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What is Verbal Abuse? Verbal Abuse Identified and How to Control It

Verbal Abuse Identified - How to Control It

Many of us have heard the term, "Verbal Abuse", but may not fully comprehend what all this encompasses.
Verbal abuse could include many forms such as threats made, cursing an individual, talking down or demeaning a person and more. These types of things have a tremendous effect upon the mind and spirit that can destroy faith, stumble a person, create guilt, fear, mistrust, doubt and much more.
Over the years I have come up with this solution to help a person curb the use of verbal abuse bringing on the damages caused by such.
A. Pause and reconsider what is fixing to come out of you mouth. Focus on creating a better response, or consider simply no response for the time being.
B. Focus on the last time that you felt the urge to hollar or yell and what you may have done to prevent you from doing so.
C. When you feel that urge to use demaning or threatening words and/or yelling, do a simple count to 20 or even more.
D. Consider placing the child or yourself into a time-out scenario, such as a chair, and cool off for a few moments.
E. Focus on a mellow song that you know, hum and/or sing it.
F. Take a walk outside...get some fresh air, ground and center, then return.
G. Take a moment to write down why you feel this way and what has happened to bring this up at this moment. Then go back in 15 minutes or so and write down the feelings you have then and see if they are not different.
These steps are easy to put into practice and are proven to be very effective in learning to control your tendency to use verbal abuse.
The children are our future! Let us always remember that and give them happiness and love along with affection and kindness.

What a victim of verbal & emotional abuse has heard through the years

Monday, September 28, 2015

Tobacco & Cornmeal Banishing & Protection Ceremony

Protection & Banishing Ceremony with Native American Roots

In September of 2015 a dark entity of sorts came to dwell on our property.  It could certainly be felt by us humans and all wildlife.  Almost all our two legged and four legged animal friends would not come around during the day when the evil energy was the strongest.

We knew that we had to do a banishing as well as a protection ceremony to not only rid the property of the entity/being, but to prevent it from coming back.

It had already preyed on one small crippled animal and caused its death prematurely.  As mentioned all other animals were being warned off by the “feeling” and sensing of the dark and evil presence.  

We know at night evil and dark energies are their weakest because of all the nocturnal animals that come out and offer protection from sunset to sunrise.  It is these animals that we give food offerings to for what they provide.  This gave us the setting for the ritual, after dark and close to the full moon.

We were blessed to be able to do it at almost the 100 percent full moon, one day before we had the Blood Moon or Red Moon.  We performed the below cleansing, sealing and protection ceremony on September 26, 2015.

The below ceremony is written by myself for two participants.  On this occasion we had a third participant that sprinkled salt, played a rainmaker and held the light so we did not stumble and fall as it was a large perimeter that we had to walk.

Items Needed:

  • Sage (or sweet-grass or cedar) for smudging
  • Cornmeal
  • Tobacco
  • (Placed in bowl or container that can easily be carried)

Before starting, smudge bodies of all participants to protect them while you are doing this ritual/ceremony.  Do not forget to do the feet.

First do the honoring of the four directions outdoors. Near the main entry is good, but where you can see the sky.  Tobacco is the only offering here.

Each direction you face sprinkle tobacco and say "Oh Great Spirit bless this place and protect it from harm and evil spirits. Take away any that would harm the two-legged or four-legged this is a place of beauty and spiritual peace not to be soiled by the unclean lurkers."

The tobacco will go first, then the cornmeal when doing the below. Start the circle at the north, ending at the north, leaving an opening (gate) as explained below.

As you walk the circle the tobacco sprinkler will say while lightly sprinkling, " "You do not belong I banish you in the name of all that is good, in the name of the Gods and Goddesses, in the name of the Creator."

The cornmeal sprinkler with say while lightly sprinkling, "In the name of the Great Spirit I ask that this place be protected." (this person can also ask for other things, or a second person can also sprinkle the cornmeal and include any personal requests)

Leave a small opening as you complete the circle referred to as the Gate.   Walk around this area with the smudge. You can sing any kind of song if you want or just chant softly. At this time you can also do any additional petitioning.

When done two of you will face each other, like gate posts, one with the tobacco and the other with the cornmeal.  Say, “Oh Great Spirit bless this place and protect it from harm and evil spirits. Take away any that would harm the two-legged or four-legged this is a place of beauty and spiritual peace not to be soiled by the unclean lurkers. May nothing evil remain and may this seal out the evil spirits and unclean ones.  May this bless this place.”  Then conclude with the sprinkling of tobacco first then cornmeal, sealing the gate.

As mentioned the above has Native American roots, but has a mix of Paganism in the for of Wicca in there as well. Many of the same things are worked with by all Pagans, including Native Americans. The directions, colors, honoring, offering and giving thanks.

