Friday, May 7, 2021

New Moon Before All Hallows Eve Ritual / Rite for all Pagans, Witches & Wiccans

The new moon prior to All Hallows Eve (Halloween eve) is an awesome event that our coven along with many solitaries celebrate.  This ritual / rite will do wonders for you during this time of the year.

The leaves do fall
The pumpkins grow
The wind rustles change
The Mountains see snow
The Nights turn colder
The days desperate warmth
The Harvest time cometh
The Moon shines bright

Hail Earth whose bounty we know
The fruits of the fields we glean as we go

Hail Air whose winds blow cool
The trees speak the time of changes
Soon the winters snow

Hail Fire the sunsets glow
Red are the nights when the cool winds blow

Hail Water soon to fall as rain
To make ready the land
For next seasons gain

Welcome Ceres.. Mistress of the Grain
that fills the larder with this years gain
Blessings Mother for thy loving hand
In the Golden grain across the land

Welcome Baccus Keeper of the Vine
The wine is yet new, the harvest fest is thine
Merry maker when the work is done
Soft is thy hand on the laborers heart

A cornucopia of bounty is on our table now
Reft from the ground.. she gives gratefully now

The New Year cometh
All hollows soon to pass
Time to reflect on the year now gone
To plan for the year ahead

Blessings be Great Mother
For thy gifts this year we have enjoyed
Blessing Be Great Father
For the wisdom we have gained

Hearken Delipinous...
Show us the year to come
As the veil becomes thin...
This hard bounty we have won

Speak to us Shopia ,
Lady wisdom with golden voice
That we husband well the gifts so gained
That we swander not this trust

Peace be upon the land
In this time of plenty
All to share and share alike
The gifts of the Mothers bounty

By the Golden glow of the Harvest Moon
We gather this night to honor life's greatness
To savor the moment that we live
And count each tick of the clock as a blessing

Hail Great Ones who share your bounty
Hail Blessed ones who share your wisdom
Hail Tender ones who share our woes
Hail My Lords and Lady's
for the harvest of my soul

Blessings Be Mother Earth
To stand with us this night
Hail and Fair thee well

Blessings Be Brother Air
Whose breath is life
Hail and Fair thee well

Blessings be Brother Fire
Whose light to guide the way
Hail and Fair thee well

Blessings be Sister Water
Life to all who know thee
Hail and Fair thee well

Note: For instructions on forming a pagan circle for rites & rituals visit my blog post: 

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