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What Are Universal Laws?

Various Universal Laws

Though my ideas have changed over the years there have been fundamental laws that have shaped my thinking and helped define the approach that I now follow. Many have asked me over the years, "What is Universal Law?" This article should give some insight to those seeking such.

Since then my views on some of these theories have changed. Make a note that I will be using Laws and Theories as interchangeable terms that are synonymous with each other. It is very difficult to prove the existence and infallibility of metaphysical laws or theories and there are many of these things with varied differences in accordance to the infinite number of paths that seem to have been made or are being made.

I feel as we progress we should inevitably change the theories we are using to better explain how the specific effects we are creating are being made. We will use our own ever evolving calculations and equations to improve what it is we seek to do. Our understanding should grow and we should be able to more finely tune everything we do.

I feel in the start it is best to have somewhat of a game plan. this way you aren't just shooting in the dark. So with that said I will put up the basic foundation of the universal laws as I learned them. Many of these will look familiar as many other styles will have similar rules or laws in place which have helped mold their foundations.

All Is One

The universe in essence though one thing it is composed of two.

That which we call manifest and unmanifest. The Unmanifest is where we start getting into problems. We can only hypothesize about it. But there is one thing that we do understand from the unmanifest came forth the manifest.

That which we understand and live through we call manifest as we exist within it. The mysteries of the manifest may elude us but they can be on some level understood. Within it there are immutable laws that govern all that we do. We can directly liken these rules to some scientific understanding that we have. Laws of Gravity, Laws of Motion. These laws are accurate in the experiences that we have with them and the understanding we are in at the time.

It must be stressed however that these are still working models of which are due to evolution throughout the ever advancing experiences we have with them. So true is this approach with the rest of the laws given on what many would call the metaphysical level. These laws change and adapt. I am reminded of Heraclitus and his famous quote:

"No-one can step twice into the same river, nor touch mortal substance twice in the same condition. By the speed of its change, it scatters and gathers again."

We must account that the universe is an ever evolving substance such as we as thinking sentient beings ought to be if we are to survive. It is not known if this shift comes forth from the manifest or of the unmanifest spitting out an ever changing dualistic energy.

Duality** and Reflection

From the Unmanifest two energies came forth. These energies are often called by various names, however, in this text they will be understood as Light and Dark. These two energies that came forth from the Unmanifest began at once a struggle with each other that created the existence that we enjoy. It is only with the duality of these two energies and the push-pull antagonization of their interplay with each other that keeps what we know as manifest existence established.

It is the Light side of this dualistic energy that seeks to impose unity. The Dark half looks for a constant separation. In all other ways these energies work the same. Neither energy is more powerful than the other. Neither energy has certain other characteristics that the other cannot accomplish in some way. These are equally powerful energies of which neither will ever be victorious over the other in. This is what is known as Reflection.

Many modern healers insist that this ability is only governed through the Light energies they employ. Reflection however insists that the Dark half is equally capable of healing. The same response goes into the arts of attack, defense, and any other applicable use of energy.

Once again the only defining qualities of Dark and Light of which differ from each other is the struggle of Unity and Separation. Thus this begs the questions many supposed gray mages ask. Can one be unified with something yet at the same time be separated? When I first became familiar with these laws I was told that it was an impossibility. Currently I am open to the other possibility but I cannot see a plausible equation for it. So I am left with using though perhaps a less modern approach for the workings I do in regards to this law, I feel the outcomes are more practical, defined, and efficient as the solution feeds from a purer set of calculations on working material.

** Working theories with Duality sometimes involve in one dualistic energy in that it is capable of going into positive and negative such as how we view electrical energy. Other views insist on an infinite number of energies yet each operating in a pattern of which could be classified as Light and Dark.


Symmetrical in every direction in regards to the energic properties of the Universe.

Existence works because there an equal amount of opposing energy on each side. This is not to say that there is exactly the same amount of Dark energy versus Light energy. There is an ever shifting lack of energy that the universe goes through. I feel it is cyclical in nature but I cannot of course prove this theory.

If at one time however there is not enough of one energy to combat the ever vigilant opposing force the universe will right itself. Right itself in sometimes even drastic measures. Much like when man interferes with nature's ability to burn out dead wood in the forests, nature will often impose on the forest and everything around it such a fire of extreme conditions that it will catch up to where it was balanced from before.

Any majority influx of Light or Dark energies are controlled by the universe in righting itself by integrating into the system such a concentration of energy in order for it's universal will to rebalance itself.