Note: The wording provided in bold was offered by an elder from Canada....a wise woman.

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Are Altar Tools Necessary When Performing Magic, Witchcraft and Spell Work?

My family tradition is one of training, training and more training. Even if you live a philosophy that you ARE the magic, physical practice is part of that YOU. And few are born fully aware of how one fully uses all the gift from the gods.  Magical tools...either natural or more formal ones, like wands and athames, created for magical use in Wicca, are simply tools to train the witch. Not to mention that there are many schools of magical training, numerology, runes, languages, the elements, symbols, etc., that are wonderful to know from a historical point of view or to simply expand one's knowledge of magic.  It all adds up to becoming the ultimate magical tool.

As others say - tools are not really needed to work magic.  If you can wake up one morning, decide that you are a witch, and begin working magic in your mind...all blessings to you.  If one records one's successes and failures and one's records prove one's success is not wishful thinking or self delusion...then one is a truly gifted natural witch.

Most of us need to educate and exercise our magical muscles. One of these ways is by using tools, especially if you are trained from childhood in magical thinking because some magical principles are too complex for a younger mind. Not to mention we are tactile beings. One can be in love with one's mate without ever touching them, one can grieve without shedding a tear, one can have a theoretical knowledge of skydiving but no one would argue that knowledge and experience are not the same things.  All these things are knowledge with different shades of understanding. Why would one want to limit one's education?

Another use for tools is that they keep one grounded. It is perfectly possible to do magic in one's head but few can do that for long periods of time without losing perspective. Then, there is the fact that most people do not have complete control over or even clear understanding of how one’s mind or emotions work. The result being that these things often lie to us. If I ask you to close your eyes for ten years and remember the color blue - you would have to be an extraordinarily remarkable person to open your eyes and not be surprised that your memory was slightly off the reality. However, if you were allowed to open your eyes to refresh the memory, the memory has a better chance of recording accurately.

This is the same if you type for years and suddenly do not have access to a keyboard. Ten years later your fingers and mind will remember how to type.  The same about bike riding and roller skating.  If you are the magic, that means the whole you, your body and physical practice, is an integral part of your magical ability.

I was taught to begin with tools using a philosophy of sympathetic magic. That like images attract like images, even those symbolic tools gathered in nature; stones, leaves, feathers, shells, flowers, herbs, barks, water, soil, salt - used with pictures, handwriting samples, mementos of those we work for. Then one can learn to do it without these things.  Even still, I return to the tools occasionally to stay grounded,or to learn a new discipline just to expand my magical knowledge or for the shear joy of learning.

Danger and Impending Doom Scenarios - Why Are They There?

There is a Lakota Prophecy that states the beast will reign for 2000 years: consume and control everything and just when you think there is no hope the beast consumes itself. Then the thousand years of peace comes along with a reunion with the Star Nations. There are ancient rock paintings showing one world being consumed by the other the snake eating itself and a movement into the fifth world. Crop circles which show two worlds coming together also speak of the future. There is no doubt we are on the fast track now and close to an evolutionary leap or shift in consciousness and dimension.

Einstein said," Space and time are not conditions in which we live, they are modes in which we think."

Buddha said," We are what we think, all that we are arises in out thoughts, with our thoughts we create the world."

Jesus said, "As you believe, so it is."

What all these great minds are saying is as we evolve in consciousness so does the world in which we live. I have often spoken of the vibrational continuum where consciousness is lowered into light then energy and once again into mass. Mass is more empty space than anything else and there are times it is a wave, other times it is a particle. In the ultimate reality it is condensed consciousness, the slower the vibration the more solid or what some call real it becomes. What happens when the vibration increases to dense physical matter? It becomes more malleable, more reactive, we have more control over the form it takes. This is what is happening on the planet. As the consciousness and frequencies rise we will have more control of our environment. We magnetize people and events to us according to our consciousness. Our bodies are not ruled by genes but by consciousness. Being unconscious of this allows them to run amuck and react to the environment rather than taking charge and creating what we wish to experience. The same goes with our outer world.

What the masters are saying is take charge of your world. Move into creationary mind rather than reactionary mind. Did you know there is no such word as Creationary? Run a spell check on it. Did you know you are bombarded with messages of fear, danger and impending doom for a reason? It is to keep you in a frequency that can be controlled. Where is the good news, the hope, the new breakthroughs in healing, quantum physics, the fact that we are not alone in the universe? You don't hear of these for a reason.

