Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Simple Easy Steps To Help Heal The Earth

Healing Gaia - Mother Earth

We live in a world of pollution from various areas. Air pollutionnoise pollutionmedia/news pollution, water pollution, trash pollution, political pollution, etc.
Many of us would like to help but feel overwhelmed. We look at the large issues and the large amounts of pollution and simply feel discouraged with thoughts along the lines of, "What could I do that would possibly help as an individual with things so far gone?" In reality, that is what the majority feel. I know that I thought that way for several decades myself.
During a meditation one night, many years ago, it came to me from a Divine source that it was possible for every human on the earth to take a part in the cleansing of the Mother Earth (Gaia), no matter where they may be at, and have an impact on the health of the Mother Earth in a positive manner. Now this would be something that a human may not get credit or praise from other humans, but would get credit and acknowledgment from the Mother Earth and all the Deities associated with Her, no matter what Path you may find yourself on.
It is not a big secret, nor is it a complicated matter or large undertaking. It is easy for each and everyone of us to implement and feel well about at the same time.
If you would like to help heal the Mother Earth, the solution is basic. Next time you are out and about doing whatever you may be doing and see trash laying there on the sidewalk, grass, street, etc., well, stop, stoop down, pick up the "offending" piece and simply place it in a trash receptacle or take it with you and dispose of it when you can.
There you go! You, an individual, small in comparison to the world population, have just helped in a big manner to enhance the healing of the Mother Earth. You will be smiled on by the Deities for doing this one simple action. Multiply it over the years, and then you have become a major player. Remember the Law of Karma. Karma comes back to us in the manner of our actions, good for good, bad for bad. Helping with the healing of the Mother Earth is definitely GOOD!
I hope this hub will inspire you to take action...simple, easy action... Not so simple in the eyes and heart of the Mother Earth and those Deities you work with.

Please Help This World

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