Thursday, May 6, 2021

Rite / Ritual of Beltane (Beltain) for all Pagans, Witches & Wiccans

A sharing of my coven rite/ritual for Beltane (Beltain) that is remarkable in nature.  This is a special time of year and thanks should be given as we count our blessings from the Gods & Goddesses as well as the Elements.

Come and walk with me for a Time
Outside of Time
In a Place that is no Place...
And come to understand our Mothers Grace

Let  your Spirit Fly
On the Wings of your Will
Through out this Space that is no Space

Come and Walk with Me..

Fire to cleanse the way....
a place for the salamanders to play ....
ours is a place of light...where nothing should
be hidden away........

Welcome My Lord of the Fires Fame
You whose Sword Defends the Weak
Flame to clear the Doss of the mind away
And give strength to the Meek
Lighten the Halls of the Mind
That our circle be complete

Hail and Welcome

Blessed cup of water to cleanse the
spirit  ,ancient ones breathe upon this cup
that all who partake of it may justly command
the power in the service of man

Gabriel ... Warder of Water.. Healer ..
Guardian of Rain, which brings life,
and makes all things grow

Welcome Cup-bearer, Healer
Giver of Dreams in the Night
Emotions sway and the soul takes Flight
Rain to make the garden grow
Our true feelings we would know

Hail and Welcome

The blessings of the power of
Earth to sustain and drink thy fill...
for you will have need
of the strength...but great is the joy of such work..

Uriel .. Dread Lord .. Raven Wings of Life and Death
Earth Mothers Watchman  and  the Ferry-man as One
At life beginnings and its endings
Do you find Uriel
Welcome Dread Lord
Whose wings I have heard
Let all Fear Die in this space
And Growth and Love take its place

Hand in Hand
Go Life and Death
The Cycle Continues
Thy Charge is Kept

Hail and Welcome

The blessings of the power of
Air to give your will Flight  ...
The wind sprites play with the leaves at your feet..
to remind you that, thou the Will is invisible ..
it can move the world....

Raphael.... Warder of the Sylphs of Air..
Unseen one, Guardian of all things that Fly
The first breath you draw in life
Is the Kiss of Raphael

Welcome My Lord, come spread thy wings
You who make the chimes to ring
Bringer of Winters Storm,
Bringer of Summer breezes
Help us Clear away the Fog
that clouds real Loves true form

Hail and Welcome
Feel the chakras light up and let the power flow
Red is the light of desires power
Orange to allow the power to flow
Yellow the sunshine the warmth on my face
Green is the color of healing grace
Blue to guide the will thru the night
Purple of lighting of the Powers might
Indigo flare to purist white

My soul joins to yours......we stand in the light.

When the Moon is full Earths children gather
to pay homage to Her that sustains us All..

Earths children have braved the wind
and storm since the dawn of Time

Earths children are awakened to the
fire of creation and are open to the light...

Earths children are born of the waters of Life..
and unto them they will Return..

Earths children have come to honor
the Mother in all her Wonder...

Changing Woman

Winter to Spring, Summer to Fall
Changing Woman You are them All

You Dance On the Mountains Around Your Hogan
To Bring Changes to The World

Asase Yaa, Aberewa, Asase Efua
Names without End do we Call You
Lilacs in your Hair .. Ever Present Mother
In each Grain of Sand is thy Story

Here me ...My Lady Freya
Mistress of Lighting
Mother of Magic
Mother of Freedom

Be With us Now in our Time of Ritual

Mother of Heroes
Mother of Earth

Be With us Now in the Time of Earths Need

Ever Mindful are we that

We are  the owner of our actions
heir to our actions,
born from our actions,
related through our actions,
and our actions are our judge.

Whatever we do - for good or for evil -
that we will inherit..

May the Divine help me be worthy of my actions...
here in this space
May the incense be Burned
May the water be Blessed
May the food nourish the Soul
May the wind chimes play the music of the Spheres
May the sword draw the Circle
May the wand hold the power, for the good of All..

All the elements of Earth, Air, Fire,
Water and Spirit in Balance and Harmony

Let the Power flow forth
into this new space which touches the World

Let the power of Love for all mankind flow
to fill the empty Spaces

Let the water of Life rain down to
make the closed mind
open like the Blossoms....

Let the power of Fire
help the leaden of Heart to feel alive Again...

Let the Power of the sword cut
through Ignorance...the dark places in the human Soul..

Let the Shield be raised to defend the helpless
against those who would oppress them..

Let the Cup be filled with Joy and Merriment
for there is all too little of that in the World..

Let the wind carry the sound of our
Laughter... for this heals the Heart

Let the Wand of power direct the
Power to where it is needed Most..

Let the Power flow forth
into this new space which touches the World

Let New life be forged ..... and new bonds created
during this time that is no time
in this place that is no place

Hail and farewell spirits of the
North...Thank You...
Great Mother and benefactor

Hail and farewell spirits of the
East...Thank You
and may thy winds blow gently upon the brow of man

Hail and farewell spirits of the
South... Lord of fire and wisdom..Thank You
and may we have learned something
in this walks Endeavor..

Hail and farewell spirits of the West...
We thank you for the gentle rains
to make the flowers of wisdom Grow..

The incense is Ash...
The Fire may be put Out
The Water is Drunk
The Food has been Eaten
The Wind has carried our Voice..
The shield bearer may put his burden
down for now..
Take now the Sword and open the Way
for our return to the world of Time..

But we take with us the scent of Holiness

We take with us food for our Souls

We take with us Knowledge
that we can do more than we thought we Could

Our Mother has held us..
Our Father  has counseled us...
The Spirits of Earth, Fire, Wind and
Rain  have blessed Us...

Our Brethren have worshiped with
Us... and we are Renewed...

Hold tight to each other for a moments grace
and share the power in this place

The Spirit walks
in a Space that is no Space..
for a time that is Timeless...

Blessed Be your Coming..
Blessed Be your Going.....
Blessed be all your House
One and all

Note: For instructions on forming a pagan circle for rites & rituals visit my blog post:

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