Thursday, April 23, 2015

How Do Psychic Energies Effect Us?

We Are Surrounded By Psychic Energies and They Do Effect Us Daily

Every thing as we know it has energy within it, Or more accurately is energy in some form or another. These things that are energy give off or leak different amounts depending on the specifics of the object in question.
For example in a physical sense people like you and I have what is called body heat. This is energy created by our bodies and then radiated throughout every pore we have. Liken this to the spiritual energy that we are composed of and how it leaks through our spiritual or astral forms which are in sync and one with our physical bodies. I would call this waste energy as it has already been used and projected out of the system, and has no further use to the individual radiating it.
When an emotion is felt it is still part of the energy being given off. This energy can then be read without probing into the individual themselves. The more power and skill one has the less "leakage" they are going to be giving out. Now I speak of empathy because it is probably the best known ability that many people have. This leakage effect can work with other types as well.

The Importance of Shielding and Monitoring Psychic Energy

Most psychics are those who practice this ability more than anything else because of its simplistic effectiveness. Those they are reading do not know how to shield or monitor their energies to the point that everything they say and every movement they make gives off the energy that the practitioner can read from. Many psychics however also do not understand this and feel that their source of the read comes directly from the mind of the target itself. This is false and can lead the psychic into some bad habits and practices which will in fact limit their abilities if they are to try to ever advance.
Now the examples shown are better seen through a living, talking, and breathing person. However it is not limited there. As I have stated before this works with not but all living things like plant life but also including what we see as inanimate objects, such as rocks, manufactured objects and other dead items lying around.
Many times these things give off an energy that is not immediately noticeable to the practitioner. However the energy is there and being given off in similar ways as the people around us. The pattern of energy though is different and it may take time in order for someone who really wants to understand the energy to get to that level.
Knowing and understanding this first level of energetic reading is the basic idea that will bring you to a greater understanding of energy and energy use in itself.

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