
Open is the heart
To feel within this space
Open is the soul
To know its true place

Freedom from the chains
Of outdated views
Freedom from the vices
That once we knew
Freedom from the oppression
That comes from without
Freedom from the ignorance
That creates our world of doubts
Freedom from the loneliness
That comes from the solitaires path
Freedom from the body's ill's
That comes from the fates past

Open our eyes
To the ways of Great work
Fill out hearts with the understanding
To the path of our birth
Open the mind to the knowledge
That makes the pattern whole
Open the ways of Freedom
To use the wisdom so bold

Deliver us from foolishness
And the ways of the Vain
Tell to us the ways to walk
In words that are plain
Hear our words Dear Mother
That we may be made whole
Hear our words blessed Father
That we may know the ways of old

Seeking always to serve the light
We ask it as our right
Arm us well with truth and might
Blessed be the ways of light

Hail to the Winds
Who rearrange the stars
Guarded well this rite of deliverance

Hail to the Flames
Whose warmth delights the heart
Guarded well this rite of deliverance

Hail to the Waters
The drink of well springs knowledge
Guarded well this rite of deliverance

Hail to the Earth
Our Mother and Home
Guarded well this rite of deliverance 

Note: For instructions on forming a pagan circle for rites & rituals visit my blog post:

Friday, May 7, 2021

New Moon Before All Hallows Eve Ritual / Rite for all Pagans, Witches & Wiccans

The new moon prior to All Hallows Eve (Halloween eve) is an awesome event that our coven along with many solitaries celebrate.  This ritual / rite will do wonders for you during this time of the year.

The leaves do fall
The pumpkins grow
The wind rustles change
The Mountains see snow
The Nights turn colder
The days desperate warmth
The Harvest time cometh
The Moon shines bright

Hail Earth whose bounty we know
The fruits of the fields we glean as we go

Hail Air whose winds blow cool
The trees speak the time of changes
Soon the winters snow

Hail Fire the sunsets glow
Red are the nights when the cool winds blow

Hail Water soon to fall as rain
To make ready the land
For next seasons gain

Welcome Ceres.. Mistress of the Grain
that fills the larder with this years gain
Blessings Mother for thy loving hand
In the Golden grain across the land

Welcome Baccus Keeper of the Vine
The wine is yet new, the harvest fest is thine
Merry maker when the work is done
Soft is thy hand on the laborers heart

A cornucopia of bounty is on our table now
Reft from the ground.. she gives gratefully now

The New Year cometh
All hollows soon to pass
Time to reflect on the year now gone
To plan for the year ahead

Blessings be Great Mother
For thy gifts this year we have enjoyed
Blessing Be Great Father
For the wisdom we have gained

Hearken Delipinous...
Show us the year to come
As the veil becomes thin...
This hard bounty we have won

Speak to us Shopia ,
Lady wisdom with golden voice
That we husband well the gifts so gained
That we swander not this trust

Peace be upon the land
In this time of plenty
All to share and share alike
The gifts of the Mothers bounty

By the Golden glow of the Harvest Moon
We gather this night to honor life's greatness
To savor the moment that we live
And count each tick of the clock as a blessing

Hail Great Ones who share your bounty
Hail Blessed ones who share your wisdom
Hail Tender ones who share our woes
Hail My Lords and Lady's
for the harvest of my soul

Blessings Be Mother Earth
To stand with us this night
Hail and Fair thee well

Blessings Be Brother Air
Whose breath is life
Hail and Fair thee well

Blessings be Brother Fire
Whose light to guide the way
Hail and Fair thee well

Blessings be Sister Water
Life to all who know thee
Hail and Fair thee well

Note: For instructions on forming a pagan circle for rites & rituals visit my blog post: 

Thursday, May 6, 2021

Rite / Ritual of Beltane (Beltain) for all Pagans, Witches & Wiccans

A sharing of my coven rite/ritual for Beltane (Beltain) that is remarkable in nature.  This is a special time of year and thanks should be given as we count our blessings from the Gods & Goddesses as well as the Elements.

