Monday, May 24, 2021

Rite / Ritual of Lammas

Lammas is a wonderful time of the year.   This is for use on August 1st of every year as pagans celebrate Lammas / Lughnasad.  This is one of the eight pagan sabbats.  This holiday celebrates the harvest of the grain.  In many past cultures it was unwise and unheard of to harvest any grain prior to Lammas.  It is a time to be thankful for the bounties that Mother Earth has provided for us in conjunction with the Gods and Goddesses.

Hail  Great Mother and Blessed be
All Earths Children Gather round to thee

Great Father Lugh.
giver of sacred rites of Marriage
to the Maiden of Earth

Bright shines your light on Maiden Earth
to bring the harvest time
we celebrate your gift of life

Hail Mother Earth
creator of bounty
Ward now this rite
with thy solid grace

Hail Brother Air
creator of wind and unseen things
Ward now this rite
with thy airy grace

Hail Brother Fire
creator of the flame that purifies
Ward now this rite
with thy flame that heals

Hail Sister Water
creator of flowing river
Ward now this rite
with thy water that cools

Gracious Father Lugh...
we gather to do you honor
in thanksgiving we sing
of the bounty we have received

Here my Lord are the tools of our trades
Bless them with thy loving hand
that we may reap bounty from our toil
in the year to come

Help me to see with your shining eyes
my faults.. my places unwise
shine your the deepest wells
of the dark places where ignorance dwells

Take my hand.. dear guardian Father
and Lead me to the paths that wander
through my mind to reflect upon thy many gifts

Fires flame and the Wheel turns
The sunshine's grace on the harvest burns
The Dance of the Grain in the sunshine's light.
.like a harvest of goodness
for workers of the Light

Hail dancing Maiden to become a wife
to Our Lord Lughs sunshine
you bring the coolness of night
Sweet velvet night.. sweet lovers embrace
remind us all...of loves true place

From Summers Eve to Beltane rites
the count of a babe of 9 mts of delight
each month that goes let our lives grow
as we did neath our mothers breast

To arrive full grown
our purpose known
Faithful follower of the light

Hail and blessed be
Dear mother earth
we thank you for warding this place

Hail and blessed be brother air
Dear wind that blows
we thank you for warding this place

Hail and blessed be brother fire
Warm flame that caresses
we thank you for warding this place

Hail and blessed be Sister water
cooling draught of sweet drink
we thank you for warding this place

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