On a side note it is this that I believe is happening at this day and age. The Darkness is once again being allowed to be concentrated in means to right itself against the majority that the Light has enjoyed and enjoyed for some time.

Whether this imbalance is created by the beings that exist in this manifest existence or it goes through natural cycles are irrelevant. Once imbalance is achieved the Universe's natural law is to right itself using any means possible. How this is dictated to me currently remains unknown and I can only speculate on a few possibilities which are unnecessary to go over on this text.

Cause and Effect

Every event has a cause every action produces effects in an endless chain.

This sounds very much like the idea of Karma. While the two holds properties similar to each other it is better to not make the mistake of thinking them the same. While Karma in most approaches dictates that we are accountable for each action there is also a system of judgment that often the theory insists takes place. With cause and effect there is a bit of a different approach. Throwing a stone into a pond can indeed create ripples. However those ripples have a patterned approach, rules governing how they move. Cause and effect allows one to understand this governance and if understood well one can move to an angle that will not be so much affected by this rippled backlash.

Throw a larger stone into a pond and you will find that the ripples are more intense and fiercer than if you threw a smaller stone into the pond. Throwing a stone to a greater distance may allow that you don't even see the ripples come back to your location at all. Though of course on a very minute scale that wouldn't be measured well they still come back.

With this idea you have Cause and Effect. I do not allow morality to come into the bias this law. Morality holds no place in the rules that regulate this universal system. By sticking it in on Karma like so many other paths do these paths suggest to you the outcomes that they would see you put forth. Emotional wants and needs mean nothing to these calculations in play.


Everything is intimately linked with everything else.

Out of the all the laws this one perhaps is the hardest to grasp. That because everything is linked with everything else there is really no distance between anything, just that on a physical level that is how we operate.

This law also comes under fire on the aspect if there are two or a multiple of energies how is it that they can be linked? Particularly when with the dichotomy of duality in play. Once again I have to theorize. As everything has come from the same source of which we call in this text the unmanifest there is an underlying code or resonance which carries that universal quality. In the fact that each person, each being, and of course each item of any substance has its own unique resonance all one has to do is be able to isolate it to find it.

Each piece of energy in the universe serves its own purpose with the Universe's natural laws. Interpretation goes hand in hand with the aspect that all truly is one.

This to me seems a plausible theory of which both works and allows me to continue thinking on a dualistic nature in regards to the Universe.


Higher dimensions encompass lower dimensions.

If we think of the universe in an infinite onion we can better understand that every layer of this infinite layered onion leads to another layer. This works both on higher and lower planes of existence.

The higher the dimension you are able to go to the more of the picture you can see. However there is a price. The higher you go the less able you are to work in the lower dimensions and vice versa. One of the properties called harmonization has something of a solution to this.

When we think of physicality we understand that if we were to vibrate at a certain rate the objects that we call solid could be waded through as if they were water. On the opposite range on another vibration level objects that are liquid or gaseous might be able to be felt as solid.

To identify truly with another object or being you have to be equal to it. Thus true harmony only works when you are dealing with equals. What this means is though a higher level power could in theory modify their vibration level or harmonize with a lower or higher plane of existence a true understanding and fully working would only be capable with something that is equal to their prime resonance.

With this idea we start to grasp the needs that those of a much higher power level than we have. Often these higher level entities are called God, Goddess or Deities. In that they encompass a higher plane of existence than we do they can see and on some level interact on the levels we are at. However they do so with certain limitations. Therefore they often employ us to carry out the duties that they cannot without many problems on the levels that we are equal to.

Look once more to Interpretation. In that we are a small piece of the ocean or onion yet the moves we make are influential to the higher or lower realms, also we are now getting into Cause and Effect as well as All is One. As we gain in power and strength we also advance and evolve. The idea is that you move up the ladder towards the level of the higher entities that you once served. With this however once again the higher you go the less able you are going to be on the lower dimensions.

There is a theory about devolving to lower depths as well. Though I would find this process unflattering towards my needs and goals Symmetry demands that the process in reverse would hold the same. The lower the depths you go the less able you are going to be to influence the higher realms.

There are some physical theories about the universe being much like a balloon. That though we think of space as infinite, it is because that at some point you end up returning to the same place you started from. Currently though as much of a plausible solution on higher and lower planes of existence overlapping I have yet to be to the point to have a definite answer in regards to that or not.

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