Come and walk with me for a Time
Outside of Time
In a Place that is no Place...
And come to understand our Mothers Grace

Let  your Spirit Fly
On the Wings of your Will
Through out this Space that is no Space

Come and Walk with Me..

Fire to cleanse the way....
a place for the salamanders to play ....
ours is a place of light...where nothing should
be hidden away........

Welcome My Lord of the Fires Fame
You whose Sword Defends the Weak
Flame to clear the Doss of the mind away
And give strength to the Meek
Lighten the Halls of the Mind
That our circle be complete

Hail and Welcome

Blessed cup of water to cleanse the
spirit  ,ancient ones breathe upon this cup
that all who partake of it may justly command
the power in the service of man

Gabriel ... Warder of Water.. Healer ..
Guardian of Rain, which brings life,
and makes all things grow

Welcome Cup-bearer, Healer
Giver of Dreams in the Night
Emotions sway and the soul takes Flight
Rain to make the garden grow
Our true feelings we would know

Hail and Welcome

The blessings of the power of
Earth to sustain and drink thy fill...
for you will have need
of the strength...but great is the joy of such work..

Uriel .. Dread Lord .. Raven Wings of Life and Death
Earth Mothers Watchman  and  the Ferry-man as One
At life beginnings and its endings
Do you find Uriel
Welcome Dread Lord
Whose wings I have heard
Let all Fear Die in this space
And Growth and Love take its place

Hand in Hand
Go Life and Death
The Cycle Continues
Thy Charge is Kept

Hail and Welcome

The blessings of the power of
Air to give your will Flight  ...
The wind sprites play with the leaves at your feet..
to remind you that, thou the Will is invisible ..
it can move the world....

Raphael.... Warder of the Sylphs of Air..
Unseen one, Guardian of all things that Fly
The first breath you draw in life
Is the Kiss of Raphael

Welcome My Lord, come spread thy wings
You who make the chimes to ring
Bringer of Winters Storm,
Bringer of Summer breezes
Help us Clear away the Fog
that clouds real Loves true form

Hail and Welcome
Feel the chakras light up and let the power flow
Red is the light of desires power
Orange to allow the power to flow
Yellow the sunshine the warmth on my face
Green is the color of healing grace
Blue to guide the will thru the night
Purple of lighting of the Powers might
Indigo flare to purist white

My soul joins to yours......we stand in the light.

When the Moon is full Earths children gather
to pay homage to Her that sustains us All..

Earths children have braved the wind
and storm since the dawn of Time

Earths children are awakened to the
fire of creation and are open to the light...

Earths children are born of the waters of Life..
and unto them they will Return..

Earths children have come to honor
the Mother in all her Wonder...

Changing Woman

Winter to Spring, Summer to Fall
Changing Woman You are them All

You Dance On the Mountains Around Your Hogan
To Bring Changes to The World

Asase Yaa, Aberewa, Asase Efua
Names without End do we Call You
Lilacs in your Hair .. Ever Present Mother
In each Grain of Sand is thy Story

Here me ...My Lady Freya
Mistress of Lighting
Mother of Magic
Mother of Freedom

Be With us Now in our Time of Ritual

Mother of Heroes
Mother of Earth

Be With us Now in the Time of Earths Need

Ever Mindful are we that

We are  the owner of our actions
heir to our actions,
born from our actions,
related through our actions,
and our actions are our judge.

Whatever we do - for good or for evil -
that we will inherit..

May the Divine help me be worthy of my actions...
here in this space
May the incense be Burned
May the water be Blessed
May the food nourish the Soul
May the wind chimes play the music of the Spheres
May the sword draw the Circle
May the wand hold the power, for the good of All..

All the elements of Earth, Air, Fire,
Water and Spirit in Balance and Harmony

Let the Power flow forth
into this new space which touches the World

Let the power of Love for all mankind flow
to fill the empty Spaces

Let the water of Life rain down to
make the closed mind
open like the Blossoms....

