Sunday, March 23, 2014

How To Get Credits And Refunds From Retail Suppliers Along With Cell Phone/Utility Service Providers

Get Your Account Credited!

Have you experienced an item not being delivered by the specified and/or guaranteed delivery time?

An example of this would be if you are an Amazon Prime member.  As a Prime member, you are guaranteed Two-Day delivery free of charge.  This is two business days.  Holidays and Sundays are excluded.

In recent times we have had Prime items not delivered within the guaranteed time frame.

In such an instance, it has been an easy solution to have this resolved.  A simple email off of the Amazon site to customer service will be responded to within 24 hours.  We have received monetary credit on our account as well as our Prime membership extended by a month on two separate occasions.  Never hesitate to contact a retail supplier and ask for credit of some kind.

The same thing with cell phone providers, land-line providers, internet service providers, cable/satellite providers along with your electric service provider on some occasions.

Should you experience an outage, for the above services, you are entitled to credit on your account.  It will require that you contact customer service and request such a credit however.  Again, I have done this numerous times over the years always with positive results.

Thought I would update this being I originally wrote this in 2014.  It is now August of 2019 and the above works continually for our household.  This makes sense when you figure they (the service providers) say their service is $XX.XX per month.  If they fail to provide that service for the full month, 24/7, you are do a credit of some sort for the time down.  We recently got credit on our Comcast / Xfinity account for an internet outage. 

Stand your ground and gain what is due to you!

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Our Coven Full Moon Ritual - A Full Moon Ritual Example

The Magical Full Moon

The full moon is a special and powerful time for Pagans of many paths. During the full moon we celebrate new life, our blessings, tap into the healing powers of the Goddess represented by the Full Moon, as well as the workings of many spells.
It is a magical time for all to enjoy. Simply "feeling" the moonbeams caress your skin on a clear night is an awesome feeling. The energy flowing and the cleansing taking place are very evident as you open your heart to all that is being offered to you.
Over the years many Full Moon rituals have taken place within our coven. Below is a sample taken from one during the year of 2012. The providing of this ritual is for others to have some insight to what can be incorporated into a Full Moon ritual. The wording and structure can be modified to please those who are going to perform a Full Moon ritual.
Of course, as with any ritual or magical work, one would want to create the sacred space or circle prior to starting the rite as well as invoking the Watchtowers or Guardians.
You will notice that within the ritual text there is calling to and thanks given to all of the Elements.
As always, feel free to use the below ritual text as a guideline. You can incorporate your own wishes, desires and text to fit whatever spiritual need or spell work you may be working on during a particular full moon.
You can read more about how we perform rites within our coven in the article: Sample and Example Of A New Moon Ritual - An Example For Others To Follow.
Current Lunar Calender.

Full Moon Ritual Text

High the moon rises
As the night passes.
At time to let go of the old
And seek a new life if we are bold.
Blessed Mother Earth
Hear my plea.
Take my woes,
away from me.
Blessed Cool Winds
Hear my plea.
Blow my cares,
away from me
Blessed leaping Fire
Hear my plea.
Burn my troubles to ash,
I ask of thee.
Blessed Whispering Water
Hear my plea.
Wash my heart clean,
of all bane you see.
On light cat feet
The fog rolls in the night.
The Moon shrouded in mist
As we gather tonight.
Hail Mighty Mother
My heart I open to thee.
Lighten my inner burdens
And set me free.
Hail Blessed Father
My mind is open to thee.
Help me rid myself
Of what burdens me.
On the altar tonight I lay
All of my cares and woes.
Tonight I become one with the light
And let all my burdens go.
Star light, shine bright
Blessed are thee tonight.
Moon glow, we all know
How we are one in the light.
Gather 'round the firelight
And burn your notes of care.
Let the wind take the ashes.
Let the Earth lay your soul bare.
Let the Water sooth your heart.
No thought to honest mistakes we give.
Amends we make and go forward.
Our intent is all that matters
To follow the creed of Harm none.
Hear the Mother's words my children.
Never forget this Credo,
Harm none means thyself as well
Or we fail in our task as her hands.
Life up the light,
let spirits be bright.
Nevermore do we live in sorrow.
Join hands tonight,
in the pale moonlight,
And together we face our tomorrow.
Blessed Mother Earth
You Heard my plea,
And Took my woes,
away from me.
Blessed Cool Winds
You Heard my plea,
And Blew my cares,
away from me.
Blessed leaping Fire
You Heard my plea,
And Burned my troubles to ash,
As I asked of thee.
Blessed Whispering Water
You Heard my plea,
And Washed my heart clean,
of all bane you could see.
Note: For instructions on forming a pagan circle for rites & rituals visit my blog post:

