Saturday, December 12, 2015

What is Verbal Abuse? Verbal Abuse Identified and How to Control It

Verbal Abuse Identified - How to Control It

Many of us have heard the term, "Verbal Abuse", but may not fully comprehend what all this encompasses.
Verbal abuse could include many forms such as threats made, cursing an individual, talking down or demeaning a person and more. These types of things have a tremendous effect upon the mind and spirit that can destroy faith, stumble a person, create guilt, fear, mistrust, doubt and much more.
Over the years I have come up with this solution to help a person curb the use of verbal abuse bringing on the damages caused by such.
A. Pause and reconsider what is fixing to come out of you mouth. Focus on creating a better response, or consider simply no response for the time being.
B. Focus on the last time that you felt the urge to hollar or yell and what you may have done to prevent you from doing so.
C. When you feel that urge to use demaning or threatening words and/or yelling, do a simple count to 20 or even more.
D. Consider placing the child or yourself into a time-out scenario, such as a chair, and cool off for a few moments.
E. Focus on a mellow song that you know, hum and/or sing it.
F. Take a walk outside...get some fresh air, ground and center, then return.
G. Take a moment to write down why you feel this way and what has happened to bring this up at this moment. Then go back in 15 minutes or so and write down the feelings you have then and see if they are not different.
These steps are easy to put into practice and are proven to be very effective in learning to control your tendency to use verbal abuse.
The children are our future! Let us always remember that and give them happiness and love along with affection and kindness.

What a victim of verbal & emotional abuse has heard through the years

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