Sunday, January 19, 2014

Modern Medicine Is Guilty Of Manufacturing Illnesses

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Modern medicine is making you sick! How you feel doesn't make any difference. The modern medical profession simply “declares” that you are ill and proceeds to give you something to take care of you illness and truly makes you sick. Everyone has to fit into a “norm”.
“Modern Medicine” refers to the practices of conventional physicians and medical authority recommendations. For example John Doe, a 60-year old man has no appreciable diseases and feels pretty good. However, he has a 220-cholesterol level, a blood pressure of 140/90 and he is 10 to 15 pounds overweight. However, he eats a fairly decent diet. He takes some daily vitamins and minerals. He gets a little exercise by walking whenever he can. He plays tennis or golf once or twice a week. He feels pretty good and enjoys life. He doesn't realize how sick he really is.
Several years ago cholesterol “normal” high levels were reduced. So now John and 36-million others are a candidate for a cholesterol lowering drug like Lipitor or Zocor. Never mind that most people stop taking these drugs because of their serious side effects, affecting their muscles, liver and nervous systems.
A year or so ago blood pressure “norms” were lowered. So now John’s high normal is now pre-hypertension and according to “modern medicine” it needs to be lowered. John is now a candidate for a host of prescription drugs and a variety of side effects – but since his blood pressure is lowered these side effects are worth it – aren't they?
But this is not all. He hears a radio ad talking about the virtues of a test to check the calcium build–up in his heart and arteries. Naturally he wants to take this test to be sure he is okay. With persuasion from his wife, he takes the test. He gets the results and back and his doctor declares that he is a walking time bomb. He needs angioplasty. Two years after having the angioplasty, this artery closes. He must now have an emergency bypass surgery. Now John is really sick.
But heck, John’s problems have only started. He has a physical exam and finds out his PSA has risen to 4.5 from 3 of a few years ago. He goes in for a biopsy of his prostate. The find some cancer and pull out his prostate. Now his sex life is shot. For what!? To gain a sexless life, gain of a few months?
By now John is not feeling good. A once outgoing fun loving man he has been reduced to a shell of himself. He has given up his tennis game and only rarely golfs, with the aid of a golf cart. He has gained 20 to 30 pounds. His immune system is shot. He catches nearly every “bug” that comes along. He has taken up drinking. His liver and kidneys are to taxed to keep up with the toxins in his body. But his cholesterolblood pressure and PSA numbers are in “Norm”. It’s to bad he can no longer enjoy life. But the doctors were right. John Doe is a “sick” man.
On top of all this his marriage is pretty shaky. He used to take care of his wife. Now she has to tend to him. His dream of retiring and enjoying life has now gone up in smoke (or has it gone up in drugs?).
Most modern medical doctors are good at finding things wrong with you. Thanks to medical guidelines this is getting easier and easier for them to do.
A far better approach is to use natural methods, such as herbs, to reduce cholesterol, blood pressure and PSA levels. These methods don’t cause unwanted side effects.
Remember most diseases are degenerative. This means they can be prevented with lifestyle changes. If your immune system is running at 100% - you will not get diseases. Most prescription drugs affect you immune system negatively.
Don’t be a John Doe. Take Doctor’s advice with a grain of salt, better yet, find yourself an alternative doctor. Read up on what your doctor advises.
Remember, it’s your body – you should know what’s wrong better than any doctor.

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