Tuesday, May 4, 2021

New Years Rite - For All Pagans, Witches & Wiccans

This is an awesome rite or ritual as some call it.  It has been used in my coven for years and time has proven it to truly give honor and thanks to all that nurtures us.

Tonight we stand
in the moonlight bold

At the time of year when the nights
start to become cold

Hear the wind soft breezes cool
to soothe the brow from the summers heat

Hail mighty winds
to blow away the cobwebs of mind

Blessings Be

Feel the warmth of fires glow
the brazier at your feet does show

Hail the Fires warm embrace
to clean away the doss of my life

Blessings Be

Drink of the Waters cool refreshment
to soothe the lips from summers parch

Hail wondrous Water
to soothe the weary soul

Blessings be

Feel the cool of Earth beneath your feet
to connect with Mother Earth so sweet

Hail mighty Earth our Mother in faith
to hold us gently while this trip we take

Blessings be

The years does change
the wheel turns round
here we stand
anchored to the ground

Lift up your heart
let the spirit fly
Gather the power
to make changes sweet
Gather yourself
for the work at your feet

Time to clear the mind of the years turmoil
Time to make ready for winters chill
Time to become in truth
what the years beginning sought
Time to be upright no matter
how heavy the onslaught

Your Blessings Mother we humbly seek
Fill the spaces within...with your love
Your Blessings Father we humbly seek
Fill the spaces within..with your wisdom

Thanks and blessings be Gods of my Fathers
for listening to me

Winds of power.. blessings be
Thank you for attending to me

Fire of might .. blessings be
Thank you for attending to me

Water so cool.. blessings be
Thank you for attending to me

Earth solid Mother.. blessings be
Thank you for attending to me 

 Note: For instructions on forming a pagan circle for rites & rituals visit my blog post:  https://www.dalehyde.org/2021/01/a-wiccan-ritual.html

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