There is a war in consciousness. There are those who know the only way to control the masses is through fear. These controllers also know their time is short and a greater consciousness is manifesting. It is beyond their control and their efforts through technological and mental deviation will be futile. It is a greater power and it moves in mysterious ways. It is natural, a spiritual force and part of our destiny to evolve with it not stand against it. Have you seen what happens when you stand against Nature? Nature always has her way, she is often slow to react but thorough when she does. Have you ever tried to deceive an enlightened one, transgress against them? The reaction is almost instantaneous. Can you imagine trying to deceive the Creator what ever name you wish to give it. The intelligent designer has a plan for these folks. Rest assured there is a plan.

It may get darker before the dawn but this is part of the great uncovering. Tyranny will be exposed on every level; it will experience the reactions to its actions which will be increased exponentially. Those who have aligned themselves with Tyranny will not find a place to hide. No underground bunker, no off world base, there will be no place in the universe to run. You cannot run from yourself. Those who have been willing participants in the plans of the tyrants will also experience the same fate. There will be some very embarrassed politicians, corporations based upon greed and profit at the expense of humanity and nature will be exposed along with all their puppets. The Earth will do what she must to cleanse and heal herself and a greater brother/sisterhood that loves you greatly will come forward in the days to come. There will not be a nuclear war, it will not be allowed because the people will turn their backs on the fear and warmongers. There also will be watchers that will not allow it; part of an unseen group waiting in the wings. You will see unprecedented change in the days to come. It will happen on every level. Now is the time to awaken, listen and act with loving detachment. This is the best advice we can give in the days to come.

Out In The Woods - Maiden, Mother and Crone

Out for a walk in the woods one night
I did behold an awesome sight
Around a cauldron their cloaks held tight
Three hooded figures, and a stag to the right

The sat there silent, the stag as well
As if they were waiting, in that leafy dell
The moon came out and without a word
The all stood up with one accord

They dropped their cloaks and merged into one
The Maiden, the Mother and the Crone
The stag came to her and knelt at her side
Paying homage to his Lady as she stroked his side

It was a wonderful sight as the bright moon shone
But, when I looked again they both had gone
I have returned many times at night to that wood
In the hope's that I'd see them.  I wish I could

Lord Of The Wild Hunt

Deep in the wood in a hidden dell
Along by a stream where the waters fell
A baby was born who was destined to be
Tall with horns, strong and free

His father said "Now listen to me son
Your days of learning have just begun
You'll stay with your mother until you are three
And then you'll come and live with me

I'm the Lord of the Wild Hunt, big and strong
And I roam the forest all day long
Both I and my friend, called the Green Man
Will teach you everything we can

So when my time on Earth is done
You will take over and be the One
Called on by witches to aid in their rites
Deep in the forest late at night

Mayan Sun Ritual - In The Dawn Light

This practice is said to have originated in Atlantis. It is associated with the Emerald Tablets (now in print) and the place of the Grandmother in the center of the Earth (not the underworld). This practice was kept by Mayan elders who past it on to a North American native elder about 25 years ago. She has taught it in circle gatherings to many people in this country. This practice is ideally performed every day and at least every solstice and equinox. The first time it is performed should always be on solstice or equinox. Summer solstice is ideal since it is the longest day. You are "initiated" by the dawn light lords in the dawn light. It is advised to fast for one or more days before. 

This practice demands energetic movements, energetic breathing and a strong intent. Sit outside on the ground facing where the sun will rise. Your eyes are lightly closed and your hands at your sides, palms on the earth. Visualize pulling energy from the center of the earth. Breath deeply and when you feel the energy of the earth in your hands -- this might only be a change in the feeling -- bring the hands up overhead and slightly in front of you head, palms together and cupping towards the sun. Visualize that you are holding a small earth in each hand and that they become one earth once your hands are together. When they are together, over your head, the sun rays fertilize the earth that you are holding. 

Now you hold a glowing ball of energy. With a rapid and powerful cupping movement and strong exhale, pull the ball into your solar plexus area. At this point the breath is out and the fingers are pointing into the body. Hold as long as you can and then with a rapid inhale, forcefully pull the energy up from the solar plexus to the 3rd eye area, your fingers moving up in the same position. When you have completed the inhale, you have reached the third eye and your fingers are pointing into the head. Hold and then release the breath rigorously exhale while moving the fingers up to the top of the head and back down to the starting position. In the last movement you are pulling the energy up to the top of the head, off the crown of the head and back to the ground. Be fiercely intent about this. 

Repeat this six times. On the seventh time, you can start from a kneeling position and end fully prostrated on the ground, allowing the earth to balance your chakras and entire body. You can use this time to allow the earth to speak to you or to travel to the center of the earth.

Midnight Prayer by Darrell Grizzle 

Save me, O God, from the temptation to be less than fully human, less than the child of God You created me to be. 

Save me, O God, from the temptation to view my sexuality as a curse, rather than as a precious Gift with which You have blessed me. 

