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What is Magical Protection?

Protection 101
Magical Protection is exactly what the words imply - using magic to protect
yourself and your surroundings. To be a bit more specific, it is the molding of
universal forces according to one's own will resulting in an "etheric" shield being
placed around an area. Magical protection is very much the same as putting
burglar bars on your windows and doors, security and surveillance systems
around your home. Your magical defenses will warn you of approaching danger
allow you to identify it and will keep the danger out.

Magical Protection can take many forms: purely mental/auric, ritualistic,
physical or any combinations of these. Each form of protection has advantages
and disadvantages along with different time requirements. These forms
mentioned herein are only a few possibilities that you have to choose from.

Why do we need to do this?
Magical Protection is essential for anyone who aspires to the Craft or subjects
relating to the Craft. (I dislike this word immensely but I was stumped for
another)   A Witch, or any practitioner of magic, as a servant of the Light, has
the potential to attract negative influences, which will try to stop your work or
progress. Also, a Witch, or practitioner of magic, has the potential to have
negative energy directed at her/him by more unscrupulous entities. We also have
the potential to walk into a negatively charged area. Poverty stricken areas
usually have a higher concentration of people putting off negative emotions such
as worry and fear. Negative emotions or energy attract a certain form of creature
which feeds off the negative energy and tries to promote the conditions or
feelings which create it. Negativity build up can occur anywhere, a home where
there is a lot of fighting, around prisons, etc. It is imperative that you know how
to shield yourself from the influence of such negative forces. The potential for
exposure to negativity is not limited to a Witch or a practitioner of magic but to
everyone. It seems, however, that as you become more advanced, stronger if
you will, that the potential for these happenings increase. I propose the reason
for this is that as you become more in tune with the universe and energy
surrounding you, you begin to vibrate at higher levels. On the etheric level, your
astral form will begin to "glow" more brightly and thus the potential for attracting
attention increases. This is not to say that anyone will definitely attract unwanted
attention but the possibility does exist.

As we move along the magical path, we will meet many entities and forces.
These forces can be broken into three categories of intent: good (positive),
neutral, bad (negative). By far, you will meet more good and neutral forces than
bad. This is the same as everyday life, you meet people who are good, neutral or
bad. Since there is a possibility for meeting a bad or negative force, should we
be worried? Yes and no. Be worried to the point of being aware that something
can happen is good - it means that you know that something could happen and
are that much more prepared to handle such an encounter. If you spend all of
your time looking for ambushes and traps with every step you take then this
might be a little extreme or bad. Forewarned is forearmed. During our workings
and travels, we learn to recognize these classes of forces, how to find them and
how to avoid them. When meeting any force you have several options: talk to
them, ignore them and walk away, take an aggressive stance if you feel
threatened, try to reason with a more unsavory force, etc. Whatever you do will
return three fold, do unto others as you would have them do undo you. These
are statements of truth. For the most part, meeting and being friendly is the best
choice but unfortunately it does not always result in a friendly response. As with
meeting people on the physical level your options for encounters are the same
on the Magical levels.

Magical Protection can be thought of as a martial art. Learning such an art
provides you with a means to defend yourself (defense) if needed and if all else
fails, an offensive form which you can use to defend yourself. The techniques
presented here will help to keep negative forces away from you and teach you
how to get rid of them.

Forms of Magical Protection
Magical Protection can be resolved into two basic categories, physical and non-
physical. Non- physical protections involve shaping of energy into a shield and
wrapping it about yourself, object/place or another person (but only with
permission). Physical forms of protection involve the use of crystals, herbs,
symbols, talismans, etc. to hold protective energies about you or an area.

Non-Physical Protection
I like to call these the "down and dirty" forms of protection. These forms can
take the least amount of time/preparation and include several "instant" forms
which you can use if you get caught "with your pants down." In addition, some
of the techniques can be used as an offensive weapon if you have no other
choice. It is always best to try to avoid a confrontation and for the most part, if
you have shielding up, most things will leave you alone. However, there are
times when you are left with only two choices: fight in response to an attack or
get pounded upon.