Let the power of Fire
help the leaden of Heart to feel alive Again...

Let the Power of the sword cut
through Ignorance...the dark places in the human Soul..

Let the Shield be raised to defend the helpless
against those who would oppress them..

Let the Cup be filled with Joy and Merriment
for there is all too little of that in the World..

Let the wind carry the sound of our
Laughter... for this heals the Heart

Let the Wand of power direct the
Power to where it is needed Most..

Let the Power flow forth
into this new space which touches the World

Let New life be forged ..... and new bonds created
during this time that is no time
in this place that is no place

Hail and farewell spirits of the
North...Thank You...
Great Mother and benefactor

Hail and farewell spirits of the
East...Thank You
and may thy winds blow gently upon the brow of man

Hail and farewell spirits of the
South... Lord of fire and wisdom..Thank You
and may we have learned something
in this walks Endeavor..

Hail and farewell spirits of the West...
We thank you for the gentle rains
to make the flowers of wisdom Grow..

The incense is Ash...
The Fire may be put Out
The Water is Drunk
The Food has been Eaten
The Wind has carried our Voice..
The shield bearer may put his burden
down for now..
Take now the Sword and open the Way
for our return to the world of Time..

But we take with us the scent of Holiness

We take with us food for our Souls

We take with us Knowledge
that we can do more than we thought we Could

Our Mother has held us..
Our Father  has counseled us...
The Spirits of Earth, Fire, Wind and
Rain  have blessed Us...

Our Brethren have worshiped with
Us... and we are Renewed...

Hold tight to each other for a moments grace
and share the power in this place

The Spirit walks
in a Space that is no Space..
for a time that is Timeless...

Blessed Be your Coming..
Blessed Be your Going.....
Blessed be all your House
One and all

Note: For instructions on forming a pagan circle for rites & rituals visit my blog post:

Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Imbolc Ritual / Rite

Enjoy this ritual / rite for Imbolc, no matter your Pagan path!  It is always good to give thanks and remember our blessings at this time of year.


The Brides Bed is Ready
For our Lady Bridget to rest in twain
Marked with the sign of Gebo
Blessed is the last sheaf of grain

Gathered are the woods of winter
Yule fires did burn bright
Blessed be the first signs of spring
Our Lady shines with her light

A time of waiting for the bough to bloom
A time to make neat the witch's broom
A time of thanksgiving for deliverance
From winters deep cold
A time to make ready for spring time so bold

Hail  Heimdall, Keeper of the rainbow bridge
The frost on my windows your waters ways
Let your crystals guard the passes
Hail Frosted one, your memory stays

Hail and be welcome Nanna
Mother Goddess of Earth
She who walked the by ways of darkness
That man might know light
Hail and blessings be Mother of Rebirth

Hail Mother Freya, Mistress of storms
The air blows sweet from your passing
Let your Magic guard us round
Hail to our Lady everlasting

Hail Bridget, Fire Mother of the forge
Your cloak is our deliverance
May it guard the circle from all untoward
Blessed be triple Mother of Fire born

Light the torches
Ring out the shout
Let the power be heard round about
Call we to springtime
Wondrous Mothers warmth
Call we to blooms soon to spring forth
The years harvest is full
Blessing be that we are fed
Call forth now the re birth
Of springtime's stead

Light the candles in the window frames
Let the peace flow over the landscape
Let the joy of life be claimed
One for love, one for light
One for the newness of life
That shines thur the window pane

Bright the sacred woods burn
Bundled round the hearth we go
Sip cups of mead to bring life's joy
Bright is the fires flame

Blessings to the world
Up the chimney with the smoke
Safe and sound the whole of creation
Waiting for the land to be awoken

Off to the threshing floor we go
To render the harvest gained
Blessed be the Mother that lives in each grain
Bread to bake for Candlemas
Braided with Joy and Hope
Hail to the Goddess for her favor
Shown in this breaded rope
One for Maiden bringer of life
One for the Mother of gold
One for the Crone who is the seed of tomorrow
Hail to the Mother of Old