Save me, O God, from those who seek to heal what does not need healing, who seek to further wound me by making me think I am a mistake, rather than made in Your image. 

Save me, O God, from easy and simplistic theology, which seems to offer security but really offers shackles and blinds the soul from knowing You in all Your complexity, beauty, and wonder. 

Save me, O God, from everything and everyone that would distract me or dissuade me from living into Your calling on my life. 

Note: For instructions on forming a pagan circle for rites & rituals visit my blog post:

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Update: Possible Solution for July 29, 2015 Windows 10 Upgrade Disaster! Do NOT Upgrade Yet!

Here I have been waiting on this wonderful new upgrade, supposedly, from Microsoft, with the Windows 10 Upgrade.

Today was the day.  On my first P/C that I opted in on, I got the pop up that my download was ready.  I had the option to do the upgrade to Windows 10 now, or postpone until later.  My decision was that I would do this one first and the others at later times so that I had at least one or two computers up and online.

All went well.  It took about 90 minutes to get my system upgraded from Windows 8.1 Home Premium to the new Windows 10.  Then off to log in and check it out.

Log in kept asking me to configure my internet connection.  It showed I was connected.  I disconnected and reconnected my internet (WiFi), and still kept getting the message that I needed to configure my connection.

I finally clicked on the "skip" button down at the lower right of the screen and went on to open up my desktop and all looked like it was in place.  I had to go through about 20 minutes of additional wait time before I did get to the desktop however.  I was getting the messages that "We are setting things up" as well as, "We are doing some tweaking," etc.

Once the desk top was up I noticed that my internet icon in the task bar showed full bars and I figured I was connected.  I went to open up my browser and got the "no proxy connection" error message. I opened up Network Settings and all showed to be connected.  Again, a disconnect and reconnect.  To no avail, still no internet connection.

I then floated my cursor down over the icon on the task bar that was showing full bars and got the pop up message "no internet connection."  This was while everything else was showing to be connected.

I went to my laptop and did a Google search to see if this was happening to others and saw a few instances of it, but no "fix" out there yet.

So, here I was with this new Windows 10 Upgrade and could not even get online to enjoy it.  I opened up my network settings again and saw the option where I could revert back to Windows 8.1.  At this time, until they tweak things better, I will stick with my Windows 8.1.

I was able to revert back with no problems.

My advice to anyone who has not done the Windows 10 Upgrade, is to NOT do it at this time.  Wait until later.  You have up to a year I do believe to do the upgrade.  At least give the Windows 10 Upgrade a 30 day wait and see period before upgrading.

Good luck!  Any questions, feel free to ask in comment.

Update: July 30, 2015:

I have had a few reach out and offer the below possible solution to the problem when Windows 10 upgrade is applied and you have no internet connection.

A solution that has worked for some:

If you go to the Advanced Network settings to get the Network and Sharing Center and go to the Change Adapter Settings then select Properties for the Wifi Adapter you should see displayed the Protocols. Make sure the IPv4 and IPv6 protocols are selected. It appears that that Windows 10 disconnects these for whatever reason.

Update: August 18, 2015:

I have still hesitated to upgrade.  I am hoping that others who have experienced this issue will post here and give some results of solutions in comments below so that others can find them.  This article is coming up heavy in searches for Windows 10 problems and solutions.  So, please share so those viewing this article can attempt any solutions you have found for this issue or similar issues.

Update: August 24, 2019:  

Have been using Windows 10 for several years now because there came a point you simply had to get used to the factor that Windows 10 was the OS on any new computer.  Overall, and to keep it short, I do not like Windows 10.  I can actually think of no "pros" to give about a OS that is huge on your drive, and I mean really huge, that slows the whole computer down.

There are numerous preinstalled apps that keep starting every time you fire up your computer, even if you had used the task manager in the past to close those apps.  These apps can not be deleted.  You have to learn to live with them.  Well, attempt to learn to live with them.

Windows 10 updates are often and also very huge.  Should you happen to be in the middle of something, unless you have a certain time scheduled, your computer will go "poof" and start the update.  No warning.  Many times the updates seemingly effect some other aspect of your computer, rearranging your desktop for example, reverting settings back to default that you may have changed, etc.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

How To Replace Negative Thoughts With Positive Thoughts - Dealing With Negativity

