Saturday, May 22, 2021

Full Moons Rite / Ritual of Healing Grace

Please enjoy this full moon rite / ritual of healing grace.  Healing & Grace are an awesome combination and we are blessed to be able to have access to both at any given time from the Gods and Goddesses.

Tonight We Gather
Seeking Healing Grace

Great Mother of Mercy
Please show thy face

Grower of Herbs to heal our ills
Maker of the Moonlight
Our Passion it fills
To brimming with thy guiding light

Hail Kaltes...
Watery maiden of bright light
Bring thy healing arts with thee tonight

Hail Gaia...
Blessed Mother Earth
Bring forth thy healing plants
To bring back the mirth

Hail Skekhinah keeper of the ether
Sleeper at the foot of the world tree
Who walks beside me in Heavens grace
We seek thy wisdom

Hail Amaterasu Great Mother of sunlight
Bring thy healing warmth to fall upon this place
Thy shining face bring us grace

Feel the power of the Plants that grow
Feel the power of the Sunlight's flow
Feel the power of Waters cool depths
Feel the power of Airs clean breath

Heal the world of all its pains
Pollution's sickening bane be gone

Heal it's people of their Ills
That all of mankind is heir to

Heal the Children
Who are innocent of all things
Who are all our tomorrow's

Strong are the People
Who stand as One

Hand in Hand we Stand
Before the Mothers Grace

On my right hand the Sun
On my Left the Moon
And upon my brow the shining stars
The power of Starry universe
Is mine to command

Heal and be whole all those who suffer
In the name of the Most High
Whose light is the Wisdom to heal Ourselves

Heal and be whole the land on which we Stand
In the name of the Most High
Whose grace gives us leave to live upon Her

Heal and be whole.. the children from all Ills
In the Name of the Most High
Who is Mother to them All

In the name of Adoni... the Angel of Grace
We set our seal of healing on this Place

Hail and Blessed Be

Gracious Kaltes
Moon maid of Delight
We thank you for your attendance Tonight

Faithful Gaia
Sweet Mother to us All
We thank you for your Grace
On this night of moonlights Fall

Hail Skekhinah who stayed to keep man Company
Faithful Mother who walks with Me
We thank you for your compassionate Grace

Amaterasu Great Mother of Light
Whose eyes shine on man with the mornings Sight
Thank you for hearing our Obarae Tonight

Blessed be this Company
May healing grace follow Thee

Blessed Be.

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