We stand at the foot of the rainbow bridge
Fire and Ice made whole
New made wreath of the harvest straws
Laid down to give thanks for all it holds
Ice holds sway for a time yet
But the promise of tomorrow is told
Hail to the Goddess of New life
Hail to the Ice maiden so cold

Frost and Fire
Seed and new Life
Greetings to the springtime that waits
Hail and blessings Great Lords
That one more winter soon abates

Round we go with torches bright
Through the fields and orchards
Reminder to the trees and flower
Of the warmth of springtime's bower

Hail  Heimdall, Keeper of the rainbow bridge
Keeper of waters ways
Ice Brother who guards us
Hail Frosted one, your memory stays

Hail and thank you, Nanna
Mother Goddess of Earth
Guardian of the Light of new life
Hail and blessings be Mother of Rebirth

Hail Mother Freya, Mistress of storms
Your lighting wards in your passing
Thank you for your graciousness
Hail to our Lady everlasting

Hail Bridget, Fire Mother of the forge
Inside your cloak we are comforted
Thank you for sharing fires promise
Blessed be triple Mother of Fire born

A Excellent Pagan, Wiccan & Witch Full Moon Rite / Ritual

This Full Moon rite/ritual has been used by my coven for several decades.  We also use others, but this one has become a favorite. Give honor and thanks to the Moon Goddess!

Around the circle we go
while the winds blow

The moon is high
and our thoughts we would show

Shadows in the night we hold ...
To Tell our need in the moonlight cold

Blessed moonlight on my face...
To make ourselves bold before the Mothers grace

North the Mothers bountiful grace.
.bring thou abundance on this place
Hail and welcome

East .. may the breeze bring bring changes to this place..
Hail and welcome

South.. the fires place...
may you bring the blaze
to clear the rubbish from this space...
Hail and welcome

West... the waters cool....
wash away the old and bring on the new...
Hail and welcome

The moon is full and the time is right
for making known all our plights...

Great Mother hear your servants call...
as I make known the needs of one and all

that we may better serve thee
Sophia.. Lady so Wise... May we take bread with thee

Abundance so we may spend more time.. at thy Great work...
Fortuna.. Lady of fortune... spread thy hand over us

Peace so we may be still when the need calls for it
Buddha.. share with us your enlightened ways

Merriment.. so we may serve thee with a smile
May the Fae.. rise up and dance with us
and Baubo hear our laughter

Health so we may be strong for our endeavors
Gabrilla.. Lover of Man.. make us whole

Companionship that we may never be alone...
there is strength in numbers
Xochiquetzal...lover of all life..
may there be lovers and friends to keep us company

Shelter from life's storms..
a door we can close against the rain
Vesta great Mother of the Hearth..
may we have a home to keep us safe and warm

Challenges that we may grow strong..
.and wise in the ways of life
Kuan Yin...Mother of compassion and Karma.
..May we live life well

Communication... Blessed be the metal boxes
that keep us together
Mensa..Mother of numbers..
.may the computations always be right

North the way of Growth and flower
We thank thee for thy power
Hail and Farewell

East the winds have made the change
We thank thee for thy sweet breath
Hail and Farewell

South the Fires place
We thank thee for thy blaze of Grace
Hail and Farewell

West the realm of Waters ways
We thank thee for thy cleansing today
Hail and Farewell

Blessed Sweet Mother to hear my call...

Blessed be this company one and all

Thy hand is light upon my head...

Blessed be the time we have spent

Hail Gracious Mother...May we serve you well

 Note: For instructions on forming a pagan circle for rites & rituals visit my blog post:


Tuesday, May 4, 2021

New Years Rite - For All Pagans, Witches & Wiccans

This is an awesome rite or ritual as some call it.  It has been used in my coven for years and time has proven it to truly give honor and thanks to all that nurtures us.

