Sunday, January 4, 2015

Combination Pagan Banishing Ritual

Banishing What You Wish

Random Example of a Banishing Altar Set Up


  • 2 candle sticks(silver) 
  • 1 dark blue candle 
  • 1 white candle 
  • 1 small portable altar table (you may use your regular altar as well)
  • Rue oil 
  • Business oil 
  • Small incense burner 
  • Charcoal 
  • Banishing and success incense 
  • Scared water in a glass bottle 
  • Silver chalice 
  • Pendant with moonstone and Triple Goddess image 
  • Athame 
  • 3 gold $1 coins (can be silver coins if no gold is available) 
  • Small offering dish 
  • 1 tiny salt cellar 
  • Blessed sea salt 
  • Water


Make sure all tools are clean and handy for before you begin ritual. Layout altar as  you wish. In the past I have used a dark blue candle, Stand the bottle to right side of altar table for the God. On the left are the chalice, white candle, and moonstone pendant (hanging) for the Goddess. Altar table is center slightly up between two candles. Everything is placed to form a semi-circle as if on larger table. Once things are set up as you like begin.*


Cast a circle as is your custom. You may make this process as complicated or as simple as you wish. Take a moment to just breathe for 3-5 breaths in the circle concentrating on your chosen  task. Then when you are composed and ready, begin. When I last performed this ritual last I had a double purpose for this spell. First, to banish the negative energy that seems to be causing obstacles as of late. Second, to bring a better financial atmosphere to my work life. Sort of an out with the old and in with a more  prosperous new.

I first cleansed my new altar table and meditated on it's purpose. When a felt it was time I continued with the banishing/money spell. For this working I addressed Dagda, Danu, Brighid, and Cerridwyn. I hadn't planned on Cerridwyn when first preparing for this spell. However, when the time came her name found its way into my working, and I have long since learned to not snub a deity when it wants to be counted.  I included her as a welcome guest. Looking over my correspondences I find she is useful for spells dealing with change, new endeavors, magical powers, and knowledge. All of which play a part in what my intended goal was.

This is an ideal ritual for ones living with non-pagans in the household,  simple, quick, and all spoken parts done in whispers. But feel free to add or enliven as suits your need. For me discretion is usually the order of the day.

Upon Completion Of Ritual:

After I completed my working I let the candles burn for 15-30 minutes. The incense I was allowed to burn out in the small burner; which sits inside a Terra Cotta bowl--both lined with sand for safety. I left the altar set up over night.

*Note: Since I often work under the handy cap of being a solitary I light my candles, and incense as part of my set up. This goes for anything else in a  ritual that would be a job divided up to other members during the rite. We solitaries only have two hands during a working. So everything must be set up, or at least in the circle in easy reach.

Hint: Keeping your chalice full/fresh each day on your altar is supposed to draw prosperity and good fortune to you. Use the cleanest water you can--spring, filtered, etc. I've found it to be a simple offering to the Lady that brings a nice energy of well-being to my room.

Note: For instructions on forming a pagan circle for rites & rituals visit my blog post:

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