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The Different Types Of Animal Totems: Appearances, Messages, and Impact For Witches, Pagans & Native Americans

How The Different Kinds Of Animal Totems Vary

Throughout our lives we encounter various animal totems dropping in. The appearance of such animal totems will vary in where they show up, how they show up and above all, what their message may be to us. It is up to the individual to understand what the meaning and message may be. Once that is done, we can work with how it will affect us on various levels.

The particular animal totem species that appears also signifies a message and meaning. Here we are not going into the details of the animal totem species, but the types of animal totems.

Below you will find the descriptions of the various animal totems. This is basic information that has been shared with me over the years from the wisdom and experience of others.

Keep in mind that all animal totems are unique in nature and their set parameters that research shows may not always be how a particular animal totem will interact with you on your spiritual levels as well as on daily experience levels.

Journey Animal Totem

This one works with you for a period of time. It could be days, weeks, months, a year or more, however long it takes for you to walk the path the totem is trying to show you. You'll find during this time that the animal is always showing up in your life, whether it be in pictures, on TV, in person, etc. It's like you can't seem to get away from it! You might also find a time where you have more than one animal appearing in your life and then find out that they are all teaching a similar message. You recognize something is going on here. Chances are it is a big lesson you need to learn. A Journey totem can come and go from your life over the years. Maybe you have changed paths and are working with a different animal and then all of a sudden your old buddy reappears. They are there for a lesson.

Lifelong Animal Totem

This one works with you throughout your whole life, much like a guardian angel does. It is always there for you and reminds you of your connectedness. Whereas our guardian angel is usually with us when we are born, our Life animal totem can enter at any time during our life and then stay with us. The messages your Life totem brings are somewhat like reminders - reflecting your inner spiritual nature.

Message Animal Totem

This one usually brings you a message of self-growth or spiritual importance. Not to say the others don't, but this totem animal brings specific messages and then may leave you. It's like getting a wake-up call or a slap in the face sometimes. It tends to make its presence felt at an unusual time or place, and its impact is almost always very powerful. Whether you listen to its message or not is up to you.

Finding Your Animal Totems and Power Animals

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