Sphere of Light
The sphere of light is the most basic and fastest of all shielding techniques. This
is not to imply that it is inferior to other techniques though. The sphere of light is
as strong as your will and the energy that you put into it. Of course, the question
would be, "Well, if it is so good then why should I learn other techniques?"
Simply put, with any technique of defense, there is a counter to it. So, the more
techniques you know, the better able you are to defend yourself if the need ever
arises. The sphere of light is an extension of your auric form. The method of
creation is very simple.

Visualize yourself, see a small white dot at your center, watch it grow outward
until it surrounds your entire body, feel/see the sphere solidify into an
impenetrable shield through which nothing can enter (unless you will it). Once
your have the form visualized, allow the shield to turn transparent (like looking
through glass) - the shield is there and protecting you. Know that while you are
in this sphere of light you are protected and safe.

When learning this technique, take time to slowly construct the form. Be sure to
have it completely surrounding you (top, bottom, front, back, sides). Practice
setting the shield and turning it transparent. As you practice, you will eventually
arrive at the point where you can call this type of shield instantly. This is the
level you wish to attain. Do not worry about the time it takes to call this shield
when you are beginning, just keep practicing and eventually it will become


Another method of shielding is feeling yourself wrap a protective blanket around
you. Like when you were a little kid and you knew nothing bad could get to you
if you were just all covered up with your favorite blanket. Well make yourself a
magical blanket to wrap yourself up in only this one does protect you from
everything that is meant to harm you.

Experience has taught me that different shields work better against different
things and if you work magic long enough you will attract attention and not all of
it is welcome.  Depending on the situation I will have three to seven layers.
The question is what should these layers be? This is where a good imagination
comes into play. What you want is to think of something protective and see
yourself covered top of head to bottom of feet in the material. Common things to
shield with are the elements: air, fire, water, and earth.
When my family moves into a place, one of the first things I do is give it a good
cleaning on the physical and on the non-physical level. (I find this works best if
you do this before you start moving your possessions into the place if at all
possible.) For cleansing on a non-physical level, I usually mix up a special blend
of herbs, (which has been different each time because I have remembered to
write down exactly what I have done with incense exactly once. For your
information this is not a good thing.) I grind the herbs with a mortar and pestle
until they are in a semi-course state. (Some people say grind the dried herbs
finely but I like the texture better when they are coarser. Feel free to decide your
own personal preference.) I usually dump the herbs in a bowl at this point in
time and add a few drops of different oils and I use my hands to mix the oils and
herbs together. The herbs should not be too moist. (About the moisture amount
you would find in soil that is perfect for planting seeds.) I burn this blend on
charcoal, which is specially made to burn herbs.

One of the next things I do is mix together some water and sea salt. (Tap water
will actually work fine although I have used rain, river and snow waters in the
past.) If we are in a house, I circle (or as close to a circle as I can) the property
line clockwise starting in the east and heading south, then west, up north and
finally back east. I sprinkle the salt water as I circle and state: "I bless and
consecrate these lands in the name of the Lady and the Lord." (Yes I realize for
all intents and purposes, the property is now holy ground but I have also found
blessed space keeps the rare icky spirit thing away.) It is very much like casting
a big circle. I see the circle form and see it both above and below the house. If
we were in an apartment, I would be doing a similar thing on the inside of the
house but would take special care to make sure to get the doors and windows.
There are tons of other protective measures you can do. Salt or sandalwood in
corners, a broomstick across a doorway, a witch ball hanging in a window and a
witch bottle buried under the house, are but a few examples. What is protective
would be too extensive to include in one small article but fortunately there are
plenty of books out there, which can be used as a reference point. (See the
house cleansing at the end)

As I stated at the beginning of this article, I did not write this because attacks
are common, but building shields and having protections around you is just plain
smart. It is better to be needlessly prepared then caught unaware.  I would like
to finish up this article by explaining how to make one version of a witch bottle.

Witches Bottle
Items needed:
1 small bottle or jar with lid
clean sand
pins, nails broken glass (a broken mirror would be excellent) and all manner of
sharp objects that are yours .
Any protective herbs are good also.

Open the jar and fill it with the sharp things. Be careful not to cut yourself. Fill
the bottle with sand then the "sharp objects". Close it tightly and charge it
(focusing your energy into it with a specific intent) with protecting the area you
are warding. Bury it under the house or in the area you wish protected. Make
sure it is in an area where it will not be disturbed or dug up.
And that is it. Pretty simple actually but also effective. 

Blessed be.

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