Change Your Mind - The Power Of Positive Thinking Working For You

Some people I am truly fond of always seem to look at life from the perspective of their past.
I do not know why exactly. Perhaps they had to deal with traumas that were so huge and overwhelming they just cannot get past them. Or, perhaps they identify themselves by those past experiences. I guess you can get so caught up in past experiences you forget to use the lessons that came along with them.
We hear so often about being in the Now. Living In The Moment. Why is that so hard to do? Isn't it simply a matter of changing your mind?
When thoughts of past unpleasantness pop up in our minds, we can simply replace them with more positive thoughts. It is up to us. We are in charge.
Memories of the past do not have to haunt us, if we choose not to let them. We do not even need to dwell on the problems that may be facing us right this minute. We can change our minds. We can think of solutions instead. If solutions aren't to hand, well, then we just accept that we aren't in control, and stand back and let Universe handle it.
Whatever experiences we have had, pleasant or painful, have brought us to who we are RIGHT NOW, and right now is all that really matters. We can carry our baggage along with us if we choose to, but would not it all be much easier to leave it behind and go into each day unburdened by what cannot be changed or undone?
We can lighten our load simply by unloading the past. Whatever happened, happened. We have absolutely nothing to gain by dwelling on it. Change your mind. Substitute those old thought patterns with new thoughts, positive thoughts.
If this sounds simple, it's because it is. Changing our mind is easy, we do it many times a day. Get up when the alarm goes snooze a bit longer. Wear the brown shoes...nope, going to wear the black ones instead.
Changing your thoughts is just that simple. If a thought pops up that makes you feel dark, sad, angry, tense or frightened, reject it. Get that negative sucker right out of your mind. Think of anything else positive. Doesn't matter what. A baby laughing. A kitten playing with a ball of string. The way sunshine feels on your skin.
By the time you have replaced that negative thought with anything positive, your busy mind will have moved right along to whatever comes next. It only takes seconds...and a bit of mindfulness. Affirmations also help replace those negative thoughts with positives ones.

Ten Steps For Replacing Negative Thoughts With Positive Thoughts

  • Do away with your all or nothing way of thinking.
  • Stop the practice of generalization.
  • Learn to stop and think about whether you would rather be right or happy.
  • Learn and work at changing your mental filter so that negative thoughts are not allowed to thrive.
  • Do way with that ever so easy practice of jumping to conclusions.
  • Don't criticize your actions with the "I should have" way of thinking.
  • Emotional reasoning is fine, but be aware of letting it overtake your thoughts completely.
  • Try to not take things personally. The majoritiy of the time they were not meant to be taken that way.
  • Take the time to stand back and evaluate a situation to truly understand it.
  • Remember to give thanks to "whomever" is your Higher Power when positive things and blessings flow your way.

10 Ways To Defend Yourself Against Negativity

  • Don’t take other people’s negativity personally. Most negative people behave negatively not just to you, but to everyone they interact with. What they say and do is a projection of their own reality – their own attitude. Even when a situation seems personal – even if someone insults you directly – it oftentimes has nothing to do with you. Remember, what others say and do, and the opinions they have, are based entirely on their own self-reflection.
  • Spend more time with positive people. You are the average of the people you spend the most time with. In other words, who you spend your time with has a great impact on the person you eventually become. If you are around cynical and negative people all the time, you will become cynical and negative. Does who you are and who you want to be reflect in the company you keep? Start spending time with nice people who are smart, driven and like minded. Relationships should help you, not hurt you. Surround yourself with people who reflect the person you want to be. Choose friends who you are proud to know, people you admire, who love and respect you, people who make your day a little brighter simply by being in it.
  • Be the positivist you want to see in the world. Lead by example. You can’t always save the world, but you can make the world a better place by practicing what you preach – by becoming self-aware, tapping into your compassion, and protecting your positive space. Doing simple things like talking about positive daily events, common friends, hobbies, happy news, make for light conversations with negative people. Keep the conversations focused on optimistic areas the person can relate to. You can disarm their negativity, even if it’s just for a little while.
  • Change the way you think. The one thing nobody can take away from you is the way you choose to respond to what others say and do. The problem isn't the events that are negative. The problem is the way you react to those events. The last of your freedoms is to choose your attitude in any given circumstance. Complaining, blaming and criticizing aren't going to change the situation. It is not always easy to find happiness in ourselves, but it is always impossible to find it elsewhere. Regardless of the situation you face, your attitude is your choice. Remember, you can’t have a positive life with a negative attitude. When negativity controls your thoughts, it limits your behavior, actions, and opportunities. If you realized how powerful your thoughts were, you would never think another negative thought again.
  • Focus on solutions. Negative people have an endless supply of pity party invitations. Don’t RSVP. Oftentimes people use negativity as a barrier to protect themselves from the world, which in turn blocks them from solutions that could improve their life. Instead, identify solutions. Don’t dwell too much on what went wrong. Instead, focus on the next positive step. Spend your energy on moving forward toward a positive resolution. Remember, when you focus on solutions, by thinking and acting positively, sound becomes music, movement becomes dance, a smile becomes laughter, and life becomes a celebration.
  • Love whoever is around to be loved. Practice acts of kindness. It’s a lot harder to be negative when you’re in the presence of love and kindness. Be that presence whenever possible. Let your guard down. Talk to someone you don’t know straight from your heart. Compliment them. Don’t anticipate awkwardness. Just be you in that beautiful way only you know, and give them the chance to smile and connect with you. Sometimes a kind word and some attention from a friend is all that’s needed to turn a negative attitude around.
  • Provide support when it makes sense. Some people complain as a way of crying for help. They may not be conscious of it though, so their comments come across as negative complaints rather than requests. Show some concern. Just a simple “Are you okay?” or “Is there anything I can do to help you?” can do wonders. Resist the urge to judge or assume. It’s hard to offer compassion when you assume you have them figured out. Let them know they are not alone. People overcome the forces of negative emotions, like anger and hatred, when the counter-forces of love and support are in full effect.
  • Realize that life is a series of ups and downs. Acknowledge the negativity, accept it, and let it pass through your consciousness, thereby teaching you a lesson but not ruining your day. Life is full of highs and lows, but you don’t have to go up and down with them. We develop from the negatives when we accept them and learn from them. This cycle is all part of the human experience. Relax, let go a little, and enjoy the ride.
  • Concentrate on today. Too often, we carry around things from our past that hurt us – regrets, shame, anger, pain, etc. Holding onto anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die. Don’t let these negative points from the past rob your present happiness. You had to live though these things in the past, and although unfortunate, they can’t be changed. But if the only place they live today is in your mind, then let go, move on, and be happy. You can decide right now that negative experiences from your past will not predict your future.
  • Let go and move on when you must. If all else fails, remove yourself from the wrong situations and relationships. Some people are like dark clouds; when they disappear, it’s a brighter day. Know when it’s time to let go. Letting go of negative people doesn't mean you hate them, it just means that you care about your own well being. Every time you subtract negative from your life, you make room for more positive.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

