Sunday, September 6, 2015

Danger and Impending Doom Scenarios - Why Are They There?

There is a Lakota Prophecy that states the beast will reign for 2000 years: consume and control everything and just when you think there is no hope the beast consumes itself. Then the thousand years of peace comes along with a reunion with the Star Nations. There are ancient rock paintings showing one world being consumed by the other the snake eating itself and a movement into the fifth world. Crop circles which show two worlds coming together also speak of the future. There is no doubt we are on the fast track now and close to an evolutionary leap or shift in consciousness and dimension.

Einstein said," Space and time are not conditions in which we live, they are modes in which we think."

Buddha said," We are what we think, all that we are arises in out thoughts, with our thoughts we create the world."

Jesus said, "As you believe, so it is."

What all these great minds are saying is as we evolve in consciousness so does the world in which we live. I have often spoken of the vibrational continuum where consciousness is lowered into light then energy and once again into mass. Mass is more empty space than anything else and there are times it is a wave, other times it is a particle. In the ultimate reality it is condensed consciousness, the slower the vibration the more solid or what some call real it becomes. What happens when the vibration increases to dense physical matter? It becomes more malleable, more reactive, we have more control over the form it takes. This is what is happening on the planet. As the consciousness and frequencies rise we will have more control of our environment. We magnetize people and events to us according to our consciousness. Our bodies are not ruled by genes but by consciousness. Being unconscious of this allows them to run amuck and react to the environment rather than taking charge and creating what we wish to experience. The same goes with our outer world.

What the masters are saying is take charge of your world. Move into creationary mind rather than reactionary mind. Did you know there is no such word as Creationary? Run a spell check on it. Did you know you are bombarded with messages of fear, danger and impending doom for a reason? It is to keep you in a frequency that can be controlled. Where is the good news, the hope, the new breakthroughs in healing, quantum physics, the fact that we are not alone in the universe? You don't hear of these for a reason.

There is a war in consciousness. There are those who know the only way to control the masses is through fear. These controllers also know their time is short and a greater consciousness is manifesting. It is beyond their control and their efforts through technological and mental deviation will be futile. It is a greater power and it moves in mysterious ways. It is natural, a spiritual force and part of our destiny to evolve with it not stand against it. Have you seen what happens when you stand against Nature? Nature always has her way, she is often slow to react but thorough when she does. Have you ever tried to deceive an enlightened one, transgress against them? The reaction is almost instantaneous. Can you imagine trying to deceive the Creator what ever name you wish to give it. The intelligent designer has a plan for these folks. Rest assured there is a plan.

It may get darker before the dawn but this is part of the great uncovering. Tyranny will be exposed on every level; it will experience the reactions to its actions which will be increased exponentially. Those who have aligned themselves with Tyranny will not find a place to hide. No underground bunker, no off world base, there will be no place in the universe to run. You cannot run from yourself. Those who have been willing participants in the plans of the tyrants will also experience the same fate. There will be some very embarrassed politicians, corporations based upon greed and profit at the expense of humanity and nature will be exposed along with all their puppets. The Earth will do what she must to cleanse and heal herself and a greater brother/sisterhood that loves you greatly will come forward in the days to come. There will not be a nuclear war, it will not be allowed because the people will turn their backs on the fear and warmongers. There also will be watchers that will not allow it; part of an unseen group waiting in the wings. You will see unprecedented change in the days to come. It will happen on every level. Now is the time to awaken, listen and act with loving detachment. This is the best advice we can give in the days to come.

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