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Tips, Hints and Spoilers For Playing The Pets Game On

Playing Pets On Tagged To Make Cash

Below there are some hints, tips and what some would call "spoilers" for playing Pets on These are from my years of experience playing the game and staying ahead, therefore winning at the game of Pets.

Private Profiles - my "Opinion"

If you are playing Tagged PETS and your profile is set to PRIVATE, you are an idiot. (There are a few exceptions to this.) If you want or expect someone to buy you as a pet on Tagged you must be accessible to them.

If I am going to buy a pet the first thing I want to do is check it out, to see if this is a real person or a fake profile. Also, I want to see how long you have been playing, if your LUV is full, who your friends are, etc.

If you want to be actively bought remember that having your profile set to private will slow down this process, limiting the amount of money you can make with your Pet's profile.

  1. If you are a super big player and get 1,000 messages a day or do not want anyone to ever buy you, then private is perfectly okay.
  2. If you do not play pets, then who cares if you are running a private profile on Tagged. If you are a girl (or guy pretending to be a girl) that thinks someone will stalk you if you are not set to private then you are fooling yourself and should not be playing Pets anyway.  If someone is bothering you, simply block them and that puts an end to the problem.
In general, people who are set to private on their profile on Tagged and do not fall into these exceptions have something to hide and are probably not a safe or smart buy. Pets Amateur Advice For Newbies

  1. Never ask someone to buy you to increase your value or build your cash.  The way to get bought is to have a good cash to value ration.  Do not rely on other people's money to build your own cash.
  2. Never buy a pet just because someone asks you to.  No exception to this.
  3. Play fair and honest.  If you don't, word will get around and no one will play Pets with you.
  4. If you buy a guy then you better love him because he is probably going to be on your page for quite some time.  If you do buy a guy, try to buy one with as many wishers as possible. (Preferably more than 50.) Do not buy private pets.
  5. Keep as much of your money free as you can, but try and always keep several nice pets on your page that are active players.  Try to buy other Pet players because they understand the importance of staying active also.  Try not to buy a pet just because it has a pretty picture.
  6. Make sure you have fun playing Pets, remembering it is just a game!

How To Get Bought and Increase Your Value on Pets

On, if you are playing the game of Pets, remember you have to earn being bought.  I will never buy anyone simply because they ask.  Play the game as lazy players and beggars will never get bought.

Try to get your Assets to be equal to or higher than your Value.  Try to keep your Cash higher than half of your Value.  The way you increase your cash and assets is to buy and sell pets.

Show you are a good playing by actually playing the game of Pets.  Be active in the pet runs and get to know other players.  Watch for pet runs and play against bigger players.  If you are good and get buys in on the pet runs, then a bigger player will notice you and possibly buy you.

Players of Pets like to buy other active players, especially hot, sexy and active players.  Never buy a pet you can't sell or not willing to hold on to because there is no guarantee that they will move off your page quickly.

Also, keep in mind that your Cash will not go up very much being bought.  Your Value increases by 10 percent, and then you only make 5 percent of that.  The best way to make Pet's Cash is have fun playing pets.

A.P.O. - Active Pets Only

(APO) Active Pets Only is a principle, not a team.  It is an acronym that can be shared by all, not just certain ones.

Active pets are not just a pet that has bought a pet recently.  They are buy active pets from their owners, regardless of who they are. They trade with their team mates before others to show support, and they have not issue helping solo traders or members of other teams as well.

They don't beg to be bought.
They don't expect to be raised in value daily.
They don't whine when nobody buys from them.
They mentor their own pets.
They keep good pets on their page.
They accept responsibility for their buys.
The communicate and network.
They play the game hard.
This is APO. What are you?

Playing Pets On and Your Wish List

What is the Wish List and why is it important to playing the game Pets?

I add friends to my wish list so that I can find them quickly and look at their pets from time to time.  Having wishers and adding people to your Wish List is important so that other pet players know how popular you are.  The more wishers a pet has the more likely they are, long term, to be good players.

When you buy a pet try to use the amount of wishers they have to determine how well they play pets.  If they have a high value and low amount of wishers (under 50) then they are not likely great Pet players. If they have no wishers then absolutely nobody cares about them and they might not be a good pet to buy.

The way to view a person's pets page and add them to your wish list is to click in on their Tagged profile page, then in the upper left of that profile page, click the link titled "View Pets".  After you are there you will see where, under the photo, you can click "Add To Wish List".  Simply click that and you have added this pet to your wish list.

In conclusion, always be honest and play Pets fairly and you will go far in the game!


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  3. What are uv's? I saw someone give someone else x amount of uv's.

  4. I saw a transfer of cash from one player to another? How does that work?

    1. I have been searching for that answer myself. All I could find so far was basically was both pretty players have to be Hi5 pets to be able to transfer cash gifts.

    2. you need to be a ranked player in top 10,000 and the person needs to be top 10,000 player also to b able to send cash to them

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  7. I have been searching for that answer myself. All I could find so far was basically was both pretty players have to be Hi5 pets to be able to transfer cash gifts.

  8. They have more 1 acct and drain the pets cash and value from 1 acct to their main acct

  9. what is the uv bonus when sign in to pets how does that apply to playing

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  13. C'mon, people, it's their picks for the best SNES games. If you think Secret of Mana is the best, props to you. If you think Super Metroid is better than Super Mario Kart, that's fine. This is their pick and your comments aren't going to change it. The sooner you all get that the better off you'll be.And before anyone calls me a hypocrite, I did wonder why Chrono Trigger was only #5 when it was on their ""best games of all time"" list. It just didn't make sense for it to be lower than A Link to the Past when even that isn't on the best games of all time list.

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