Monday, February 24, 2020

Large Free Pagan PDF Library Download - Witchcraft, Paganism, Magic, Wicca

A Large Pagan, Wicca, and Witchcraft Free eBook Download page

There have been many requests for some Pagan book downloads, so I have complied an assortment from my Pagan Library.  These e-Books are in PDF format and the downloads are free and provided to educate those who may inquire as well as those who simply want to expand their Pagan Library.

These downloads are a broad variation, and encompass many different subjects.  They will provide information, education, as well as something to discuss amongst your friends.

Feel free to comment here and I will get back with you.

Below is a list of what all is included within the whole Pagan Library Download.  The download is provided via Google Drive (PDF format) and is a safe download. Download the Free Pagan Library here.

I do hope that you enjoy the material, and as mentioned, do feel free to leave your feedback in comment.

Paganism expands the mind, calling upon a lot of what we already know, but that has been masked through our education.

Included in this free Pagan Library Download:
  • Witchcraft and Wicca - 291 eBooks (a must have collection!)
  • A Wiccan Bible - Drew, AJ
  • Indian Mythology - Native American
  • Magical Spells for your Home - How to bring magic to every area of your life
  • The Textbook of Clinically Tested Herbal Remedies
  • The Tibetan Book Of The Dead
  • Aontach Volume 4 - Druidism
  • Book of Spells - Incantations and More #1 & #2
  • Native American Health Recipes 

Download the Free Pagan Library here (PDF format).

 Download details:
308 Files, 7 Folders
4.14 GB (4,448,887,122 bytes)

Note: If this download is too large, and you want a specific that is listed above, leave a message in comment with your email address, and I will give that to you.