Monday, September 28, 2015

Tobacco & Cornmeal Banishing & Protection Ceremony

Protection & Banishing Ceremony with Native American Roots

In September of 2015 a dark entity of sorts came to dwell on our property.  It could certainly be felt by us humans and all wildlife.  Almost all our two legged and four legged animal friends would not come around during the day when the evil energy was the strongest.

We knew that we had to do a banishing as well as a protection ceremony to not only rid the property of the entity/being, but to prevent it from coming back.

It had already preyed on one small crippled animal and caused its death prematurely.  As mentioned all other animals were being warned off by the “feeling” and sensing of the dark and evil presence.  

We know at night evil and dark energies are their weakest because of all the nocturnal animals that come out and offer protection from sunset to sunrise.  It is these animals that we give food offerings to for what they provide.  This gave us the setting for the ritual, after dark and close to the full moon.

We were blessed to be able to do it at almost the 100 percent full moon, one day before we had the Blood Moon or Red Moon.  We performed the below cleansing, sealing and protection ceremony on September 26, 2015.

The below ceremony is written by myself for two participants.  On this occasion we had a third participant that sprinkled salt, played a rainmaker and held the light so we did not stumble and fall as it was a large perimeter that we had to walk.

Items Needed:

  • Sage (or sweet-grass or cedar) for smudging
  • Cornmeal
  • Tobacco
  • (Placed in bowl or container that can easily be carried)

Before starting, smudge bodies of all participants to protect them while you are doing this ritual/ceremony.  Do not forget to do the feet.

First do the honoring of the four directions outdoors. Near the main entry is good, but where you can see the sky.  Tobacco is the only offering here.

Each direction you face sprinkle tobacco and say "Oh Great Spirit bless this place and protect it from harm and evil spirits. Take away any that would harm the two-legged or four-legged this is a place of beauty and spiritual peace not to be soiled by the unclean lurkers."

The tobacco will go first, then the cornmeal when doing the below. Start the circle at the north, ending at the north, leaving an opening (gate) as explained below.

As you walk the circle the tobacco sprinkler will say while lightly sprinkling, " "You do not belong I banish you in the name of all that is good, in the name of the Gods and Goddesses, in the name of the Creator."

The cornmeal sprinkler with say while lightly sprinkling, "In the name of the Great Spirit I ask that this place be protected." (this person can also ask for other things, or a second person can also sprinkle the cornmeal and include any personal requests)

Leave a small opening as you complete the circle referred to as the Gate.   Walk around this area with the smudge. You can sing any kind of song if you want or just chant softly. At this time you can also do any additional petitioning.

When done two of you will face each other, like gate posts, one with the tobacco and the other with the cornmeal.  Say, “Oh Great Spirit bless this place and protect it from harm and evil spirits. Take away any that would harm the two-legged or four-legged this is a place of beauty and spiritual peace not to be soiled by the unclean lurkers. May nothing evil remain and may this seal out the evil spirits and unclean ones.  May this bless this place.”  Then conclude with the sprinkling of tobacco first then cornmeal, sealing the gate.

As mentioned the above has Native American roots, but has a mix of Paganism in the for of Wicca in there as well. Many of the same things are worked with by all Pagans, including Native Americans. The directions, colors, honoring, offering and giving thanks.

Note: The wording provided in bold was offered by an elder from Canada....a wise woman.


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