Tonight we stand
in the moonlight bold

At the time of year when the nights
start to become cold

Hear the wind soft breezes cool
to soothe the brow from the summers heat

Hail mighty winds
to blow away the cobwebs of mind

Blessings Be

Feel the warmth of fires glow
the brazier at your feet does show

Hail the Fires warm embrace
to clean away the doss of my life

Blessings Be

Drink of the Waters cool refreshment
to soothe the lips from summers parch

Hail wondrous Water
to soothe the weary soul

Blessings be

Feel the cool of Earth beneath your feet
to connect with Mother Earth so sweet

Hail mighty Earth our Mother in faith
to hold us gently while this trip we take

Blessings be

The years does change
the wheel turns round
here we stand
anchored to the ground

Lift up your heart
let the spirit fly
Gather the power
to make changes sweet
Gather yourself
for the work at your feet

Time to clear the mind of the years turmoil
Time to make ready for winters chill
Time to become in truth
what the years beginning sought
Time to be upright no matter
how heavy the onslaught

Your Blessings Mother we humbly seek
Fill the spaces within...with your love
Your Blessings Father we humbly seek
Fill the spaces within..with your wisdom

Thanks and blessings be Gods of my Fathers
for listening to me

Winds of power.. blessings be
Thank you for attending to me

Fire of might .. blessings be
Thank you for attending to me

Water so cool.. blessings be
Thank you for attending to me

Earth solid Mother.. blessings be
Thank you for attending to me 

 Note: For instructions on forming a pagan circle for rites & rituals visit my blog post:

Monday, May 3, 2021

Graduation Rite / Ritual - For use by Witches, Wiccans & All Pagans

This is a rite to be performed for graduation purposes.  It could be a school or college graduation or any other type of graduation ceremony.  Our coven has used it.  This rite can be preformed by a solitary or a coven.  Many get confused by the term ritual and rite.  In all honesty, to me, it matters not what the action is called, it is how well it works.

Hail Great Mother as we stand on the threshold of life
We reach for your hand to help guide the way

Hail Great Father as we stand on the threshold of life
We seek your wisdom to help guide the way

Blessings on the Earth, on which we will walk
May our steps be sure and on good pathways

Blessings on the Air we breathe, sustainer of life
That we take no moment of life for granted

Blessings on the fire that is life's passions
May we embrace it to the fullest

Blessings on the Water of even the tears life may bring
As it means we are willing to take risks

Hail Mighty Mother and Father of life
hear your child who here stands

We walk the measured pace of pomp and circumstance
Dressed in fine array
Yet within, do our own doubts hold sway

We seek out the wisdom
To live our lives well
We seek out the passion
To do it with fervor
We seek out strength
To endure life's troubles
We seek out the might
To do what is right with our days

We pass by the unseen gates of yet another milestone along life's highway
So much to do, so many things to see, the moments laid out before us like a ribbon of light
We seek understanding for what tomorrow holds
We pray for the knowledge to face it well
We stand as a beacon for those yet behind us
For it is by our hand that the world will be created

Tomorrow holds the promise of life, but it is today in which we live it
May we use each of those precious days to our own enlightenment

Youth is a gift without price, that is too often squandered away
May we use the gift of vigor to do what needs be done for the good of all
Great Father we ask your guidance, to deal with it all , come what may

We stand on the threshold of tomorrow, with all our life before us
We stand proud and tall in the pathways of light
May it always be there to guide us

Blessings on the Earth, on which we will walk
Our steps will be sure and on good pathways

Blessings on the Air we breathe, sustainer of life
We will take no moment of life for granted

Blessings on the fire that is life's passions
We will embrace it to the fullest

Blessings on the Water of even the tears life may bring
We will not fear to take the risk

Note: For instructions on forming a pagan circle for rites & rituals visit my blog post:

Sunday, May 2, 2021

Rite / Ritual of Abundance - For Wiccans, Witches & All Pagans

The below has been used in my Witch's coven on many occasions.  Know you will be graced by using it as well.  This can be used by a solitary or in a coven.