How Do Psychic Energies Effect Us?

We Are Surrounded By Psychic Energies and They Do Effect Us Daily

Every thing as we know it has energy within it, Or more accurately is energy in some form or another. These things that are energy give off or leak different amounts depending on the specifics of the object in question.
For example in a physical sense people like you and I have what is called body heat. This is energy created by our bodies and then radiated throughout every pore we have. Liken this to the spiritual energy that we are composed of and how it leaks through our spiritual or astral forms which are in sync and one with our physical bodies. I would call this waste energy as it has already been used and projected out of the system, and has no further use to the individual radiating it.
When an emotion is felt it is still part of the energy being given off. This energy can then be read without probing into the individual themselves. The more power and skill one has the less "leakage" they are going to be giving out. Now I speak of empathy because it is probably the best known ability that many people have. This leakage effect can work with other types as well.

The Importance of Shielding and Monitoring Psychic Energy

Most psychics are those who practice this ability more than anything else because of its simplistic effectiveness. Those they are reading do not know how to shield or monitor their energies to the point that everything they say and every movement they make gives off the energy that the practitioner can read from. Many psychics however also do not understand this and feel that their source of the read comes directly from the mind of the target itself. This is false and can lead the psychic into some bad habits and practices which will in fact limit their abilities if they are to try to ever advance.
Now the examples shown are better seen through a living, talking, and breathing person. However it is not limited there. As I have stated before this works with not but all living things like plant life but also including what we see as inanimate objects, such as rocks, manufactured objects and other dead items lying around.
Many times these things give off an energy that is not immediately noticeable to the practitioner. However the energy is there and being given off in similar ways as the people around us. The pattern of energy though is different and it may take time in order for someone who really wants to understand the energy to get to that level.
Knowing and understanding this first level of energetic reading is the basic idea that will bring you to a greater understanding of energy and energy use in itself.

Monday, April 6, 2015

Energy Vampires - Understanding Energy Vampires and Vampirism

What are Energy Vampires and What Is Energy Vampirism?

