Sunday, September 6, 2015

Mayan Sun Ritual - In The Dawn Light

This practice is said to have originated in Atlantis. It is associated with the Emerald Tablets (now in print) and the place of the Grandmother in the center of the Earth (not the underworld). This practice was kept by Mayan elders who past it on to a North American native elder about 25 years ago. She has taught it in circle gatherings to many people in this country. This practice is ideally performed every day and at least every solstice and equinox. The first time it is performed should always be on solstice or equinox. Summer solstice is ideal since it is the longest day. You are "initiated" by the dawn light lords in the dawn light. It is advised to fast for one or more days before. 

This practice demands energetic movements, energetic breathing and a strong intent. Sit outside on the ground facing where the sun will rise. Your eyes are lightly closed and your hands at your sides, palms on the earth. Visualize pulling energy from the center of the earth. Breath deeply and when you feel the energy of the earth in your hands -- this might only be a change in the feeling -- bring the hands up overhead and slightly in front of you head, palms together and cupping towards the sun. Visualize that you are holding a small earth in each hand and that they become one earth once your hands are together. When they are together, over your head, the sun rays fertilize the earth that you are holding. 

Now you hold a glowing ball of energy. With a rapid and powerful cupping movement and strong exhale, pull the ball into your solar plexus area. At this point the breath is out and the fingers are pointing into the body. Hold as long as you can and then with a rapid inhale, forcefully pull the energy up from the solar plexus to the 3rd eye area, your fingers moving up in the same position. When you have completed the inhale, you have reached the third eye and your fingers are pointing into the head. Hold and then release the breath rigorously exhale while moving the fingers up to the top of the head and back down to the starting position. In the last movement you are pulling the energy up to the top of the head, off the crown of the head and back to the ground. Be fiercely intent about this. 

Repeat this six times. On the seventh time, you can start from a kneeling position and end fully prostrated on the ground, allowing the earth to balance your chakras and entire body. You can use this time to allow the earth to speak to you or to travel to the center of the earth.

Midnight Prayer by Darrell Grizzle 

Save me, O God, from the temptation to be less than fully human, less than the child of God You created me to be. 

Save me, O God, from the temptation to view my sexuality as a curse, rather than as a precious Gift with which You have blessed me. 

Save me, O God, from those who seek to heal what does not need healing, who seek to further wound me by making me think I am a mistake, rather than made in Your image. 

Save me, O God, from easy and simplistic theology, which seems to offer security but really offers shackles and blinds the soul from knowing You in all Your complexity, beauty, and wonder. 

Save me, O God, from everything and everyone that would distract me or dissuade me from living into Your calling on my life. 

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