Sunday, May 2, 2021

Rite / Ritual of Abundance - For Wiccans, Witches & All Pagans

The below has been used in my Witch's coven on many occasions.  Know you will be graced by using it as well.  This can be used by a solitary or in a coven.

Earth Mighty Mother..we bow to your grace
We seek thy loving guidance
We seek thy bold embrace

Air so precious..
only moments we live without seeing thy face
We seek thy loving power
We seek to win this race

Fire so bold and warming.. our blood flows at thy pace
We seek thy loving warmth
We seek the cold to chase

Water so cool and fresh..all things must know thy touch
We seek to make out lives bloom
We seek to know this grace

We seek not to gain at another's loss
nor to gain what we have not earned
But if it please thee my Lords and Ladies
rain Thy blessings as the wheel turns

Hail Demeter mistress of wealth
and grantor of goodness...
Hold  thy pale hand over our head,
that we may become wise in thy ways
Hail Zeus, thy mighty Lord ,to strike down our weakness,
and grant us the will to grow

Hail Punarvasu Lord of energy and vitality..
Grant us the strength to see to our needs
Blessing be Mother Aditi, who makes all the crops to grow
Grant us thy bounty

Hail Habonida.. Mistress of prosperity...
We seek thy loving hand to help us do the work of the Gods
Hail thy Great Father Njord , patron of navigators.
Help us to chart the way to bountiful shores

Hail Mother Freya.. Great lady of Magic..
Grant us the Will and the Word to work our desires
Hail Thor defender of Midgard ....
Lend us thy hammer to shatter the things which block our path

Hail Mithra guardian over the prosperity of the world..
we the children of  Earth bid you draw near
Hail to thy Father Ahura Mazda, who gave thee thy charge...
Blessings be reverend Father

May we become wise to know
the way of enlightenment is not an easy path
Hail Demeter Lady of  Fate

May we be strong and forceful in our resolve
and not weaken when the times are lean
Hail Father Zeus may thy thunder be loud and long
in our ears that we not forget why we are here

May we be full of the will to succeed
and not get in the way of our own prosperity
Hail Punarvasu who is always truthful with the self

May we know when the crop is ripe
and when we must wait for the harvest
Hail thy golden grace.. whose time cannot be rushed

May we wait with grace and not lose faith with our Fathers
Hail Habondia.. Great Witch of the stars
who waited a thousand years to hear her name

Free us we ask,  to work... not for ourselves alone...
but for the good of all men
Hail Njord.. grant us smooth sailing
and safe journey on this path we have chosen

May we know  the Magic of My Lady
to work our will when its needed ,
to bring to us what is ours by right
Hail Mother with us now in our hour of need

May we know plenty,  to free our hands
for the work of  the Gods
Hail Thor... mighty thunderer...
free our hands from poverty's chains

May we have the force of will to do what is needed
Hail Mithra...we seek change and well watered fields...
to make the earth bloom again

May we be forever grateful for the greatest gift we have... Life
Hail Ahura Mazda Lord Wisdom
may we be wise and use this gift well

We seek not to gain at another's loss
nor to gain what we have not earned
We thank  thee my Lords and Ladies
for Thy blessings as the wheel turns

Blessing be Mother Earth
whose breast feeds us from morn to twilight
Blessings be Great Mother for thy watchful eyes on the Rite

Blessings be Patron of  Air on whom our life depends
Blessings be Quite miracle of grace our lives you did defend

Blessings be Fire of my blood.. whose inspiration is my song
Blessings be warmth of my soul our Rite is at its end

Blessings be Water so sweet
upon whom all things living must depend
Blessings be cool drink of my heart
We thank you that you attend

Blessings be on this company 

Note: For instructions on forming a pagan circle for rites & rituals visit my blog post:

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