Earth Mighty Mother..we bow to your grace
We seek thy loving guidance
We seek thy bold embrace

Air so precious..
only moments we live without seeing thy face
We seek thy loving power
We seek to win this race

Fire so bold and warming.. our blood flows at thy pace
We seek thy loving warmth
We seek the cold to chase

Water so cool and fresh..all things must know thy touch
We seek to make out lives bloom
We seek to know this grace

We seek not to gain at another's loss
nor to gain what we have not earned
But if it please thee my Lords and Ladies
rain Thy blessings as the wheel turns

Hail Demeter mistress of wealth
and grantor of goodness...
Hold  thy pale hand over our head,
that we may become wise in thy ways
Hail Zeus, thy mighty Lord ,to strike down our weakness,
and grant us the will to grow

Hail Punarvasu Lord of energy and vitality..
Grant us the strength to see to our needs
Blessing be Mother Aditi, who makes all the crops to grow
Grant us thy bounty

Hail Habonida.. Mistress of prosperity...
We seek thy loving hand to help us do the work of the Gods
Hail thy Great Father Njord , patron of navigators.
Help us to chart the way to bountiful shores

Hail Mother Freya.. Great lady of Magic..
Grant us the Will and the Word to work our desires
Hail Thor defender of Midgard ....
Lend us thy hammer to shatter the things which block our path

Hail Mithra guardian over the prosperity of the world..
we the children of  Earth bid you draw near
Hail to thy Father Ahura Mazda, who gave thee thy charge...
Blessings be reverend Father

May we become wise to know
the way of enlightenment is not an easy path
Hail Demeter Lady of  Fate

May we be strong and forceful in our resolve
and not weaken when the times are lean
Hail Father Zeus may thy thunder be loud and long
in our ears that we not forget why we are here

May we be full of the will to succeed
and not get in the way of our own prosperity
Hail Punarvasu who is always truthful with the self

May we know when the crop is ripe
and when we must wait for the harvest
Hail thy golden grace.. whose time cannot be rushed

May we wait with grace and not lose faith with our Fathers
Hail Habondia.. Great Witch of the stars
who waited a thousand years to hear her name

Free us we ask,  to work... not for ourselves alone...
but for the good of all men
Hail Njord.. grant us smooth sailing
and safe journey on this path we have chosen

May we know  the Magic of My Lady
to work our will when its needed ,
to bring to us what is ours by right
Hail Mother with us now in our hour of need

May we know plenty,  to free our hands
for the work of  the Gods
Hail Thor... mighty thunderer...
free our hands from poverty's chains

May we have the force of will to do what is needed
Hail Mithra...we seek change and well watered fields...
to make the earth bloom again

May we be forever grateful for the greatest gift we have... Life
Hail Ahura Mazda Lord Wisdom
may we be wise and use this gift well

We seek not to gain at another's loss
nor to gain what we have not earned
We thank  thee my Lords and Ladies
for Thy blessings as the wheel turns

Blessing be Mother Earth
whose breast feeds us from morn to twilight
Blessings be Great Mother for thy watchful eyes on the Rite

Blessings be Patron of  Air on whom our life depends
Blessings be Quite miracle of grace our lives you did defend

Blessings be Fire of my blood.. whose inspiration is my song
Blessings be warmth of my soul our Rite is at its end

Blessings be Water so sweet
upon whom all things living must depend
Blessings be cool drink of my heart
We thank you that you attend

Blessings be on this company 

Note: For instructions on forming a pagan circle for rites & rituals visit my blog post:

Saturday, May 1, 2021

What is Magical Protection?

Protection 101
Magical Protection is exactly what the words imply - using magic to protect
yourself and your surroundings. To be a bit more specific, it is the molding of
universal forces according to one's own will resulting in an "etheric" shield being
placed around an area. Magical protection is very much the same as putting
burglar bars on your windows and doors, security and surveillance systems
around your home. Your magical defenses will warn you of approaching danger
allow you to identify it and will keep the danger out.

Magical Protection can take many forms: purely mental/auric, ritualistic,
physical or any combinations of these. Each form of protection has advantages
and disadvantages along with different time requirements. These forms
mentioned herein are only a few possibilities that you have to choose from.

