Sunday, March 2, 2014

Cure in the Cause - Magnetrition

History Is behind Us

It's recorded, that many years ago, in the history of China, there was a rule in medicine, that a person was not allowed to go into a human body (cutting for surgery), deliberately. If a person's body was laid open due to injury, observations could be used to better man's understanding, but a deliberate compromise of the body's protective housing was not tolerated, for a period of hundreds of years. In a world of cause and effect, the reason for such a rule, the events leading up to the necessity for such a rule should be revealing.

At the moment, when a person is revived due to electrical cardiac stimulation, it appears to be a major medical achievement, on TV, in the media. Yet, follow-up studies show that many times the person will die a few days later from the same problem when no one is around.

Recent human transplant experimentation shows us that our bodies do not except organs unlike our own. Some foreign types survive within our bodies longer than others, but eventually the transplant recipient dies due to his immune system failing. This is a fact, is it not?

Is not a persons blood a fluid organ flowing within a system of veins and arteries? We know we can avoid certain problems associated with blood transfusions by selecting a certain type. But are we failing to recognize many problems which take longer to show themselves? Such as AIDS? If the donors blood is rejected by the receiver, how long would it take for the receptor to lose the battle against the foreign invasion? In medicine, there is a rule of doing no harm. That means, if a child does not die today due to a blood transfusion, it may look nice, and make a lot of people happy and wealthy for the moment, but if it causes harm to many down the road, it's not a good thing.

Tuberculosis/consumption is a problem that comes about due to a person not understanding the importance of sleeping in a raised bed. It is associated with the Cowboys, street people, and others who do not see sleeping raised as a priority. Sleeping on the ground wastes energy through dissipation, which the body would use in other ways, leaving the body in a weakened condition, susceptible to colonization, and therefore able to play host for the incubation and dissemination of unwanted parasitic lifeforms.

Human history tells of many plagues brought about due to man's ignorance, such as, when rodent populations in an area become too dense, the air becomes unhealthy due to too many wood stoves in a stagnant area, or when doctors practicing on corpses move from that room into the operating room without due consideration. When these problems arise, in the end the cure is found in the Cause. The cure comes about due to a change in our behavior. We stop doing the wrong thing that we recently began doing.

The study of Magnetrition points out that previously it was unknown, even to doctors, that all warm-blooded animals must re-orientate periodically in a magnetic field similar to the Earth's because many of their cells obtain a required degree of circulation within them only by keeping a magnetically migrating organal moving. With this new understanding, comes many questions. Such as, how important is it that blood be kept moving through our body for it to be kept healthy?

Why is it, that the inhuman practice of keeping oneself and or others alive through the use of another persons body parts, not recognized as cannibalism anymore? Is it like being led to see freedom fighters as terrorists? Are these symptoms of being capitalist diseased?

I don't think giving more money to doctors and their pharmaceutical corporations will cure problems such as AIDS, but I would not rule it out as a cause.

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