Sometimes it seems there's "something in the air", and I will be inundated with what amounts to the energy vampires, what they are, how they work, what they want, how to get rid of them, and so on. Keep in mind that this is not about the type of hype and media blitz you will find on the supernatural television drama, The Vampire Diaries by Kevin Williamson. same question from many different sources.
It wasn't until fairly recently in my own life (within the past ten years) that I began to get a really clear picture of what is meant by the term energy vampire. When confronted with the term previously, my mind always conjured up some image of someone sitting in a dark room trying to figure out ways to literally steal another person's lifeforce or physical/spiritual energy. While I'm sure there are some would-be energy vampires who would fit that description, the real ones are even more dangerous and far more sinister, because usually they have Intent without any sense of awareness... and that's a dangerous game indeed.
Ultimately, I have never seen any evidence that another human being can literally steal your energy like siphoning gas from your tank, but that isn't to say it can't be done. More likely, the energy vampires we deal with every day are those who use our energy to do what they could otherwise do for themselves. If taken one step further, they do it primarily for their own entertainment, indulgence, and personal gain. At times they do it because they are lazy or ignorant or even incompetent. Most will do it ruthlessly and without cessation.
Now, with all that said, I will add that in many cases they aren't even bad people intentionally. They are our friends and relatives, our family members and co-workers. Many times they don't even realize what they're doing. Sometimes (if one is fortunate) when it is pointed out to them, they will make an effort to stop. Other times... if the energy vampire is just habitually predisposed to be an energy vampire, they will simply find other ways of continuing their behavior, or transferring it from one person to the next as they are found out.
I have known a lot of energy vampires who are simply too lazy to think for themselves. If 10 people go to a dutch-treat dinner together, and at the end of the meal everyone is figuring out their part of the bill... the energy vampire is the one who stares off blankly into space and says to the person next to them, "Figure out how much I owe, would you?" Harmless enough, but it's this type of behavior that can become not only annoying but if carried through day after day, year after year, can actually begin to be a severe drain - using someone else's energy to "figure out" some problem (whether major or minor) which should logically be one's own personal responsibility. At the grocery store, the energy vampire is the one who stands off to the side and waits for friends or relatives to pick up his/her bags, and will occasionally even exacerbate or create some imaginary ailment to explain why this is necessary. In the work place, the energy vampire is the one who is always having to get help to finish his or her work on time... yet is never really seen to be doing a lot of work. The list is endless, and I'm sure most of us here can identify a few energy vampires in our lives.
Once upon a time when I was helping at a seminar at a convention, I was working privately with a friend who was experiencing seemingly severe and inexplicable medical problems. This person had always seemed to be very strong, was a former professional dancer, and had recently married a loving, handsome prince who was truly a dream come true for her. But shortly after her marriage, her health began to deteriorate. She could no longer dance or work. She could barely hold her head up... and no doctor could identify the problem, except to say "phantom nerve damage" from a car accident several years previously.
As part of this seminar I was assisting in, I had to be onstage on Saturday, sort of an emcee thing. The programming started, and I was about 2 minutes into the opening chit-chat and first introduction when another friend began motioning frantically for me to come to the edge of the stage. When I did, I was informed that "Mary" was having a major episode with her illness, had become paralyzed, and was asking for me.
Of course, being younger and far more naive, I excused myself from the stage, handed the microphone over to someone who had Zero Clue as to what to do, and literally ran down 2 flights of stairs to see what could be done for Mary. In the back of my head, I was slightly annoyed, however, because if this woman was legitimately paralyzed, why was she calling me instead of 911? But I went. Because at the time (~1985) I thought it was "the right thing to do"...
So imagine my horror and surprise when I find "Mary" seemingly collapsed and in a swoon on one of the stair landings. She was being attended by several other acquaintances, all of whom had gathered around and were trying to help poor Mary with whatever was happening to her.
At this time in my life, though I had had many strange occurrences and inexplicable insights, I could not say that I was a Seer or even a sorcerer - at least not on any official level. But immediately upon seeing this scene, I "Saw" what was going on and I was not only appalled but outraged. Intuitively, I somehow "Knew" nothing was really wrong with Mary. Not. One. Thing. It was all in her head. Every. Last. Ache. It was as if the universe just downloaded that information straight into my brain. I Knew.
It looked real. It really looked real! And to this day I have no doubt that even Mary believed it was real. I stood there in the shadows of the stairwell for a few moments, took a deep breath, and decided to play the hunch, even though I had never done anything like this before. My association with "Mary" had been that of a good friend, personal healer, counselor, etc. I had done a lot of energy work with her regarding this ongoing, mysterious ailment... and my efforts had always been genuine, and offered from a foundation of unconditional love.
Well... I walked up, managed to get through the crowd of Concerned Women who were cooing and offering much comfort... placed my hands firmly on Mary's neck, mumbled some nonsense incantation, then stepped back and watched without surprise as she sat up, blinked her eyes as if coming out of a stupor, and was miraculously healed right there on the spot in front of multiple witnesses.
I wanted to strangle her. But instead I turned and ran back up those 2 flights of stairs... and my friendship with Mary was never the same after that.
Of course, only I knew I had done nothing whatsoever. I had not applied some mysterious and miraculous healing force to Mary's precious neck. I had merely "seen" that Mary was an energy vampire of the nth degree, and the "energy" that was applied that night was basically breaking the vampire's feeding cycle. Does this mean her entire illness was a sham? Maybe. Not my place to say. Hypochondria is difficult to diagnose because the patient can actually manifest full physical symptoms even without any underlying organic cause.
Point is... that night Mary knew I had obligations to others, and she devised a way (whether conscious or subconscious) to turn that energy onto herself. That is the nature of energy vampires, plain and simple, even when it might appear innocent. They find ways to focus your energy onto themselves, without any real Intent to change or grow as a result. Mary wasn't really cured that night. But the fact that she responded with a seemingly miraculous remission from her pain and her paralysis only revealed her true nature. It was a cry for attention, not really a plea for legitimate help. On the energetic level of Seeing, I knew that night that there was nothing really wrong with her... and her entire illness was only a means whereby to get her husband to become her caretaker and her friends to become her keepers.
There is no figuring out why some people make that choice. Doesn't matter. What matters in the warrior's world is the awareness that energy vampirism is very real, even when perpetrated by those we care about most. Had I allowed the cycle with Mary to continue, I have no doubt I would STILL be offering energy treatments and chakra alignments and the like... all to no avail, because Mary didn't really Intend to ever heal herself, for if she ever did, she would have been faced with the need to take responsibility for her life, and that was the one thing she could not do. Not my place to understand why or even try to fix it. "Seeing" it is enough to bring about the realization that no shaman or medicine man or doctor or magician can "fix" what is not broken in the first place.
This isn't to say warriors are without compassion and love. Quite the opposite. It's one thing to give energy freely to those who take it and run with it and use it to begin creating their own evolution -- for then it is no longer vampirism, but an actual energy exchange which brings growth and evolution to all concerned. There's a big difference.