Why do we need to do this?
Magical Protection is essential for anyone who aspires to the Craft or subjects
relating to the Craft. (I dislike this word immensely but I was stumped for
another)   A Witch, or any practitioner of magic, as a servant of the Light, has
the potential to attract negative influences, which will try to stop your work or
progress. Also, a Witch, or practitioner of magic, has the potential to have
negative energy directed at her/him by more unscrupulous entities. We also have
the potential to walk into a negatively charged area. Poverty stricken areas
usually have a higher concentration of people putting off negative emotions such
as worry and fear. Negative emotions or energy attract a certain form of creature
which feeds off the negative energy and tries to promote the conditions or
feelings which create it. Negativity build up can occur anywhere, a home where
there is a lot of fighting, around prisons, etc. It is imperative that you know how
to shield yourself from the influence of such negative forces. The potential for
exposure to negativity is not limited to a Witch or a practitioner of magic but to
everyone. It seems, however, that as you become more advanced, stronger if
you will, that the potential for these happenings increase. I propose the reason
for this is that as you become more in tune with the universe and energy
surrounding you, you begin to vibrate at higher levels. On the etheric level, your
astral form will begin to "glow" more brightly and thus the potential for attracting
attention increases. This is not to say that anyone will definitely attract unwanted
attention but the possibility does exist.

As we move along the magical path, we will meet many entities and forces.
These forces can be broken into three categories of intent: good (positive),
neutral, bad (negative). By far, you will meet more good and neutral forces than
bad. This is the same as everyday life, you meet people who are good, neutral or
bad. Since there is a possibility for meeting a bad or negative force, should we
be worried? Yes and no. Be worried to the point of being aware that something
can happen is good - it means that you know that something could happen and
are that much more prepared to handle such an encounter. If you spend all of
your time looking for ambushes and traps with every step you take then this
might be a little extreme or bad. Forewarned is forearmed. During our workings
and travels, we learn to recognize these classes of forces, how to find them and
how to avoid them. When meeting any force you have several options: talk to
them, ignore them and walk away, take an aggressive stance if you feel
threatened, try to reason with a more unsavory force, etc. Whatever you do will
return three fold, do unto others as you would have them do undo you. These
are statements of truth. For the most part, meeting and being friendly is the best
choice but unfortunately it does not always result in a friendly response. As with
meeting people on the physical level your options for encounters are the same
on the Magical levels.

Magical Protection can be thought of as a martial art. Learning such an art
provides you with a means to defend yourself (defense) if needed and if all else
fails, an offensive form which you can use to defend yourself. The techniques
presented here will help to keep negative forces away from you and teach you
how to get rid of them.

Forms of Magical Protection
Magical Protection can be resolved into two basic categories, physical and non-
physical. Non- physical protections involve shaping of energy into a shield and
wrapping it about yourself, object/place or another person (but only with
permission). Physical forms of protection involve the use of crystals, herbs,
symbols, talismans, etc. to hold protective energies about you or an area.

Non-Physical Protection
I like to call these the "down and dirty" forms of protection. These forms can
take the least amount of time/preparation and include several "instant" forms
which you can use if you get caught "with your pants down." In addition, some
of the techniques can be used as an offensive weapon if you have no other
choice. It is always best to try to avoid a confrontation and for the most part, if
you have shielding up, most things will leave you alone. However, there are
times when you are left with only two choices: fight in response to an attack or
get pounded upon.

Sphere of Light
The sphere of light is the most basic and fastest of all shielding techniques. This
is not to imply that it is inferior to other techniques though. The sphere of light is
as strong as your will and the energy that you put into it. Of course, the question
would be, "Well, if it is so good then why should I learn other techniques?"
Simply put, with any technique of defense, there is a counter to it. So, the more
techniques you know, the better able you are to defend yourself if the need ever
arises. The sphere of light is an extension of your auric form. The method of
creation is very simple.