Sunday, March 9, 2014

CompTIA A+ 220-701 Certification Exam Expectations and Course Syllabus

CompTia A+ Certification Exam 220-701

Many people are looking to expand their employment opportunities by going back to school and learning a new trade or improving skills of their current trade. Personally, I went back to school for IT certification, specifically CompTIA A+ and CompTIA Network+ Certification.
This hub is about the first exam for the A+ certification (220-701). The certification requires a total of two final exams, 220-701 and 220-702. There will be a follow up hub on the second exam (220-702).
Many take the exam simply by purchasing an examination book such as the A+ Certification All-in-One Exam Guide, Seventh Edition by Mike Myers, which is the book I bought. After studying the book you would contact a testing center and schedule your exam. This works well for those who have a good understanding of what is covered below. But for those who do not have a technical understanding, a school will benefit you well. I attended TechSkills and received one on one guidance, on-hands lab experience as well as study assistance and exam prep. With this assistance, I successfully passed both exams.
The exams are not easy. There is a lot of required studying and it takes time. Some folks will expect that they can run through it all rather quickly, but I assure you, that this is not the case.
To me it was like learning a new language. Technical language is very much different than "normal" English!

Exam Objective Coverage:

Below you will find a breakdown of the testing categories, the percentage that they are covered on the exam, and the percentage of activities that will help you to master these concepts.
  • 27% of exam
  • 28% of coverage
  • 20% of exam
  • 12% of coverage
DOMAIN 3.0 Operating Systems and Software - Unless otherwise noted, operating systems referred to within include Microsoft Windows 2000, Windows XP Professional, XP Home, XP MediaCenter, Windows Vista Home, Home Premium, Business and Ultimate as well as Windows 10
  • 20% of exam
  • 22% of coverage
  • 15% of exam
  • 19% of coverage
  • 8% of exam
  • 9% of coverage
  • 10% of exam
  • 10% of coverage
Test Details
  • The length of the exam is 90 minutes.
  • Approximately 100 questions.
  • The passing score on a scale of 100-900 is 700.
  • Exam code is N10-005
  • The exams are administered by CompTIA through Pearson VUE and Prometric testing centers.
The benefits of receiving CompTIA A+ Certification are numerous. New doors of opportunity will be opened for you with a new job, or advancement at your existing job that will advance you for receiving certification. This would of course include receiving a higher salary, give evidence that you are serious and will also benefit your employer.
If self-employed, this will give you credibility as you bid on contracts for individuals or companies.

Some Coaching By Mike Myers For CompTIA A+ Certification

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Cure in the Cause - Magnetrition

History Is behind Us

It's recorded, that many years ago, in the history of China, there was a rule in medicine, that a person was not allowed to go into a human body (cutting for surgery), deliberately. If a person's body was laid open due to injury, observations could be used to better man's understanding, but a deliberate compromise of the body's protective housing was not tolerated, for a period of hundreds of years. In a world of cause and effect, the reason for such a rule, the events leading up to the necessity for such a rule should be revealing.

At the moment, when a person is revived due to electrical cardiac stimulation, it appears to be a major medical achievement, on TV, in the media. Yet, follow-up studies show that many times the person will die a few days later from the same problem when no one is around.

Recent human transplant experimentation shows us that our bodies do not except organs unlike our own. Some foreign types survive within our bodies longer than others, but eventually the transplant recipient dies due to his immune system failing. This is a fact, is it not?

Is not a persons blood a fluid organ flowing within a system of veins and arteries? We know we can avoid certain problems associated with blood transfusions by selecting a certain type. But are we failing to recognize many problems which take longer to show themselves? Such as AIDS? If the donors blood is rejected by the receiver, how long would it take for the receptor to lose the battle against the foreign invasion? In medicine, there is a rule of doing no harm. That means, if a child does not die today due to a blood transfusion, it may look nice, and make a lot of people happy and wealthy for the moment, but if it causes harm to many down the road, it's not a good thing.

Tuberculosis/consumption is a problem that comes about due to a person not understanding the importance of sleeping in a raised bed. It is associated with the Cowboys, street people, and others who do not see sleeping raised as a priority. Sleeping on the ground wastes energy through dissipation, which the body would use in other ways, leaving the body in a weakened condition, susceptible to colonization, and therefore able to play host for the incubation and dissemination of unwanted parasitic lifeforms.

Human history tells of many plagues brought about due to man's ignorance, such as, when rodent populations in an area become too dense, the air becomes unhealthy due to too many wood stoves in a stagnant area, or when doctors practicing on corpses move from that room into the operating room without due consideration. When these problems arise, in the end the cure is found in the Cause. The cure comes about due to a change in our behavior. We stop doing the wrong thing that we recently began doing.

The study of Magnetrition points out that previously it was unknown, even to doctors, that all warm-blooded animals must re-orientate periodically in a magnetic field similar to the Earth's because many of their cells obtain a required degree of circulation within them only by keeping a magnetically migrating organal moving. With this new understanding, comes many questions. Such as, how important is it that blood be kept moving through our body for it to be kept healthy?

Why is it, that the inhuman practice of keeping oneself and or others alive through the use of another persons body parts, not recognized as cannibalism anymore? Is it like being led to see freedom fighters as terrorists? Are these symptoms of being capitalist diseased?

I don't think giving more money to doctors and their pharmaceutical corporations will cure problems such as AIDS, but I would not rule it out as a cause.