Sunday, December 28, 2014

Ancient Healing Chants and Spell

Some simple chants for healing are available in an old book by Ray Buckland. They come from old Etruscan magic according to him. They can be done on any day of the week and you should light candles and incense while you chant.

You should use your regular ritual candles (just do your circle as you normally would, if you do it at all) and add to the set-up a royal blue candle. Carve into the candle the healer's tree symbol (you'll find that in either of Scott Cunningham's Wicca books: Guide for the Solitary or Living Wicca).

As for the herbs/incense which would be appropriate, I'll list some common kitchen and wild/garden type ones after the chants. While you chant, use the candle to focus yourself and visualize the sick person vigorous and healthy, doing whatever it is s/he likes to do most. If you have a picture of the sick person, it's a good idea to have it on the altar, too. You can either chant the phrases 9 times or until you feel satisfied. You can do this daily whenever you have the time and it doesn't take a terrible lot of prep time except to grab the components, clear your mind and get your focus.

Here are several chants you can use.  Pick the one that seems to fit you best.  These five are intended to help bring about full recovery.

  1. Per il bene che ti ho voluto 
  2. A folletta di Norcia va ti a raccomodare 
  3. Che la fortuna mi voglia ridare 
  4. Sarei sempre il padrone 
  5. Mezzo di questa vada avral

Now the list of common healing herbs. You'll be able to get a lot of these from your kitchen, a garden or wild place or from a health food store in the form of teas or oils.

  • Allspice (not the blended stuff; you can usually get the whole seeds at the grocery store) 
  • Apple ( a couple on the altar, perhaps; and bonus if you can get them in for the sick person to eat afterward ;-)) 
  • Bay - take a whole leaf and mark it with the healer's tree; tuck it somewhere in the sick person's room, under his/her pillow if you can or put it in a little blue mojo bag for him/her to wear over his/her heart) 
  • Blackberry - you might even consider doing a spell paper with the juice for ink 
  • Carnations (on the altar and maybe you can take them after blessing and have them in his/her room?) 
  • Cinnamon 
  • Eucalyptus (you can get this dried in the floral department of a lot of stores) 
  • Fennel 
  • Flax (you can get the seeds at most health food stores or whole foods places) 
  • Gardenia 
  • Garlic 
  • Ginseng 
  • Golden Seal (very available in a lot of "herbal vitamin" sections at places like Wal-Mart and K-Mart) 
  • Ivy (would be good as an altar dressing if you want to go that far or maybe 
  • get a potted one to perk up his/her room?) 
  • Lime (check around; the grocery store might have the dried peels in the spice section) 
  • Mint (peppermint especially) (dried flakes in the grocery store) 
  • Oak 
  • Pine 
  • Rose 
  • Thyme 
  • Tobacco 
  • Violet 
  • Willow 
  • Wintergreen

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