Visualize yourself, see a small white dot at your center, watch it grow outward
until it surrounds your entire body, feel/see the sphere solidify into an
impenetrable shield through which nothing can enter (unless you will it). Once
your have the form visualized, allow the shield to turn transparent (like looking
through glass) - the shield is there and protecting you. Know that while you are
in this sphere of light you are protected and safe.

When learning this technique, take time to slowly construct the form. Be sure to
have it completely surrounding you (top, bottom, front, back, sides). Practice
setting the shield and turning it transparent. As you practice, you will eventually
arrive at the point where you can call this type of shield instantly. This is the
level you wish to attain. Do not worry about the time it takes to call this shield
when you are beginning, just keep practicing and eventually it will become


Another method of shielding is feeling yourself wrap a protective blanket around
you. Like when you were a little kid and you knew nothing bad could get to you
if you were just all covered up with your favorite blanket. Well make yourself a
magical blanket to wrap yourself up in only this one does protect you from
everything that is meant to harm you.

Experience has taught me that different shields work better against different
things and if you work magic long enough you will attract attention and not all of
it is welcome.  Depending on the situation I will have three to seven layers.
The question is what should these layers be? This is where a good imagination
comes into play. What you want is to think of something protective and see
yourself covered top of head to bottom of feet in the material. Common things to
shield with are the elements: air, fire, water, and earth.
When my family moves into a place, one of the first things I do is give it a good
cleaning on the physical and on the non-physical level. (I find this works best if
you do this before you start moving your possessions into the place if at all
possible.) For cleansing on a non-physical level, I usually mix up a special blend
of herbs, (which has been different each time because I have remembered to
write down exactly what I have done with incense exactly once. For your
information this is not a good thing.) I grind the herbs with a mortar and pestle
until they are in a semi-course state. (Some people say grind the dried herbs
finely but I like the texture better when they are coarser. Feel free to decide your
own personal preference.) I usually dump the herbs in a bowl at this point in
time and add a few drops of different oils and I use my hands to mix the oils and
herbs together. The herbs should not be too moist. (About the moisture amount
you would find in soil that is perfect for planting seeds.) I burn this blend on
charcoal, which is specially made to burn herbs.

One of the next things I do is mix together some water and sea salt. (Tap water
will actually work fine although I have used rain, river and snow waters in the
past.) If we are in a house, I circle (or as close to a circle as I can) the property
line clockwise starting in the east and heading south, then west, up north and
finally back east. I sprinkle the salt water as I circle and state: "I bless and
consecrate these lands in the name of the Lady and the Lord." (Yes I realize for
all intents and purposes, the property is now holy ground but I have also found
blessed space keeps the rare icky spirit thing away.) It is very much like casting
a big circle. I see the circle form and see it both above and below the house. If
we were in an apartment, I would be doing a similar thing on the inside of the
house but would take special care to make sure to get the doors and windows.
There are tons of other protective measures you can do. Salt or sandalwood in
corners, a broomstick across a doorway, a witch ball hanging in a window and a
witch bottle buried under the house, are but a few examples. What is protective
would be too extensive to include in one small article but fortunately there are
plenty of books out there, which can be used as a reference point. (See the
house cleansing at the end)

As I stated at the beginning of this article, I did not write this because attacks
are common, but building shields and having protections around you is just plain
smart. It is better to be needlessly prepared then caught unaware.  I would like
to finish up this article by explaining how to make one version of a witch bottle.

Witches Bottle
Items needed:
1 small bottle or jar with lid
clean sand
pins, nails broken glass (a broken mirror would be excellent) and all manner of
sharp objects that are yours .
Any protective herbs are good also.

Open the jar and fill it with the sharp things. Be careful not to cut yourself. Fill
the bottle with sand then the "sharp objects". Close it tightly and charge it
(focusing your energy into it with a specific intent) with protecting the area you
are warding. Bury it under the house or in the area you wish protected. Make
sure it is in an area where it will not be disturbed or dug up.
And that is it. Pretty simple actually but also effective. 

Blessed be.