Sunday, May 23, 2021

New Moon Ritual / Rite of Beginnings

In this day and age we find ourselves in a very evolving and changing world.  New beginnings surround us daily and we need to keep alert for these awesome opportunities.  Using this ritual / rite under the New Moon will produce fantastic results.

Gather we now.. on a New moons night
Round and Round like a fairy ring
Circle of shining faces
The hope that it brings
For the work ahead

Hail Bright Mother
Who guides the dark moons light
Keeper of  that silent moment
Between one breath and the next
Where all things are possible

Cool blows the breeze
To soothe the troubled brow
Hail and Welcome Airs gift
Protect us now we ask it

Passions flame embers glow
New ideas grow like the salamanders flow
Hail and Welcome Fires Gift
Protect us now we ask it

Blue and Bright the Waters roll
Smoothing out the rough path on which we go
Hail and Welcome Waters Gift
Protect us now we ask it

Firm and steady the stone beneath our feet
A good foundation on which
To build what comes next
Hail and Welcome Earths Gift
Protect us now we ask it

Hail the  Crone time... the Dark Moon bright
A time for new beginnings and creations
May the work be pleasant
in the Mothers Sight

Lakshmi Goddess of the Golden hands
Bring with you prosperity
That our burdens be light
To free our toil for the Mothers grace

Minerva Mistress of Commerce
Bring with you  the wisdom
To do the work well
To free our toil from wasted effort

Hephaestus God of the forge
Bring with you your cunning in the Craft
To  make our toil a work of art

Tyche God of fortune
Bring with you your winning ways
That our toil be successful

Blessings on all the beginnings ..
Both great and small

Blessings on the Health
Of this company one and all

Blessings on the work of your hands
That it bring good fortune to your house

Blessings on the Servants of the Light ..
And all that live about them

Blessings on the Walkers of the Way ..
That our steps be guided
To the Bright Halls of Wisdom

Peace be upon your hearts ...
That all you do succeeds

Peace be upon your house ..
That all you do is righteous

Peace be upon thee and thine

Hail and Fairwell... playful Air
We thank you for your grace

Hail and Fairwell .. Fires blessing
We thank you for your grace

Hail and Fairwell... Waters sweet embrace
We thank you for your grace

Hail and Fairwell.. Earths solid Kiss
We thank you for your grace

Hail and Blessed be on one and all 

Blessed Be.

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