This article does not have any similarities to what you would find on The Vampire Diaries, the TV series. This disclaimer is because in the past when I have written about psychic or energy vampires, there have been comments about the material was from the TV show, The Vampire Diaries. Any research on your part will show this to be false.

A History of Vampires Including Energy Vampires

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Combination Pagan Banishing Ritual

Banishing What You Wish

Random Example of a Banishing Altar Set Up


  • 2 candle sticks(silver) 
  • 1 dark blue candle 
  • 1 white candle 
  • 1 small portable altar table (you may use your regular altar as well)
  • Rue oil 
  • Business oil 
  • Small incense burner 
  • Charcoal 
  • Banishing and success incense 
  • Scared water in a glass bottle 
  • Silver chalice 
  • Pendant with moonstone and Triple Goddess image 
  • Athame 
  • 3 gold $1 coins (can be silver coins if no gold is available) 
  • Small offering dish 
  • 1 tiny salt cellar 
  • Blessed sea salt 
  • Water


Make sure all tools are clean and handy for before you begin ritual. Layout altar as  you wish. In the past I have used a dark blue candle, Stand the bottle to right side of altar table for the God. On the left are the chalice, white candle, and moonstone pendant (hanging) for the Goddess. Altar table is center slightly up between two candles. Everything is placed to form a semi-circle as if on larger table. Once things are set up as you like begin.*


Cast a circle as is your custom. You may make this process as complicated or as simple as you wish. Take a moment to just breathe for 3-5 breaths in the circle concentrating on your chosen  task. Then when you are composed and ready, begin. When I last performed this ritual last I had a double purpose for this spell. First, to banish the negative energy that seems to be causing obstacles as of late. Second, to bring a better financial atmosphere to my work life. Sort of an out with the old and in with a more  prosperous new.

I first cleansed my new altar table and meditated on it's purpose. When a felt it was time I continued with the banishing/money spell. For this working I addressed Dagda, Danu, Brighid, and Cerridwyn. I hadn't planned on Cerridwyn when first preparing for this spell. However, when the time came her name found its way into my working, and I have long since learned to not snub a deity when it wants to be counted.  I included her as a welcome guest. Looking over my correspondences I find she is useful for spells dealing with change, new endeavors, magical powers, and knowledge. All of which play a part in what my intended goal was.

This is an ideal ritual for ones living with non-pagans in the household,  simple, quick, and all spoken parts done in whispers. But feel free to add or enliven as suits your need. For me discretion is usually the order of the day.

Upon Completion Of Ritual:

After I completed my working I let the candles burn for 15-30 minutes. The incense I was allowed to burn out in the small burner; which sits inside a Terra Cotta bowl--both lined with sand for safety. I left the altar set up over night.

*Note: Since I often work under the handy cap of being a solitary I light my candles, and incense as part of my set up. This goes for anything else in a  ritual that would be a job divided up to other members during the rite. We solitaries only have two hands during a working. So everything must be set up, or at least in the circle in easy reach.

Hint: Keeping your chalice full/fresh each day on your altar is supposed to draw prosperity and good fortune to you. Use the cleanest water you can--spring, filtered, etc. I've found it to be a simple offering to the Lady that brings a nice energy of well-being to my room.

Note: For instructions on forming a pagan circle for rites & rituals visit my blog post: