Wednesday, May 5, 2021

A Excellent Pagan, Wiccan & Witch Full Moon Rite / Ritual

This Full Moon rite/ritual has been used by my coven for several decades.  We also use others, but this one has become a favorite. Give honor and thanks to the Moon Goddess!

Around the circle we go
while the winds blow

The moon is high
and our thoughts we would show

Shadows in the night we hold ...
To Tell our need in the moonlight cold

Blessed moonlight on my face...
To make ourselves bold before the Mothers grace

North the Mothers bountiful grace.
.bring thou abundance on this place
Hail and welcome

East .. may the breeze bring bring changes to this place..
Hail and welcome

South.. the fires place...
may you bring the blaze
to clear the rubbish from this space...
Hail and welcome

West... the waters cool....
wash away the old and bring on the new...
Hail and welcome

The moon is full and the time is right
for making known all our plights...

Great Mother hear your servants call...
as I make known the needs of one and all

that we may better serve thee
Sophia.. Lady so Wise... May we take bread with thee

Abundance so we may spend more time.. at thy Great work...
Fortuna.. Lady of fortune... spread thy hand over us

Peace so we may be still when the need calls for it
Buddha.. share with us your enlightened ways

Merriment.. so we may serve thee with a smile
May the Fae.. rise up and dance with us
and Baubo hear our laughter

Health so we may be strong for our endeavors
Gabrilla.. Lover of Man.. make us whole

Companionship that we may never be alone...
there is strength in numbers
Xochiquetzal...lover of all life..
may there be lovers and friends to keep us company

Shelter from life's storms..
a door we can close against the rain
Vesta great Mother of the Hearth..
may we have a home to keep us safe and warm

Challenges that we may grow strong..
.and wise in the ways of life
Kuan Yin...Mother of compassion and Karma.
..May we live life well

Communication... Blessed be the metal boxes
that keep us together
Mensa..Mother of numbers..
.may the computations always be right

North the way of Growth and flower
We thank thee for thy power
Hail and Farewell

East the winds have made the change
We thank thee for thy sweet breath
Hail and Farewell

South the Fires place
We thank thee for thy blaze of Grace
Hail and Farewell

West the realm of Waters ways
We thank thee for thy cleansing today
Hail and Farewell

Blessed Sweet Mother to hear my call...

Blessed be this company one and all

Thy hand is light upon my head...

Blessed be the time we have spent

Hail Gracious Mother...May we serve you well

 Note: For instructions on forming a pagan circle for rites & rituals visit my blog post:


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