Monday, December 29, 2014

Erecting A Mirror Shield To Protect Against Negativity And Evil

Venturing out in the real world with out a shield to protect you is like unprotected sex, if you are real lucky, you won't catch anything, but there are all kinds of "goodies" you may catch if you aren't lucky! And nothing is so tempting to a psychic vampire as an unprotected person. So how do you go about shielding yourself? Well, here is how to build a mirror shield that will send back any negativity sent to you, and also allow you to remain hidden if you wish.

Sit in a comfortable chair for this exercise, and allow your arms to hang. Do not cross your legs, or your arms. Crossing either short circuits your energy, and while an effective method of keeping someone from influencing your energy temporarily, is not an effective method of control on a long term basis. Now visualize yourself surrounded by a ball of pure energy, this ball surrounds you but remains further out than you can touch, and no matter what is in your hands, the ball expands so it is never pierced from within. If you were to look from the outside at this ball, you would see yourself, for it is a highly polished, reflective mirror. Now this mirror is just like the one in a police station, the kind that is a window on one side and a mirror on the other. So you can see out, but remain hidden. I want you to program this ball of energy to "hide" you so your energies do not give you away - all you do is visualize such "programming" being fed into the ball. Now you are surrounded and hidden.

Now lets add the defensive capabilities beyond hiding. Visualize the ball now having the capability to reflect anything thrown against it back at the sender, a "return to sender" function you can also program, and initially make it 3 times as hard and strong, and 3 times as fast as sent. You can use any factor of protection you like, I call this the "bounce back factor" - think of it as 10 to the nth power, so 10 to the 3rd power is 10 times 10 times 10, or 1000 times as hard and fast. Now, if that doesn't do it for you, just keep increasing the power!!! Your only limit is your own visualization power, so the sky is the limit! Make your shield as hard, strong, and fast as you like.

One further point - what good is such a shield if it isn't around you all the time, and does it go into the earth when you walk, or around the bed when you sleep? Of course it does, merely "see" it doing so, and it will. And if you see it up all the time, it will be! You may have to reinforce the visualization in the beginning, but soon it will be second nature for your shield to be there, then just check occasionally to see if it needs any bolstering. Presto, now you may go anywhere and be safe!

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