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Energy Vampires - Understanding Energy Vampires and Vampirism

What are Energy Vampires and What Is Energy Vampirism?

Sometimes it seems there's "something in the air", and I will be inundated with what amounts to the energy vampires, what they are, how they work, what they want, how to get rid of them, and so on. Keep in mind that this is not about the type of hype and media blitz you will find on the supernatural television drama, The Vampire Diaries by Kevin Williamson. same question from many different sources.
It wasn't until fairly recently in my own life (within the past ten years) that I began to get a really clear picture of what is meant by the term energy vampire. When confronted with the term previously, my mind always conjured up some image of someone sitting in a dark room trying to figure out ways to literally steal another person's lifeforce or physical/spiritual energy. While I'm sure there are some would-be energy vampires who would fit that description, the real ones are even more dangerous and far more sinister, because usually they have Intent without any sense of awareness... and that's a dangerous game indeed.
Ultimately, I have never seen any evidence that another human being can literally steal your energy like siphoning gas from your tank, but that isn't to say it can't be done. More likely, the energy vampires we deal with every day are those who use our energy to do what they could otherwise do for themselves. If taken one step further, they do it primarily for their own entertainment, indulgence, and personal gain. At times they do it because they are lazy or ignorant or even incompetent. Most will do it ruthlessly and without cessation.
Now, with all that said, I will add that in many cases they aren't even bad people intentionally. They are our friends and relatives, our family members and co-workers. Many times they don't even realize what they're doing. Sometimes (if one is fortunate) when it is pointed out to them, they will make an effort to stop. Other times... if the energy vampire is just habitually predisposed to be an energy vampire, they will simply find other ways of continuing their behavior, or transferring it from one person to the next as they are found out.
I have known a lot of energy vampires who are simply too lazy to think for themselves. If 10 people go to a dutch-treat dinner together, and at the end of the meal everyone is figuring out their part of the bill... the energy vampire is the one who stares off blankly into space and says to the person next to them, "Figure out how much I owe, would you?" Harmless enough, but it's this type of behavior that can become not only annoying but if carried through day after day, year after year, can actually begin to be a severe drain - using someone else's energy to "figure out" some problem (whether major or minor) which should logically be one's own personal responsibility. At the grocery store, the energy vampire is the one who stands off to the side and waits for friends or relatives to pick up his/her bags, and will occasionally even exacerbate or create some imaginary ailment to explain why this is necessary. In the work place, the energy vampire is the one who is always having to get help to finish his or her work on time... yet is never really seen to be doing a lot of work. The list is endless, and I'm sure most of us here can identify a few energy vampires in our lives.
Once upon a time when I was helping at a seminar at a convention, I was working privately with a friend who was experiencing seemingly severe and inexplicable medical problems. This person had always seemed to be very strong, was a former professional dancer, and had recently married a loving, handsome prince who was truly a dream come true for her. But shortly after her marriage, her health began to deteriorate. She could no longer dance or work. She could barely hold her head up... and no doctor could identify the problem, except to say "phantom nerve damage" from a car accident several years previously.
As part of this seminar I was assisting in, I had to be onstage on Saturday, sort of an emcee thing. The programming started, and I was about 2 minutes into the opening chit-chat and first introduction when another friend began motioning frantically for me to come to the edge of the stage. When I did, I was informed that "Mary" was having a major episode with her illness, had become paralyzed, and was asking for me.
Of course, being younger and far more naive, I excused myself from the stage, handed the microphone over to someone who had Zero Clue as to what to do, and literally ran down 2 flights of stairs to see what could be done for Mary. In the back of my head, I was slightly annoyed, however, because if this woman was legitimately paralyzed, why was she calling me instead of 911? But I went. Because at the time (~1985) I thought it was "the right thing to do"...
So imagine my horror and surprise when I find "Mary" seemingly collapsed and in a swoon on one of the stair landings. She was being attended by several other acquaintances, all of whom had gathered around and were trying to help poor Mary with whatever was happening to her.
At this time in my life, though I had had many strange occurrences and inexplicable insights, I could not say that I was a Seer or even a sorcerer - at least not on any official level. But immediately upon seeing this scene, I "Saw" what was going on and I was not only appalled but outraged. Intuitively, I somehow "Knew" nothing was really wrong with Mary. Not. One. Thing. It was all in her head. Every. Last. Ache. It was as if the universe just downloaded that information straight into my brain. I Knew.
It looked real. It really looked real! And to this day I have no doubt that even Mary believed it was real. I stood there in the shadows of the stairwell for a few moments, took a deep breath, and decided to play the hunch, even though I had never done anything like this before. My association with "Mary" had been that of a good friend, personal healer, counselor, etc. I had done a lot of energy work with her regarding this ongoing, mysterious ailment... and my efforts had always been genuine, and offered from a foundation of unconditional love.
Well... I walked up, managed to get through the crowd of Concerned Women who were cooing and offering much comfort... placed my hands firmly on Mary's neck, mumbled some nonsense incantation, then stepped back and watched without surprise as she sat up, blinked her eyes as if coming out of a stupor, and was miraculously healed right there on the spot in front of multiple witnesses.
I wanted to strangle her. But instead I turned and ran back up those 2 flights of stairs... and my friendship with Mary was never the same after that.
Of course, only I knew I had done nothing whatsoever. I had not applied some mysterious and miraculous healing force to Mary's precious neck. I had merely "seen" that Mary was an energy vampire of the nth degree, and the "energy" that was applied that night was basically breaking the vampire's feeding cycle. Does this mean her entire illness was a sham? Maybe. Not my place to say. Hypochondria is difficult to diagnose because the patient can actually manifest full physical symptoms even without any underlying organic cause.
Point is... that night Mary knew I had obligations to others, and she devised a way (whether conscious or subconscious) to turn that energy onto herself. That is the nature of energy vampires, plain and simple, even when it might appear innocent. They find ways to focus your energy onto themselves, without any real Intent to change or grow as a result. Mary wasn't really cured that night. But the fact that she responded with a seemingly miraculous remission from her pain and her paralysis only revealed her true nature. It was a cry for attention, not really a plea for legitimate help. On the energetic level of Seeing, I knew that night that there was nothing really wrong with her... and her entire illness was only a means whereby to get her husband to become her caretaker and her friends to become her keepers.
There is no figuring out why some people make that choice. Doesn't matter. What matters in the warrior's world is the awareness that energy vampirism is very real, even when perpetrated by those we care about most. Had I allowed the cycle with Mary to continue, I have no doubt I would STILL be offering energy treatments and chakra alignments and the like... all to no avail, because Mary didn't really Intend to ever heal herself, for if she ever did, she would have been faced with the need to take responsibility for her life, and that was the one thing she could not do. Not my place to understand why or even try to fix it. "Seeing" it is enough to bring about the realization that no shaman or medicine man or doctor or magician can "fix" what is not broken in the first place.
This isn't to say warriors are without compassion and love. Quite the opposite. It's one thing to give energy freely to those who take it and run with it and use it to begin creating their own evolution -- for then it is no longer vampirism, but an actual energy exchange which brings growth and evolution to all concerned. There's a big difference.


This article does not have any similarities to what you would find on The Vampire Diaries, the TV series. This disclaimer is because in the past when I have written about psychic or energy vampires, there have been comments about the material was from the TV show, The Vampire Diaries. Any research on your part will show this to be false.

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